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Spray (BudderKing) – Budder Mist

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1 Budder Mist for $65

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Sold By: Budder King
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Product Description

Decarboxylated budder in an alcohol and glycerin base.

Budder Mist is an extra-strength sub-lingual spray made with Budder, by the Budder King.

Dosage is 1-2 sprays, and each bottle contains approximately 80 sprays. Each dose is the equivalent of a full joint, making this an excellent harm-reduction product for our medicinal users.

Excellent for general pain relief, appetite stimulation, and sleep induction.

Ingredients: Budder, Glycol, Alcohol, Grape Seed Oil, Organic Peppermint Oil. For best results, SHAKE before each use!

Q and A: His Majesty the BudderKing

12 reviews for Spray (BudderKing) – Budder Mist

  1. I hate giving bad reviews but this product is not what its advretised to be. Maybe good for someone who smokes very little but for persons like myself this 2 pumps equals a joint is not true! I give it 1 star seeing how I can’t give it a 0 star!

  2. Lets be honest…. this product is marketed great… but…. does it really work?

    My HONEST opinion is no. I have this stored away in a corner of my house for DESPERATE TIMES

    Buy this as a gift IMO.

  3. A little pricey but I love the effects.
    Great for pain relief while I am out and about.
    Pretty strong for me if more than one spray is applied.
    Definitely get a ‘buzz’ if I take more than 1 shot!
    Remember to spray ‘UNDER’ the tongue.

  4. I paid $150 for 2 and all I am is $150 poorer. ?
    No matter how many sprays I tried nothing worked. Not even a buzz.
    You live and you learn.

  5. I paid $75 for this garbage.

    I hate writing bad reviews. I tried 15 sprays and felt absolutely nothing at all., I thought it was my tolerance so I used my father and his friend as guinea pigs. They rarely vape, 4 sprays a piece and they both felt nothing

    In my year of sampling different products on the site, this is hands down the worst.

  6. Seems like theres more mint than budder. I feel nothing .

  7. Being a daily dabber I had to use A LOT of squirts to get any effect. It worked, but barely.

  8. I didn’t feel anything when I took it. Sprayed multiples times and still nothing. Already half the bottle and still haven’t feel a buzz. Seems like theres more mint than budder

  9. Went on a trip and brought this. The label says “sublingual”, meaning SPRAY UNDER YOUR TONGUE! The effects were greatly decreased when I did not. Taste is pretty bad, may dry out throat. High price but I can only imagine how hard it must be to get it to this point. In this case I think you get what you pay for, taste issues aside.

  10. Really great product but price is high

  11. I had to go on a trip where discretion was key, and this stuff was friggin’ great, kept the breath nice and minty all day, and the heads way up in the clouds to deal with the stress of being where I was for the day. I smoke a ton, and this stuff kicked my butt, bit pricy, but a great option for sure.

  12. Works great, alcohol based so I wouldn’t advise multiple sprays under the tongue. Good way to lose track of a couple days.

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