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Bottom of the Bag Shake

(92 customer reviews)


1 ounce for $99

Out of stock

Sold By: Herbal Dispatch
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Product Description

Shake, popcorn and small buds. Perfect for making your own Canna-Butter or oils.

92 reviews for Bottom of the Bag Shake

  1. A decent buy, good for rolling joints and to use as a backup when you don’t have weed at hand but wouldnt recommend getting this to smoke daily.

  2. A lot of little nugs good green !!!!

  3. Great stuff, good quality and bountiful. Might be in the mind, but I think I get different strains with each session, because I receive a plethora of different effects each time I use this bag 🙂

  4. By far best of the best , quality and price top notch wish it was around all the time

  5. Great if you’re on a budget and looking for a smoke. I would recommend it only if you don’t care what you’re smoking. If you want a predictable taste then this isn’t for you.

    I loved it, though.

  6. Well worth the price for sure! Definitely plan to order more of this in the future!

  7. Great price! Great product! 100% will buy every time it’s in stock.

  8. Excellent Deal! Nice taste too!

  9. Best value I’ve ever seen. Bought to make edibles (and they turned out great). But liked it so much, most got used in the vape or rolled. Will definitely buy again when available.

  10. Unbelievable buy, price, quality A1. Will definitely be buying this product again when it is back in stock.

  11. I personally think this was better than alot of the cheaper strains even to smoke. Its small little buds and a bit shakey but still worth it for the price

  12. Not to bad. I wouldn’t recommend for smoking but great for making edibles.

  13. so much bang for your buck turned it in to cannabutter and it was magnificent. deffinitly a must buy again item.

  14. This has got to be the best deal on here… love it so much I order it every time… the high is perfect I just wish it would never go out of stock.. I don’t want to order anything else but this.. try it you won’t be disappointed

  15. Good for the price little pop corn buds, had two different size bags shipped but other than the value for the dollar

  16. I use this for making butter. Definitely best bang for your buck!

  17. Order this and I can say I was super pleased with what I got , it was a bag of smaller nugs that you could barely call shake which was quite nice to see . It was a pleasant smoke didn’t make me cough to much . I would 100 percent order again

  18. My favorite thing to buy on this site ?

  19. Loved this for the price point!! Definitely buying again when in stock.

  20. Only downside is you guys keeping up with the stock 😉
    Excellent for cooking. Thanks HD

  21. Best deal on the site. Wish it was in stock more often. Used it all to smoke and have zero complaints ?

  22. Love this stuff.,. Especially when the pay checks are short

  23. Ordered this to make some butter but was very surprised with it’s quality!! Way more lil popcorn nugs than you would think AND some on the larger— smokable— size also! Minimal leaves and stems, too. Worth it!

  24. Great price,nice high, I want to buy again….please bring it back..PLEASE!

  25. No complaints, great quality weed. For a greater price.

  26. I love this, I hope it becomes a regular staple in stock. I ordered once and got a great bag of product which lasted a long time. No complaints.

  27. Absolutely worth the price! Nice taste & aroma! I`ll buy it again!

  28. Ok for adding to your bowls or joints. Perfect for baking edibles or budder. Thanks hd. May I suggest a lower price for this one ?

  29. I see a lot of overwhelming positive reviews, thought I would chime in. I’m a regular buyer of the budget strains here on HD (I usually buy whatever the $6/gram bud is) and this is of significantly inferior quality. There’s a fair amount of leaf in the bags, fair amount of small buds too but a lot more leaf than I was expecting based on reviews. Bottom line: worth $99 if you’re on a budget and don’t mind some harsh, relatively inefficient toking.

  30. I was looking to get another bag but sold out! Grab some when it’s available again. First thing I tried from the order. Very happy with this purchase.

  31. Seriously surprised by how great this is! The bag was stuffed with tight little popcorn buds. Very little stem or leaf. I bought this simply to help with the budget but it’s looking better than the MK Ultra I picked up with it.

  32. Looks and smells good. Came late but worth the price

  33. Can’t go wrong for the price. Will order again.

  34. If you’re unsure about trying it, I’m sure for you. Barely any sticks, great value. It’s like a Kinder surprise for every bowl!

  35. great weed for the price. really puts me to sleep. but energizes me to get things done. definitely a repeat order.

  36. I understand that it is a bottom bag …..
    But come on now , all i got was 2 onze of leaf …..
    Not impressed.
    All other products ive bought where on point , not this time 🙁

  37. Excellent value here 10/10 would buy again

  38. Really like this!Quality’s great and the price amazing!Thanks HD

  39. Happy Happy ?. Just received mine and it is just as good if not better, than the last time I ordered it. As I said before… A MUST BUY! Thanks HD??

  40. Great value for the price, not expected, will buy again!

  41. I am super pleased with this purchase, you cant go wrong it is the best bang for your buck. while not having the regular worries you would have when a deal sounds to good to be true.

  42. Excellent value. Will definitely order this again. Lots of buds, aromatic & a great smoking experience.

  43. A MUST BUY?? You won’t find a better buy for the quality and quantity you are getting here. I was really uncertain about this purchase but I couldn’t be happier ?. My bag was almost stemless with nice little buds and no leaf. Best part was a great high that lasted. Just ordered my second bag as soon as I saw it was available again. Looking forward to that!

  44. Pretty nice high with a nice smell but dont expect some nugs i dont have any one ahah only some shake or grinded weed not any bud at all , the picture look better that what i receive !

  45. 4/5 stars for quality and 5/5 stars for price. Very happy with this. Will definitely order when I see it pop up

  46. Very pleased with this purchase. Just as described. Nice pleasant stone. Well worth the price. Thank you HD.

  47. Love when this is available. Great price. Great effects. Great for Fortnite all nighters.

  48. Very pleased with price and quality. This was second order. Was very disappointed as previous order came I 2 days from time of order, this time I ordered on Monday and got it Thursday. I’d rather have next day shipping. Will buy again.

  49. Great product, great price, will buy again.

  50. A satisfying bag for $99. Looks very much like the picture except more popcorn and very little leaf material or stems, considering. While not for coinsures, this deal offers tailings from well manicured bud, grab a water pipe and the effect is exactly what you’d expect from a handful of strains mixed together: it’s fairly strong really with some good activity to it. Great for a movie or a walk. All happy here.

  51. will def buy again

  52. Good bang for your buck. Can’t go wrong with this purchase. Will by again!

  53. Ok so I read others reviews on this product and decided to give it a try. Excellent value for the money, not a lot of stem, and overal a great smoke for the price point. Overall its the best bang for your buck you will find anywhere and i would highly reccomend trying it even just as a “when my favourite good stuff runs out” alternative even though its deserving of first place on that podium

  54. This is by far the best bang for your buck I have bought this several times and it’s superb every time

  55. Nice for a hundred bucks you really really cant complain, hats off for the sweet deal!

  56. Great deal. Helps one stretch their weed dollar.

  57. Killer deal. Will definitely buy again.

  58. I don’t want to give a good review but I have no choice. This product is perfect for me and is great for my medical issues. I can’t get this quantity or quality through my government issued supplier. I’m on a fixed income.

  59. Great deal, definitely worth the money. Impressed by the buzz, was expecting something low in thc, but this actually hits like a AA flower. Even smokes good, with an alright taste. Will be looking for this to be availible again.

  60. This is the best deal I’ve found in years. It is a bit harsh but , it has put a smile on my face for a while. Most of it is ground up with the odd little nugget. 4/5 thanks HD. John

  61. I Enjoy the quality for the price..great for budget, i managed to grab 2 bags before it went out of stock again. And would recommend to anyone..will be buying again when available.

  62. its ok but dont expect lots of buds . Nice shake

  63. What you would expect for bottom of the bag from some pretty decent strains. Good bang for your buck and for people on a budget!

  64. Definitely worth the money!! Not as much stem, and good quality, will buy again!

  65. Def worth the $. Really stretches the weed dollar. Bag of small buds & shake & all for a hun. Will be ordering again.

  66. For the price it’s alright. Harsh burn on the throat. Not too many stems.

  67. Rolled a few ridiculous sized js and still have a jar full of weed!
    5/5 amazing if you’re on a budget.

  68. Anonymous

    Well worth the price for sure! Definitely plan to order more of this in the future!

  69. Anonymous

    Not gonna lie i thought this was gonna be all stem and no bud for the price, but i was proven wrong. Great smoke and will be buying more in the future

  70. Good value and is suited well for many purposes.

  71. Anonymous

    I’m not sure if this is a mixed bag o’ shake or not but my first few joints out of this tasted kinda flowery and not in a good way. However it works well as intended and I got high – it’s a hell of a deal as far as I’m concerned – I rolled several joints with it for the lake so I’m not wasting the premium stuff on the guys who always bring the worst crap you can find.

  72. Really nice nuggets, very little stems. A nice surprise every roll. Definitely well worth the price. Thank you

  73. Anonymous

    Love it! Found it enjoyable to smoke, tastes good, pleasant buzz. Great deal too! Will order again, for sure!

  74. Ordered a B.O.B and was very pleased also….after reading the reviews it sounds like everyone recieved the same quality of product , Wich is reassuring ….. personally I separated the small nugs from the shake … smoked the nugs….baked with the shake ….very pleased indeed….5 star for sure

  75. great value for the price i hope herbal dispatch continues this

  76. Anonymous

    It’s great value and actually taste pretty good, tiny nugs and frosty shake greatt for vaping or whatever you like ! No stems either

  77. I was a bit hesitant but glad I boarded the B.O.B train. My oz had no stem and was surprisingly delicious. I’m getting back on at the next depot

  78. This is quality shake. It would definitely be great for making edibles. Edibles don’t work for me, though, so I’ve been smoking it. It’s not the tastiest but it’s not bad, either! I would definitely recommend it for stoners on a budget.

  79. Bought for a cheap vaping option since we grind the crap out of it anyways…. and we were not disappointed! Used with Valcano and deluxe daddy with great results and also water pipe! Wish you had single strain options but this will be a regular reorder!

  80. Amazing price for good bud, mine is about 25% leaf the rest little tiny buds
    Looks like it came out of the grinder
    Highly recommend

  81. Looking forward to baking my beautiful ounce of this stuff into brownies. I hope this is something you plan to keep in stock regularly. I will definitely order it again.

  82. Awesome for the price! Not many leaves or stems. Is a little harsher smoking/vaping but definitely gets you lifted. Will totally buy this again.

  83. Anonymous

    Yeah I agree, the burn is there in the throat but it’s pretty strong, like AAA- weed. Still amazing value though.

  84. little bit of stems and leaves, not the cleanest burn out there, taste is good, im pretty happy with this product for the price

  85. I love it

  86. Pretty easy decision. Do you like an ounce of already grinded up A grade weed for 100? Yes, yes you do.

  87. Great quality and pricing!!!!

  88. I grabbed two bags, one to smoke and one to bake with. A bit leafy, but some ok popcorn nugs in there. I think it could be a bit cheaper, hence the 4 stars.

  89. Nice product ! Will buy again if available .

  90. Anonymous

    Great stuff for the price! Will order again. Looks and smells great! HD does it again

  91. Smells great, nice pine scent and looks tastey, will buy again

  92. Just received an ounce of this in the mail today, and am very pleased with the product, it really is a great deal, it was showing out of stock but i see they have it stocked again, am buying again for sure..

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