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Budder (Phant) – Multiple Strains

(247 customer reviews)


1 gram of Phant budder for for $45
Special! Buy 3 or more for $40 each

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Sold By: Phant Extracts
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Product Description

Tested and extracted from the highest quality of plants, Phant is a clean, natural choice to medicate your body. Created with the EMOTEK system, lab-tested and patient approved.

Contains: 1 gram

Lab-tested to contain 79.01% THC, 0.125% CBD
Master Kush is a popular indica cross between Hindu Kush and Skunk that originated in Amsterdam and has remained a coffeeshop staple ever since. During most of the plantโ€™s growth, its aroma is nearly undetectable, but it produces a subtle earthy, citrus smell during maturation. With Master Kush, you can anticipate full-body relaxation coupled with sharpened sensory awareness that can bring out the best of any activity.

Flavours: Earthy, pungent, sweet
Medical: Relaxed, happy, euphoric, sleepy, uplifted
Effects: Stress, pain, depression, insomnia, headaches

Lab-tested to contain 76.46% THC, 0.118% CBD
Purple Candy is one of those indica-dominant crosses thatโ€™s good all around, especially for those who need strong relaxing medication. This British Columbian strain is commonly thought to be a cross of BC Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps, and its large flowers with rich purple coloring and amber hairs support the purple genetics. Purple Candyโ€™s frosty buds will leave your hands sticky, much like normal candy, but instead of a sugar rush it will provide some happy sativa effects. The sensation will settle into a full body buzz that may leave you lazy and ready for bed. Sugary-sweet in scent and taste, Purple Candy will have you thinking of your favorite grape-flavored treat.

Flavours: Sweet, grape, berry
Effects: Happy, relaxed, sleepy, euphoric, hungry
Medical: Stress, insomnia, pain, depression, fatigue

247 reviews for Budder (Phant) – Multiple Strains

  1. Great to use in my concentrate vape pen. Tried the “Master Kush” and it hits clean with a euphoric buzz that lingers so nicely. Definitely recommend Budder for anyone looking to switch it up from vaping/dabbing Shatter.

  2. Ok for the price, but I like Seven Star better and its a bit less. Unfortunate there only seems to be two different budders to try. If there was more variety Iโ€™d try it again.

  3. Good consistant nice budder great high and the taste is on point

  4. Been through quite a few batches of the master kush, really one of my favorite concentrates, hits you right in the face, behind the eyes, strong pungent smell, strong hit. Tried the purple candy kush, not as upfront like the master but nonetheless still lovely, little more of a creep to it. Overall phant budders in particular are one of my go to concentrates.

  5. Nice tasting and good high.

  6. I tried the Master Kush strain and loved it. Very smooth, no cough or burn, full flavour profile. My lids were very heavy after just a few pulls, as a high tolerance user that’s an indication of a high quality product. Packaging is excellent, product arrived fresh and stayed fresh due to the reusable container. 5 Stars!

  7. Good stuff, nice packaging, does the trick and I will order it again.

  8. It’s decent for the price. Purple candy kush is anice “end if day” smoke. Would get again.

  9. smell is good, taste is good, loved that it was one huge chunk that was all stuck together. Giving it an A but not an A+ there was just a je ne ces’t quoi missing about it.

  10. Usualy I smoke green Gold shatter and I can only tell you from now on I will only be getting budder !!!! Wow what a taste and greath high

  11. Master kush was very nice,the purple candy CRUSHES it with it’s terp profile,but the effect was great,good flavour,but the effect is where it’s at! Great for being getting down with the girlfriend… It’s very euphoric,and helps you get to sleep nicely when it winds down,4 stars !

  12. Great taste, and smell. Very potent.

  13. Quality product. The taste and smell is amazing. Not to mention the high is what you expect from the strains. I will be ordering again!

  14. Where do i start! Literally the MOST potent smelling budder I’ve ever had,and I’ve been on concentrates for four years now.flavour is great too,the room smells like fresh candy when you blow out the candy vapour! Potentcy is up there,not the absolute strongest I’ve had(that’s hard to do,I’ve had lots of top shelf ) but a great indica sensation ..without putting you straight onto your ass.when the burnout hits’ll be nighty -night lights out mofos! I HIGHLY recommend this at LEAST once. I get at LEAST one every order ..and i thibk the only thing that would stop that is being out of stock ? five stars all around

  15. First time trying Phant got the master kush and purple candy. Just tried the master kush and I’m very happy its potent and i felt the effects immediately will definitely get again !!

  16. Ordered the purple candy and the master kush, both are potent but lacking a bit in taste, but the price more than makes up for the mild flavor.

  17. Phant is my favourite when it comes to budder and shatter. Great flavour, smooth taste and amazing effects. Thank you Herbal Dispatch for your outstanding service

  18. First time trying this stuff, got the purple candy kush. I am a beginner,so I can’t say on a expertise level.. but I was a little disappointed from the affects,expected more. I suppose I expected it to be as potent as shatter is, or have similar results pain management wise.,especially for the price! Over all though it is quite nice,and I found rolling it into a ball and dropping it into the quartz banger worked better than trying to use a tool (as it wants to stick to the tool,and then didn’t burn properly and wasted some). Trial and error for a beginner ๐Ÿ™‚ Seems like a good product over all,and I am sure with more experience I will come to appreciate it more.

  19. First time ordering Budder. Was a fantastic high but a little tougher on the lungs than shatter I found. Would recommend.

  20. Got the Master Kush, stuff was fire. Wish there was more strains available though. Will definitely buy again

  21. Great budder PK Kush is the best!!!

  22. Great taste. Great price. Container sucks. Product gets stuck onto the plastic. But i would buy again

  23. This stuff is amazing, I’m not going back to buds after this

  24. 4 stars because of the plastic container !

  25. Just got my order not too long ago good quality product just needs more flavors and choices the purple candy kush looks small but they all way a gram

  26. Bang for your buck this is hard to beat. Tastes delicious and lifts you up!

  27. The purple candy kush budder was amazing super smooth,tasty, smells so sweet and pungent when you open the container smoke is just superb. Burns clean and has a nice melt at low temp dabs too I will be buying more of the budder very soon I hope they get some other options for the phant soon too

  28. I got the master kush. Taste awsome, great high and beautiful budder consistency. I look forward to trying other phant strains and products.

  29. This stuff smokes pretty smooth. I bought this for my man as a birthday gift and heโ€™s been very high & happy!

  30. I’ve had some of their budder before and it was pretty good so when I saw it searching through all the vendors I decided to get some again with my order. I don’t usually buy budder/rosin only because of the price, shatter is a bit easier on the wallet but it’s a nice treat. Excellent flavour and smoke would buy again.

  31. dabs great. awesome taste and for the price you cant go wrong!

  32. Amazinnng budder . i tried the purple candy kush and hits really hard and tastes really good ! Cant wait to try the master kush!

  33. Love this stuff. Smoke is nice and smooth and the smell is heavenly. Gives you a nice strong buzz and lasts a while. Will definetly be buying again.

  34. I forgot how tasty and amazing this stuff is.. Ordered this stuff recently and really impressed with it.. Phant is one of the top concentrate companies on hd.. I wish they come out with a sativa strain.

  35. Great product and was barely coughing. I rate this product 10/10. Looking forward to ordering more of this.

  36. Smell, texture, taste, smoke, high…. it has everything youโ€™re looking for! Two big thumbs up. Iโ€™ll be leaving this same review for the other 3 Phant products as well where I purchased the multi pack. 2 Budders, 2 Shatter.

  37. Great flavor and high! highly recommend

  38. Hands down the best budder I have ever smoked. Whipping BHO into budder introduces oxygen and therefore speeds up the degradation of taste and potency, so normally I am not impressed. This case is much different, far better than Phant’s shatter.

  39. It tastes amazing better than any shatter I’ve tried and super easy to work with

  40. 5 stars for phant!
    I enjoy the master kush more than but I’m more than pleased with the quality, smell and taste.
    Keep up the good work!

  41. im amazed on well this works with my back pain. excellent ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Had forgotten how good this stuff was. Only ordered it once before and was wary of ordering it again due to the packaging. I have bad arthritis in my hands and the last time I ordered it I had to call a neighbor to come open it for me because I had cross threaded the cap on and wasnโ€™t able to get it off myself. The product itself is a 5 star but Iโ€™m docking it one because of the packaging.

  43. Anonymous

    Giving it 5 stars because this stuff is amazing! Tastes sweet and such a nice smooth hit as well. I got 2 grams of this included in my

  44. Great product with such a great taste, this was one of the first buddas I’ve tried and I’m really digging the sweet taste of it all and the decent clouds I get from my rig. Thumbs up.

  45. Anonymous

    My first time getting the budder I always get the shatter and I love it, the budder real tasty in my vape pens I vape only with concentrates I hit the nail when I really need a punch. Over all great products from Phant I have never been let down and it is always so clean and tasty!

  46. Hands down the most potent, clean and flavorful oil on Herbal

  47. Great product. I like Master Kush more for buzz/taste, but PHANT butter is amazing product for the price. This is still an amazing buzz/taste and i like to switch it up occasionally, a great change in pace from shatter, and worth 5/5 any day.

  48. Top notch product here. The aroma is amazing and the taste is even better. I must say I liked the last batch better, it was easier to use. Superb chronic pain relief! Phant is the master of the budder!

  49. top shelf budder. tough to find budder nowadays but I enjoy it from time to time and phant has the best quality around.

  50. Great product. Good taste and smell and high. Cheap price to

  51. Absolutely love Phant budder, this is no exception. Delicious, easy to smoke, easy to use/pliable, all around great product.

  52. Delicious as always. After trying nearly every type of pain medications this is by far the best for my chronic back pain. It helps with the spasms and allows me to get some rest. I wish I would’ve discovered this 15 years ago. A special thanks to Sam and all of Herbal Dispatch! Life has become more enjoyable because of what you do for me.

  53. never less then the best from the waxes on HD. really liked the taste from this.

  54. first wax ever tried, was impressed, easy to work with and great texture. indica stoney high. will try more wax’s.

  55. Very smooth hitting

  56. The only reason I gave this one 4 star is because I got both this one and the master kush wax and I prefer the master kush for it’s taste and feeling, the high. You would think this one would be the tastiest with Candy in it’s name but to me the Master is a lot better. But don’t get me wrong, If I could I would give this one a 4.5 and The master 5. Love both

  57. Definitely top quality budder, but in my opinion the phant shatter is better bang for your buck

  58. Tried the Master Kush and now enjoying the Purple. Both are excellent. Smooth and tasty.

  59. real tasty quality and great consistancy. could be one of best budder on the HD for its price range. great with vaporizer pen. little will goes long way.

  60. Really good quality, great for medicating

  61. Terpene profile is ridiculous with a skunky slap in the face upon opening the jar. Budder has a great consistency and is easy to work with. Really impressed with phant, would reccommend if over phyto(overproduced and lacking quality) excited to try the Master Kush next

  62. Great flavour. more for daytime

  63. This is some of the best wax I’ve ever had. Full of terpenes, it has outstanding flavour & packs a punch. Excellent product, will buy again.

  64. The butter has a good consistency

  65. awesome stuff. definitely quality.

  66. Amazing taste, smell, and flavour, only problem I have is the way it crumbles and can get messy

  67. Anonymous

    Really great stuff potent kushy smell and taste came in one solid chunk for me, deff buy again.

  68. On par with Phant’s Master Kush. This may even taste a wee bit better.
    You can’t really go wrong with Phant.
    Great business model.

  69. Amazing smell and amazing taste! Nice consistency and phenomenal price! I will definitely be buying this again! Great product all around

  70. Good smelling, and taste best wax ive had in a long time

  71. Anonymous

    Very nice product easy to work with excellent taste and amazing high

  72. best wax ive had in a long time , great taste …thanks phant

  73. Anonymous

    LOVE the taste of this wax! My favourite wax on Herbal Dispatch. The taste is unbelievable!

  74. tried both shatters from phant and bearded bros but first timer with wax: i tried it all on a globe vape pen and liked wax more than shatter, the flavor and it was easier to handle.

  75. Wasn’t sure how to use this in the beginning. Worked great in my vape pen. Definitely worth the buy. Loved it!!

  76. Anonymous

    Awesome product and HD kicks ass always use them no one eles fantastic service thank u

  77. great product great price. I just hate the stupid little plastic containers. product gets stuck on them if it gets too hot, I always just use a different container.

  78. OML Phant is my absolute fave! I love their shatter and wax, prefer them over some other top brands who shall remain nameless lol. Def. top shelf. The prices are on point for such great product & worth every penny. PCK very nice, smooth dabs, very tasty. 5 star

  79. This stuff is top shelf. Phant makes an amazing product at a steep discount. Taste, high, everything is amazing.

  80. this is my go to wax cheep and potent does the job very well, nothing but good things to say about this wax.

  81. Very tasty wax, Always a good high! But really don’t like the containers. Parchment paper would be much better.

  82. Very smooth nothing bad to say about this one. would buy again!

  83. This never lets me down! 5 stars for how it hits so well!

  84. Great wax 5/5 hits great every time will buy again.

  85. was my first experience with budder, not really like in the image but the tast was there ! more tasty then most of the shatter i tast !

  86. Anonymous

    Fantastic absolutely fantastic

  87. Anonymous

    Bought 2 types of budder, this being one of them. Great high. nice and potent. Will buy this again for sure!

  88. Really liked this! Try it you’ll love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. The quality of it is just beautiful to the touch. Definitely get what you paid for

  90. This is some good shatter for the price. Only con would be flavour which is nothing special, and the fact that the container makes removing the dab very difficult. Cons aside, this shatter is the best bang for your buck.

  91. This is my Favorite of all the Phant extracts, have purched a few times and will buy again great taste and packs a punch

  92. Very good effects, good medecine against insomnia. It had a weird smell that I can’t get used too though, and it broke down in tiny pieces making it hard to collect.

  93. Most def this is a killer product for a killer price! Loved the smell and taste when dabbed or vaped. Crumbled into mediocre weed for a joint will make that weed taste like its primo! Lol
    Also, 1 gram seems to last forever!
    Seriously though! The smell is amazing. Skunky and candy and kushy at the same time. Good job Phant! Gotta try the Master Kush budder next lol

  94. Bang for your buck this is the best concentrate on the site. Yes the container sucks but spend the $2 on a container from HD and review the PROUCT.
    I include one of these in almost all my orders. Because it crumbles it’s also great for topping up bowls.
    On dabs though , this is definitely phants terpiest product

  95. Potent, but it’s getting 3 stars. You do get a nice chunk but this stuff loves to crumble apart and I’d rather have it come in a silicone container. It smokes fairly smooth but not as smooth as say the honey oil. Doesn’t taste as good as a co2 extract but it does the trick.

  96. Great, tasty wax sold at a great price. Came in a decent sized chunk, not crumbled up. Unlike the shatters, the wax cooperated much better with the containers they were packaged in. Awesome product, thanks HD!

  97. Good smelling, good tasting, easy to work with and came in a nice chunk.

  98. Like J said lol looks like peanut butter, but does not taste like it…It taste fantastic so I thought. Easy and smooth and good hitter, helps the pain im having.

  99. Love the look of this stuff! Looks like peanut butter candy of some sort. It’s potent and the taste is amazing! Very easy to work with.

  100. Out of the few budders ive tried this is the best as far as potentcy goes, i dont like the cionsistancy as it is hard to stick to my dabber but deffently satisfied with this product.

  101. The flavor is amazing! I can’t get enough of it. This is my favorite so far.

  102. This was the first budder I’ve tried, I found for the price this product was wonderful. Almost as potent as the pck shatter and I liked the taste a bit better, look forward to trying some more budder strains.

  103. This was the first budder I’ve tried, I found for the price this product was wonderful. Almost as potent as the pck shatter and I liked the taste a bit better, look forward to trying some more busser strains.

  104. I Love the flavor to this, Overall excellent product.

  105. Anonymous

    Great taste and smell , strong high good price

  106. This gets my lowest rating out of the phant supply, it’s not bad stuff but when compared to shatter it’s disappointing, always need a tool to carefully remove it from the container without having it crumble and get stuck in your fingerprints, after carefully packing my pen it falls out of my atomiser and all over the inside of my pen making for a daily clean, works the same as shatter but twice the work

  107. First time purchasing and could not be any happier. This product has an amazing smell and taste what a steal for $50.

  108. Great deal and great product

  109. oh man, I am a daily smoker and I can only smoke this stuff on the weekends, first time trying it i did it before working out, the high was instant and strong and stayed with me during my work out. After exercising i got another wave of stone, will order again, my rating is 5/5

  110. The flavor for this wax is amazing, a very light citrus sort of sweet flavor on the exhale, I found it potent and was nice out of the vape and rig, fairly easy to handle a little bit crumbly, but beautiful look to the wax as well.

  111. Highly fragrant. Easy to portion out. Melts into a light golden colour. Excellent buzz. The pesky plastic containers doesn’t bother this product.

  112. Ive purchased this wax several times and its always very high quality, i can see that its not a blob of melted down oil. It coming nice and dry easy to handle,not as good as Co2 extract but again the price is rite.keep up the good work.nice to see people still care about what they sell.This was a sample pack item and i will buy again.

  113. Got this as part of the sample pack. First time trying the Phant line.
    Great budder. Easy to manipulate for dabs or a vaporizer.
    Great way to start or end the day.

  114. perfect for throughout the day i thought. i have a high tolerance but i thought it wasnt too heavy of a stone, nothing overwhelming and i definitely gave it a good test run. nice almost white colour and strong smell, great stuff!

  115. Extremely nice concentrate and best value for quality medicine. Put one in every order!

  116. Strong clean hitting budder for a decent value! Worth the order

  117. There was a few days where this product was unavailable. Thank god those days are over. The shatter version of this strain is a bit heavier of a stone, but that doesn’t mean this stuff is light by any means. It also is the tastiest product of the vendor by far. Super recommend this.

    PS complaining about the container is dumb. Put the thing in the freezer for an hour and give them 5 stars.

  118. probably my favorite product on the site thus far. thanks

  119. Great product, good value and nice smooth taste. I bit crumbly for dabbing but great in the vape pen. Phant products are always top notch.

  120. great taste and wicked buzz. Hard to get in my pen but its worth the mess!

  121. This product speaks for itself. The taste is amazing, it crumbles nicely, and they give you a container for it. (it would be better in a silicone container) The only down side is that they only have 1 strain.

  122. Very smelly kush stank. Flavor follows through. Crumbles when you break into it. 4 stars only because of the container it comes it.

  123. Great product, wish Phant made more wax in different strains!

  124. This wax has a great taste and smell even a nice potentcy level I was very satisfied with this wax cant go wrong with this product for the price

  125. Best smell ever wow!!!!! Very light stuff and crumbs easily I love it

  126. I luv this stuff so tastey and bomb but not easy to work with thank u HD

  127. I luv this stuff so tastey and bomb thank u HD

  128. Yes, go order this right now, lol. The taste of this vaped is so smooth and good, it is like i was in heaven, vaping with Jimi Hendrix ….yeah, that good. I use it with the High Clear THC in my GC vape and i am floating. Enjoy responsibly everyone!

  129. Nice smelling very nice tasting my favourite extract

  130. Anonymous

    This is some very nice budder very smooth hits with light amounts of smoke from a medium size dab. When I took the dab I couldn’t even feel it as I inhaled it was very very smooth. The taste was pretty good people say a nice purple taste I agree very sweet purple taste.

    Quality. 4.5/5
    Looks 5/5
    Smell. 5/5
    Taste. 4.5/5
    Packaging 5/5
    Hats off to Phant for this stuff the quality is great I would buy this stuff again. The packaging is very professional looking and I hope that other company’s take notes from Phant because this is quality medicine.

  131. This stuff is very hard for me not to go crazy with. The taste is so good that I just want hit after hit. The high is very nice usual purple candy kush high. The texture is very hard to work with though, it crumbles apart very easily so its kind of annoying to use but really worth the extra little effort Oh and the price is amazing, I am going to be picking this up on nearly every order now.

  132. Wasn’t expecting this to b so bomb but it is once again thank u hd 4 great service

  133. great bang for buck phant is the best $ only @ HD!

  134. Great high. Just hard to pick up.

  135. Very good stuff, and the price is pretty good too. They were careful when they purged this as all the terps are on point…such a nice full bodied smell and flavor profile and the potency is right where you would expect it from such a terpy extract. Good job HD, great move bringing Phant products into your inventory. Two thumbs up, ordered some more of this yesterday and will be ordering more as long as it’s available.

  136. This packaging is perfect for the budder, not so much for the shatter. I love this, total fire and great price.

  137. Usually only get the phant shatter. but tried the butter this time and glad i did. will get with every order now.

  138. Anonymous

    Awsome budder, so smooth, can even taste the purple out of it

  139. Seriously brain melting shit. Literally buttery texture. If I spread it on my toast would I get as high?

  140. Amazing flavour profile!!! Great affects, really enjoyed this. At this price, it’s a great deal!

  141. Cannot stress enough how GREAT this product is ! The smell and the taste don’t get old and I love that it’s so much easier to work with than shatter ! 5/5 thanks again Phant & HD

  142. Great product. Great taste and crazy smell. Would recommend to anyone looking at varieties of concentrates besides shatter. Still a bho but a unique smoke, texture and taste.

  143. Best budder for the price.

  144. One of my favourites on here! The consistency, the smell, the flavour all have me drooling. The best evening high, good and potent!

  145. This stuff is great! It’s golden and a little crumbly. Also, nice and potent… You can’t go wrong with the price either…

  146. picked this up as a replacement in my last order and I’m glad I good amazing taste and high

  147. Best budder I have had. Awesome smell and the taste was like fantastic. Besides the stupid twist top that made it difficult to open the odd time I will order this again and again.

  148. I love this budder. I pretty much like to always have a little bit of this stuff with me.

  149. Have ordered this product several times on several different occasions and have tried many various products on this site . This product has consistently been the same EVERY time . It’s beautiful golden colour , the pungent smell that tickles the nose and the flavour that leaves you wanting more ! If you haven’t tried this , WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR !

  150. Great product , clean smoke and high. I would definitely order again.

  151. Smells absolutely amazing. Only thing is the container it comes In is kinda Meh. But all in all good and it was even over weight for all those others saying theirs was under I took the extra thanks guys ๐Ÿ™‚

  152. Great taste and effect for a good price. Can be a little difficult to handle as it is fairly dry and crumbly. Overall though, another great product!

  153. Very impressed with this product in both terms of quality and price. I like to crumble a little into a joint and enjoy it that way. The Death Bubba organic with a little of this sprinkled in creates a rocket ship that takes your straight to daisy-land.

  154. Anonymous

    I still Love, Love, LOVE this budder Phant!!! This is a must on my order list, had 10x plus and always smooth, clean, great tasting, consistent product with a great price point. I’ve tried all price ranges, (some better,some worse for the $), this one still hits it out of the park every time. I hope Phant continues on quality/price point and also that you,HD, will continue to stock this product. Happy, Happy, Happy customer as always!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  155. I love this. It’s so smooth and tasty. I just can’t get enough of it!

  156. so good you cant go wrong with this one hd all the way!

  157. Anonymous

    The melt is proper. Such a heavy hitter. Much needed. Thanks HD

  158. Good Taste Good Smoke Recommended to anyone love it!

  159. By far the best bang for your buck here on HD . Beautiful golden budder with an intoxicating aroma of the purp. Great packaging ( container is much better suited to this product ). Will DEFINITELY re purchase !

  160. Top quality fire every time, I always buy this stuff, the packaging is perfect for the budder, not great for the shatter but that’s not what this review is about. Total fire and great price.

  161. This stuff is awesome. It works for my appetite and nausea so well. A lot of strains I have to wait a 1/2 hour before I’m hungry, but this is instant. Effect lasts a long time with a nice body stone too. Love the purps flavour!

  162. Anonymous

    Taste very special and made me feel good. I found it hard to handle at first, very soft and crumbly but with the proper tools and a lite experience I was having a great time.

  163. plzed with my purchase, slighty under weight in my case but not by much, nice texture to it easily handled, smoked well and packaged very well
    thx HD

  164. Some of the best budder for an even better price! I love the phant products they are probably my fave, if you love strong, couch lock kush, than phant products are for you!

  165. Great Price and Quality. Thanks Again HD!

  166. First time Smoking this Phant budder and I’m so impressed.. I cant say enough good things about this particular product. I have tried BK budder in the past and this is almost as good as the BK for half the price. 100 bucks compared to 50 for a g. I will be ordering more of this on my next order. 5/5 all day long. HD is the best. Highly Recommend HD and this great Phant budder.. I think i will try the Phant shatter along wit some more budder on my next order. CHeers.

  167. Great for a night sesh, and or sleep ! And melts extremely well! Well done HD , well done

  168. Received this product today and I absolutely love the discreet packaging especially the lil container the budder comes in.. This budder resembles and smells like the BK budder I use to get a few years back but this phant budder is only half the price as BK budder which is a bonus.. I haven’t tried this yet but the strong thc smell is there.. Concentrates are the best. IM very impressed wit my order from HD.. 5/5

  169. Taste is very nice and dank!!

  170. Nice Taste Man

  171. Wow I have not smoked anything quite like this Phant product. Wow a little goes a long way for a long time. Very nice taste, clean and heavy smoke which i did not quite expect. This was my first experience with this type of concentrate. I was pleasantly surprised with the buzz which came on pretty heavy at first then mellowed nicely. Been experiencing some medication related nausea and this concentrate really seemed to melt that discomfort away for a pretty long time. It also seems to work well on my chronic pain a double bonus. The triple bonus is if i time ingestion right its wonderful for sleep. This is a good medicine for me. Very pleased and will order this again i am sure. Thank you HD for the great service and top quality products. Access to your medications has changed my life for the better. Sincere Thanks TSB

  172. Smells wonderful, crumbly and soft and a little hard to manage but vaped like a dream. Weight was perfect too.

  173. Ordered this about 2 weeks ago now. Great bang for your buck just ran out 2 days ago, i mixed it with a little bit of MK Ultra and smoked out of a bong it was awesome 10/10 HerbalDispatch. Will order this stuff again!!

  174. Beat value on the site. Taste smell and high are all 10/10!!!

  175. Worth the money!

  176. Definitely a 5 on 5! Looks, smells, tastes amazing. Gets you nice and high, Definitely worth getting more.

  177. Anonymous

    Really reliable to smoke with, only need one or two and your good for hours, plus with the price you deffs nicely can’t go wrong. It’s got nice texture and consistency , so it does produce a lot of smoke, as well as the taste it gives off is absolutely gorgeous.
    Gets a 5 star from me

  178. While initially disappointed by the pricing, HD has dropped these Phant options to be consistent with other retailers. I was hesistant about the wax in the past as it’s lower rated than it’s sister shatter of the same strain. However, I’m glad I gave it a shot as I seem to much prefer it over the shatter. The wax is very terpy, fragrant in the right ways and the tastes holds through with heat. One of my favourite extract offerings on HD, for sure.

  179. The budder version of the purple candy REALLY elevates the lime compared to the flower- not sure if its the exaction, terps, or additives but I like it. The budder smells AMAZINGLY citrusy and tastes delicious. Great texture and melts down like, well, butter! Wonderful value for a great product. Awesome branding and packaging too. Definitely ordering more when I finish up this batch.

  180. The taste is excellent and the price is on point.

  181. Good night timer.. taste was different, but I love the effects

  182. As a few others have said it tastes and smells a bit of chemical but it gets you feeling real good. This is perfect for ending the night and getting a good full nights rest. Will 100% buy again.

  183. Price point was fantastic, and the product was great. Tasty, melted down very nicely. Very clear headed, yet very medicated after a few dabs. Helped out with pain well.

  184. Very nice taste to this one. Awesome to see some competition on prices. Wax/budder is way easier to work with than shatter, I find. Will get some again on the next order

  185. Good stuff smokes good. Gets you lit price is bang on! Thanks HD

  186. Great product for the money. Smells ad tastes a little chemically but this is my 1st wax and cannot compare but I liked it

  187. This is a great tasting wax for a great price. Highly recommend.

  188. So just a follow up after a couple days and I’m liking the butter better than the shatter it seems to last longer

  189. make sure you have a scooper! it was good but for the money may aswell buy the shatter instead it’s more potent and carries a better flavour in my opinion.

  190. AMAZING!!! Would definitely recommend! Tried some shatter on my last order but I enjoy this stuff much more! It smells and tastes fantastic. Where as the shatter (not phant brand.. ) has a more chemical taste. Doesn’t leave you with any kind of headache or anything. Very good stuff! Have already ordered some more!

  191. Tried both the Phant budder and the wax. Wax tastes better but the shatter hits harder. Recommend both.

  192. Very clean for budder. Smells like kush with a mix of straight gas. I think I’m smelling a bit of the container. Potent intense high that crept on me.

  193. I was skeptical at first because of the 50 dollar price but this stuff is bang on! Very satisfied with my purchase!

  194. Loving this stuff everytime! The colour is amazing, too! Almost kinda white! Like an off white. The smell and taste and buzz is also great. I find that I had to keep coming back. But that’s okay, because the price is right! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  195. Awesone product sone much terp and really good buzz 5/5 love you HD

  196. Great product smooth hitting not a lot but great flavor for the price just starting out on the concentrate scene, 5 stars from maybe a 3rd time concentrate user!

  197. Not impressed by phant. Price makes it ok

  198. Flavor flavor flavor!! For the price, this is the best wax on any online MMJ service I have ever seen. Odd texture, chalky almost, but the buzz is comparable to products that are $20 more per gram. This is a can’t miss.

  199. Phantastic reordered like four times now can’t say enough about product and hd keep up the good work think I’m going to try the shatter next time

  200. Anonymous

    @ $50 gm, this may represent the BEST value on the site! Super clean and very tasty high!

  201. so cheap for such a great product! taste phenomenal, would recommend to anybody

  202. Loved this taste burn all around excellent.

  203. So smooth taste great! Top quality meds!

  204. Very good product for the price. Burns clean gold flavor.


  205. Super tasty packs a punch

  206. Amazing quality! Super unbeatable price! Also worked great in the mighty vape in small quantities. Recommend to anyone considering it, you wont be disappointed, will purchase again! A++

  207. so good. love the taste

  208. Gotta love this product! Great high and great taste. I’m a total wax fan over shatter. And stuff like this is why.

  209. Hard to work with to consume besides buying a scooper type dabber. Tasty nontheless ๐Ÿ™‚

  210. Tasty.

  211. Perfect wax for all day

  212. Anonymous

    As soon as I get this it goes rte at the bottom of my grinder to soak up tricomes……. Love this shit

  213. Nice budder good taste, good buzz, Thank Herbal Dispatch and thank Phant Extracts!!

  214. I’m a first time customer ordered this because I have never tride wax. Before I have tride shatter a few times but not wax also I have never ordered online before. And was very hesitant but the whole experience was great from start.

    To finish the sign up was so easy the online menus where awesome. Very informative and offer great products I can not compare the waxes because I have. Only tride this kind but I look forward to trying all the other products HD has to offer.

    The packaging was very professional and secure I liked this product a lot actually. It hits you hard and has a great taste actually packs a good punch when. You do a toke the buzz is nice you feel nice and medicated. I would recommend this product as well as HD you guys rock can’t wait until my next order..

  215. Will be ordering more of this one for sure lasted twice as long as the phant shatter was jus as good taste pretty much the same but it hit me harder evertime great stuff

  216. Oh my god the turps! SOOOOOOO much flavor and taste. It’s more of a crumble then a budder but still this is a fantastic product!

  217. Rly nice stuff. I dont no what it is but Phants purple camdy gets me soooo buzzed. Its soo good for chronic pain too, i had a toot ache and a G of the shatter, i swear to you.. Every time the throbbing came back, i did a couple dabs and it was like the pain blew away with the smoke. Im still blown away. Love this stuf. Plz get more;) AND THE VAP SHATTER PENS ;)) so good for work. Ive had one and they are soo good. 150-200 puffs a half G, crazy!

  218. Smells sweet and potent, taste the same with grape/berry notes. Personally like the texture and consistency of the beard bros wax better but this stuff is still delicious and leave you with a great high. Gets a 5 cause the price is totally worth it.

  219. Delicious! very aromatic budder almost tickles the nostrils. smooth heavy hitting dabs, but i prefer a little mixed on top of a bong rip! Great price! Very professional sleek packaging! most definitely a reorder!

  220. Phant as tic high and price


  222. 5 stars budder , I think its unbeatable for the price. I really like the consistency and the taste of it. The high is 4.5 outta 5 for me its a strong indica one. Will def order more of this !

  223. Weighed 1.07 so that’s good. Good taste good potency and it’s a bit less $ than other vendors . Well worth it to get two g and mix it with shatter and honey oil for crazy dabs!! ๐Ÿ™‚ love hd

  224. For the price this is smooth and provides a good effect

    Like other I am hoping to see more strains to try from phant

  225. Got some of this last week found it to be a very good wax nice taste smooth smoke good price

  226. Soooo good! Great flavour strong pain relieving effects. Good for insomnia as well.

  227. Here is another great product,i myself love concentrates and prettynear have tryed every1 thats been on the site here.This is deff well worth the price and in my opinion was a real nice deff/will be getting again.KeepUpp the GreatWork HD.Cust 4Life Here ๐Ÿ™‚

  228. For $50 this isnt bad. If you’re used to dabbing this definitely isn’t the tastiest option. But thats probably why its cheaper. In terms of potency, the wax hits home. just as good as any BB indica. (If not better)The consistency of this stuff is different from BB. This is much more crumbly compared to BB wax, reminds me of chalk.

  229. Great product Really loved the taste, very terpy!
    Would buy again
    BAD Container

  230. for the price it is worth it, great potency, nice flavor

  231. Really impressed with this stuff. I like the consistency. I did not like the waxes that much but this budder is different. It’s my first concentrate not from BB or PM, I have tried over a dozen so far. I was expecting less considering the price but the taste is pretty good and effects are awesome. Have not weighted it but looked very bulky. I have to try their shatter next and then some Phyto shatter. Looks promising so far! If Phant shatter is just as good, I am not buying another BB product until they lower their prices (or can’t get Phant..). I don’t mind the plastic container for this product, I switched it to silicone easily but it was a PITA for the shatter.

  232. I agree that it’s not as good as beard bros buts it’s still some amazing fire and I’ll still give it 5 stars!! Customer for life HD

  233. a++ love this product costumer for life

  234. great taste and potency, definitely worth every penny

  235. First time trying budder,as in a dry type of concentrate its a bit hard trying to get it to stay on my pen vape element, good flavor, hard hitting, burns nice.
    However im still a beard bros fan. Thank you HD for a nice variety.

  236. Anonymous

    Im sorry but this stuff is no where near Beard Bros quality. I never steer away from quality concentrates to save $20. Its $20cheaper because Its not the same quality. Come on peeeps, were reviewing the product not our wallets…..I enjoyed both, but they are not at the same quality levels as Beard Bros!!!

  237. Amazing budder and for the price its unbeatable. So potent and tastes amazing, the scent is incredible.

  238. Great price! Best quality! Thx HD!!!

  239. Great product! Great taste!

  240. very tasty and smells amazing. the consistency is a little crumbly. the effects are powerful, long lasting and overall this is incredible value for a concentrate.

  241. Haha! Better than Beard Bros! Cheaper than Beard Bros! Better packaging than Beard Bros! Where’s all that extra money guys? That sweet new Porsche? This budder is amazing… No! It’s Phant-astic! One problem is the fact that it doesn’t come in silicone containers. Maybe just cheap ones? The plastic containers are hard to work with. I’m looking forward to more products from this company, and only this company. Beard Bros can either lower their prices, or go somewhere else. Phant is killin’ it!

  242. Not the greatest taste I found not as good as their shatter

  243. Anonymous

    This stuff beats the Hell outta the Beard Bros. Concentrates! Great taste, great stone. And more importantly; great price! This stuff isn’t great… It’s Phant-astic!

  244. 5 stars for sure!!! Another awesome product from phant. Taste awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ Please keep getting there products HD!! Keep up the good work

  245. Anonymous

    Awesome budder, great taste, amazing price! Definitely worth a try, especially for $50!

  246. The price and quality of Phant extracts is just amazing, nothing less than the leading budder vendors. I believe at this price i will keep buying this delicious product. I hope it stays in stock and the price remains the same. it is totally worth every $. Thanks HD. this vendor is awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers

  247. I’m blown away, this product is absolutely incredible! The price and quality of this concentrate are the major selling points for me. This stuff is so tasty I just ordered a bunch more. Looking forward to different strains from this vendor. Thanks Phant and HD, customer for life here!

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