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Budder (Thompson Caribou) – Multiple Strains

(21 customer reviews)


1 gram of Thompson Caribou budder for $25
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Sold By: Thompson Caribou Concentrates
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Product Description

All Thompson Caribou Budder products are extracted using the BhoGart 2.0 closed loop extraction system then vacuum purged for 96 hours. When processing the plant material to extract it, temperatures are brought down to sub zero temperatures so the lipid material separates out, and left behind are the plant fats separated from the oils.

Contains: 1 gram

21 reviews for Budder (Thompson Caribou) – Multiple Strains

  1. One of my favourite budder companies. A bit more expensive than Seven Star (my other go-to) but I always come back to Thompson every once in a while. Sometimes I’m not a fan of the packaging. Got a glass container once and it was a huge pain to scrape dabs off the sides. Definitely lost some product there.

  2. got the truth from these guys, loved it. the smell the texture the high it was all amazing!

  3. Scout master was nice,good hybrid properties..a little bit of a funky taste,but lots of it.terpes are definitely nicer tasting than in the white cookies ,but not quite as nice as “the truth “.good effect all around,great for video games and movies,and makes you forget you’re in pain pretty good too,as well as cheering you up and gluing a permanent smile on your face. I would also like to say,i would ignore the reviews saying the budders from these guys have a horrible taste or are harsh,because I’m pretty sure that person has no clue what they’re talking about. TCC defibitely knows what they’re doing,and I’ve NEVER had a single harsh dab from them.the only thing they could improve(at not real fault of their own) is more strain options,and a little bit better pricing.

  4. White cookies weren’t the best in my experience..strain has a little too much widow flavour for my liking,a little too spicy.budder consistency was easy to work with like usual from these guys,but the potency wasn’t quite there on this strain. I’ll be sticking to their other strains,but i recommend this one for lightweight daytime smokers ,just not quite strong enough for me.

  5. The truth was very tasty in my rig,the high was intensely relaxing,and had me second guessing things i was doing,because i was in too much euphoria to know better. Save this one for when you have nothing else important to do that day

  6. Best part of my order. I had the blissfull wizard. Very tastfull!! Will order again

  7. My first experience with budder. It was a good one. I spiced up a joint with it.

  8. This batch was a little more gummy than normal but I’m complaining at all
    Always good products from Thompson caribou

  9. I got the scout master …it hits hard but taste isnt the greatest and its very dry hard to work with

  10. If you love budder then this is the product to get! I got the lemon walker and couldn’t be happier. Stone was great and really helped me sleep at night

  11. Anonymous

    Damn pink death you get me lifted, and help me have an amazingly deep sleep !!!! Tried this is a divine tribe v3 concentrate atomizer and it is definitely lit! the smell was so dank when opening the package, you can tell this is really good stuff…never tried budder before but it worked VERY well! would definitely try again!

  12. Wrong review last time! I got lemon skywalker og and it was amazing. Terps all day

  13. Loved my great white shark og. Great indica

  14. I got the pink death. Super pungent upon opening. The budder itself was very attractive, big beautiful pieces. The container it came in was really neat. The flavour upon dabbing was delicious, and the high was amazing. Other reviews on other strains do show inconsistencies between quality, but the pink death is for sure top notch. HIGHly recommended

  15. Got the lemon walker and pink death, both were good but the pink death was my favourite. Great high and good flavour.

  16. I got the Purple Elephant, Delicious tasty budda!

  17. Ordered all three kinds of budder: Lemon Walker, Purple Elephant, and Pink Death. and one shatter: Royal Kush from Thompson Caribou. I’m a heavily experienced every day dab smoker.
    Lemon Walker was the worst one of the group. Hurts your throat and left a large amount of black residue on my titanium piece. The high was ok nothing special.

    Purple elephant was ok. No residue left but definitely didn’t hit very hard and smoke was light. High was alright but again nothing special.
    Pink Death was the best of the group and hit the hardest. High was great and no residue or weird tastes. Recommend Pink Death thats about it. You can get better concentrates on this website for the same pricing.

  18. Awesome! Really nice consistency, and nice high.

  19. Anonymous

    Pink death this product has a nice taste and high. for the price, you really cant go wrong trying this.

  20. Anonymous

    This product has a nice taste and high. for the price, you really cant go wrong trying this.

  21. I’m putting my two cents in here as a health warning for other medicinal members on this site. I’m a heavy user & I have a high tolerance to cannabis extracts. I can be very critical of producers that market their low grade, poorly processed extracts as “medicine” & I do not mince words.

    Just received my Thompson Caribou sample pack & I had ordered these 3 budders to compare with the other budders on this site. I tried the Lemon Walker & it is by far, the worst tasting extract I have ever tried. The budder has a horrible, burned chemical taste. It made my lungs hurt & put me in a coughing fit for several minutes. Based on this experience alone, I would not recommend anyone try this brand of extracts. IT IS NOT WORTH IT.

    When I have a bad experience of this nature, it turns me off a brand for good. I have not tried the other 2 budders & one g of shatter I still have from this company, nor do I have any interest in trying them. The Lemon Walker alone made me feel ill & I would not trust any of their other products either.

    Thompson Caribou, you made me sick & I regret giving you my money!

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