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Blue Dream

(680 customer reviews)


* 2016 Lift Cannabis Awards 2nd place winner for Best Hybrid

Grade: AAA
Type: Sativa

1 gram for $9
3.5 grams for $30
7 grams for $60
14 grams for $115
28 grams for $220

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Sold By: Beard Bros Concentrates
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Product Description

2016 Lift Cannabis Awards 2nd place winner for Best Hybrid

Blue Dream, a sativa-dominant hybrid originating in California, has achieved legendary status among West Coast strains. Crossing a Blueberry indica with the sativa Haze, Blue Dream balances full-body relaxation with gentle cerebral invigoration. Novice and veteran consumers alike enjoy the level effects of Blue Dream, which ease you gently into a calm euphoria. Some Blue Dream phenotypes express a more indica-like look and feel, but the sativa-leaning variety remains most prevalent.

With a sweet berry aroma redolent of its Blueberry parent, Blue Dream delivers swift symptom relief without heavy sedative effects. This makes Blue Dream a popular daytime medicine for patients treating pain, depression, nausea, and other ailments requiring a high THC strain.

Parents: Blueberry, Haze
Similar to: Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Green Crack, Pineapple Express, White Widow

Flavors: Sweet, blueberry, berry
Effects: Euphoric, uplifted, creative, happy, energetic
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, headaches, lack of appetite

by Matthew Price

Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana Strain Takes The World By Storm

Nearly every California medical cannabis patient has heard about the Girl Scout Cookies strain.It has been a huge hit with cannabis connoisseurs since it hit the scene a few years ago.

What Is The Story Behind The Girl Scout Cookies Strain?

A great deal of the Girl Scout Cookies strain’s popularity is due to a mix of solid genetics, controversy, and pop culture promotion. It was frequently rapped about in songs by Berner, a Bay Area collective owner and rapper that you may have seen recently in YouTube videos with popular rap icon, Wiz Khalifa.

The Girl Scout Cookies strain is relatively new to the market and it has not yet truly been stabilized. As a result, there a number of phenotypes floating around, including Platinum Cookies, the Forum Cut, and Thin Mints to name a few. The popularity of the Girl Scout Cookies strain and its various phenotypes has resulted in a great deal of confusion about two things:

  • Which phenotype is considered the “real” or “original” Girl Scout Cookies?
  • What is the Girl Scout Cookie strain’s true genetic make-up (or parents)?

Berner credits a breeder named Pie Guy with developing the strain and calls on him to cover a few of these topics in the video below.

The Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain Leaves a Lasting Impression

The byproduct of OG Kush mixed with F1 Durban [Durban Poison x F1], I knew I was in for a great Sativa-like head-buzz and good flavor from the Durban Poison, as well as a heavy body-melt from the OG Kush.

“The smoke from Girl Scout Cookies is smooth and the taste is reminiscent of OG with a hint of cotton candy and thin-mint.”

The appearance of Girl Scout Cookies is simply wonderful. Tons of different shades of light green mixed with a bit of purple and orange hairs makes this a spectacle for all to see. This strain’s distinct look makes it one that I can pick out of a lineup without fail.

The fresh smell is pretty unique as well, but the Girl Scout Cookies strain’s smoke-ability and potency are the standout attributes on this all-star’s trading card. The smooth smoke and intricate taste keeps me excited for each and every session.

How Will The Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain Affect Me?

This Indica-dominant hybrid is known to be quite spacey; it can cause a cerebral mind-warp, making it difficult for some to focus longer than a few minutes. I found myself on the front porch after a short vaporizing session, just watching cars go by for hours while thinking about life.

“The Girl Scout Cookies strain allows to me to relax and fully enjoy the day.”

I noted the following effects: giggly, uplifted, euphoric, all combined with an appropriately mellow body high.

Accordingly, I prefer to medicate with the Girl Scout Cookies strain on those days when there is not too much on my plate. It allows to me to relax and fully enjoy the day.

It is because of this sentiment that the Girl Scout Cookies strain has become popular among patients suffering from anxiety, chronic stress, depression, migraines, and more. It has the capability of becoming a knockout strain in large concentrations as well. In turn, it may be a useful option for those suffering from insomnia.

Source: MedicalJane

680 reviews for Blue Dream

  1. Great bud, every batch seems to be great. going to get a little with this next order because it’s nice to have even just a little of it around.. wish i could get more of it, but on a tighter budget so can’t get as much variety this time !

  2. All time fav strain of weed, makes me happy and lifted. And also gives me an amazing sleep as well.

  3. Blue Dream became on my top 5 favorite strain , nice cerebral high, fruity smell and taste, but almost 2 years ago i have ordered Blue Dream AAAA and it was better, i hope someday it will be back, but this blue dream is very good for the price

  4. Awesome fruity taste and smell. Great bud, good smoke for day time

  5. Great daytime smoke, always a favorite!!

  6. A personal favourite of mine I’ve ordered it 3 times now great quality every time

  7. Nice fruit taste with a mellow high

  8. Top notch!!! this is only a bag appeal review, as I haven’t tried it yet.. I have a tiny bit left from the last time I ordered so I am going to wait a few days,but I had to come here for bag appeal.. AMAZING! Great color, great bud, big buds and only got an 1/8. Such a great smell as always but this time it seems really top notch! I think it smells even better this time than last, almost a strong fruity smell? It smells so good I want some of it right now!! haha! Seriously great color and smell, nice buds, thanks HD!!

  9. First time ordering online ,will definitely be doing it again ,as soon as I open the box aw sweet smell

  10. This strains is just awesome ! My fav one for sure.

  11. This strain is always great, good for my ailments (fibromyalgia etc) and good for day or evening. Ordered some more.. hoping the next batch will be good.

  12. This was the first strain I tried from HD over a year ago. It was love at first smoke.
    I’ve tried almost every strain on here since then, but I find myself ordering this one the most!
    Smooth and delicious with a unique euphoria <3

  13. bring back the 250 blue dream. best bud on here

  14. NEED KLR GLD BLUE DREAM BACK!! 3 stars at best.

  15. This is one of my sativa staples, I always have this on hand, always available, very reliable!

  16. Good daytime smoker, kept me energetic and focused yet motivated. Didn’t slow me down until third session late afternoon.

  17. Not much smell or taste like blue dream that i’ve smoked in the past. High was ok. I may have gotten the end of a batch, buds seemed loose and kind if smelled “old”.

  18. My friend ordered this strain from this site and compared to my buds that I received in my 3.5G, his buds in HIS 3.5G were a lot better and had a lot more trichomes ! almost like they choose to give me shitty buds, but I dont think HD would do that! maybe my buds were from the end of the bag because they were tiny and basically had no trichomes, mostly leaves and stems while his was the bomb !

  19. Blue dream is a treat. I enjoyed the taste. It was a solid high which gave me a head buzz, while also relaxing my body. Can’t go wrong for price. I would purchase again for sure.

  20. This is my go to stuff. I have tried many of the strains and this stuff is near the top for taste. The price is good, and the aroma is great. Tried a sampler pack and this was my favorite

  21. Daily user, this is my go to stuff. I have tried many of the strains and this stuff is near the top for taste. The price is good, and the aroma is great. Tried a sampler pack and this was my favorite

  22. Great day time stuff..definitely happy feeling green. 9/10

  23. w00t real nice fat buds great taste and smell!!!

  24. Incredible. The taste and smell are out of this world. The high is an incredible balance

  25. I’m not typically a sativa smoker, but this strain is giving me a really energizing but relaxing head buzz to start off my day. Solid price.

  26. Amazing for the price. could be listed as AAAA for sure .

  27. 10 on 10, as advertised 🙂

  28. Great bud for the price – good taste and effects. Highly recommend this one!

  29. The description for this product was bang on in my opinion. I definitely felt the uplifting and creative energies flowing from this strain. I used this for daytime.

  30. Great price for a great strain that tastes great

  31. Great tasting strain, high was energetic but calm, with no anxiety or idleness. Probably my favourite strain from my most recent order.

  32. Every weds I have got from HD tastes awesome with an amazing effect

  33. Fav. sativa from the pack

  34. Anonymous

    Potent and tasty. A bit heavy for a daily weed. I’ve been on it since a month and now I’m kind of dosed. Still a must try. This HB for keeping it clean.

  35. Always has a great taste and good upper with long lasting effects ! One of my favourites HB offers! ☺️

  36. Anonymous

    It is a dream I love this strain, smokes and smells like a dream

  37. good stuff

  38. Good bud especially for the price. Excellent

  39. Great smoke, quality looking bud. Nice effects mentally and physically, not too overwhelming. My only issue with it personally is it stimulates my appetite very much. I personally avoid this in a strain, but I know for some people that’s something they want.

  40. Super crystals, lovely colour and smoke

  41. MY favourite strain. I order it every time. Always consistent, always great. Nice mellow high great for day and night.

  42. This is one of my favourites. Not too heavy a buzz, and it tastes great too!

  43. What a dream

  44. a good sativa high with a sweet blueberry taste

  45. It’s not my favourite, but it’s pretty decent. The oz I got didn’t really have any huge buds and it seemed pretty “fresh”. The buds weren’t that dense either but this stuff tastes nice and smokes good so for the price it’s pretty good.

  46. Great high and price! Primarily used this one on the vape and for joints for my buddies when i only wanted to get a few puffs in for a headbuzz

  47. Anonymous

    Great for daytime medicating. Strong but no too strong. Thanks HD.

  48. love love this strain. always a good morning when i had this batch. would order again for sure!

  49. Nice smell not that bad average high

  50. I love this strain it has been great every time I have orderd it.

  51. Anonymous

    This is a fantastic strain, great taste and high, can be used any time of day! this strain sets the standard for other products on HD.

  52. Definitely one of my favourites I am not a huge sativa fan but this is one that I love along with Astro boy, green crack and jolly rancher Hayes but for the price this is my go to sativa, every time

  53. One of my go-to Sativas. Sweeter smelling. Smooth draw. Fantastic high.

  54. Anonymous

    Always make sure to put this strain on every order I make … ??????

  55. great day time stuff!
    Look 9/10
    high 8/10
    taste 9/10

  56. Received this in the sativa sample pack and it was fire, so i ordered an eighth with the next order. It was leafy and wet. I continued curing it for another week or so with a slight improvement. Bottom line: dont sell unfinished products!

  57. Amazing as Always! Terpene central

  58. My favorite sativa – blue dream, favorite indica – shishkaberry

  59. Anonymous

    A very balanced smoke: The Blueberry (Indica) side comes through in the sense of physical relaxation and well – being, and the mental effects were of clarity and calmness.

  60. Tastes and smells beautiful. Really loved this strain. One of my new faves. Thank you!

  61. Anonymous

    It would appear I’m one of the few to dislike this strain. Awful taste (IMO). The high is more of a downer for me, with sad feelings.

  62. Not a bad one just not at the top of the weed chain . Burns clean Nice energy from it good day time weed just need a bit more than a gram to feel it .

  63. My go to strain. Allows me to function out in public with no issues and remain productive throughout my day.

  64. Anonymous

    Get everything on your check list done in an afternoon type of strain – also great for salads!

  65. Was pretty good but wasnt blown away (although I do prefer Indica all around)…

  66. Currently smoking right now! Definitely one of my new favs!!

  67. Love it!!! Blue dream you are a dream. Smells great and tastes better. Definitely one of my all time favorites.

  68. Anonymous

    If you’re not smoking this you should be. The taste is amazing and the high is exactly that…HIGH!! If you want to spend the afternoon gettin’ shit done, this is for you. I have recommended this to a number of friends and no one has ever been disappointed. Blue Dream is the bomb…for sure!

  69. Had to leave another review because this strain is just amazing. I have always loved this strain through the years, and the buds look and smell so nice! What a great strain,and it’s not as expensive as others yet I have found it to help me more. I used some this morning when I was dealing with nausea/dizziness/feeling quite off as i’ve had a weird cough (i vape, so it’s not as hard on the cough) and this really helped everything chill out,my muscles,the nausea/dizziness, etc, and could actually function again. This will always be a fav strain of mine,the relaxation,the effects and the medicinal effects are just wonderful.

  70. great smell and taste.

  71. One of my favourite strains. Very smooth, has a nice, vibrant flavour, and doesn’t overwhelm you. Really good for relaxing at the end of the day.

  72. I just ordered another oz of this stuff, don’t be fooled by the price – it’s some of the best buds you can find. Not just tasty and potent, but good packed buds. thanks!

  73. This stuff has changed my life. I have Multiple Sclerosis and this is the only thing that gets me vertical some days…. It takes you immediately out of a panic attack, it soothes the nausea caused by my vertigo and gives me a little energy and arthritis relief to get some chores done around the house.

    Best Strain I’ve ever tried.

  74. Not sure what makes me so different as this is another that has great reviews and barely gives me a glow. Doesn’t do much for me. Getting frustrated at spending so much money on strains that don’t effect me much. The one kind I’ve found so far that I love of course hasn’t been available for awhile now. Disappointed again.

  75. Always a favorite daytime!

  76. Its my favorite sativa, very good stuff

  77. All-time favorite!!!! Does wonders for people with inflammation and mobility issuse!!!!

  78. Wow, loved this one! Part of my sativa sample pack. Nice blueberry hint, not too harsh in a roll. Long lasting high: 2+ hours 🙂 Would order again!

  79. fantastic buds for day time. keeps you mellow but not making you want to sleep. great stuff

  80. One of my favourite Sativa strains. Great balance of flavour, between bitter and sweet. And packs a euphoric punch.

  81. Great for daytime, price was amazing and really helped with anxiety!

  82. First time ordering this it was a fast delivery. As soon as I opened it smelled really good its a really good high. Will definitely be ordering this again Thanks

  83. Love this bud! Unique smell, good high and not too strong, great for daytime. Clean burn and taste 5/5

  84. Top Notch! My absolute favourite.

  85. Just got some more of this stuff, was glad it was still here. This strain is an old favorite of mine.. great taste smell,everything! Not only is the smell and taste amazing, this strain is perfect for so many of my ailments. Great for fibromyalgia,anxiety, PMS (I get severe pain,but it also helps the mood). and just great for relaxing…. haven’t tried this batch yet ,but the bag appeal is great, lovely smell lovely buds, nice size buds (got 7g) dense and looks to be trimmed very well. 🙂 thanks beard bros !

  86. Anonymous

    oh beard Bros you never disapoint me, my 3rd oz in a month nice buds, no bottom of the bag garbage if you want the best this is it.

  87. awww smells so good, lots of energy to do my chores…..

  88. Great bud smoked well tasted great

  89. so good

  90. My favorite from the sample pack , best bang for your buck IMO.. big buds, blueberry muffin smells , great daytime sativa

  91. Wow sister got me hooked. Great strain all around!

  92. I love this strain, so yummy and relaxing. got some a few months ago and tried to make it last because i love it so much xD will probably get more 🙂

  93. I’ve reviewed this strain before, but I owe it to this recent batch to review it again. If you have IBS or any type of bowel issues, this strain seems to be very effective at keeping my symptoms at bay. I also love the buzz, nice mellow high, light burnout, and you can function in day time.

  94. this stuff is wonderful superb smell and taste. buzz is a very heady sativa. great daytime smoke.

  95. ?

  96. Just wow, nice hight and I smoke it during the day, wow the smell!!!

  97. Very flavourful, but the strong sativa aspects of this bud don’t get along with my bi-polar, so I’m passing it on to a friend who likes sativas. I’m sure they’ll enjoy it immensely.

    I’m still giving it a 4 for the quality of the buds and the flavour of the schmoke, which had strong hints of berry and melon right to the last puff.

  98. Very nice. Compares to my first Blue Dream order from almost a year ago. I could smell the berry odour before I even opened the last layer of packaging. Smooth, uplifting and mellow. Great for a sunny afternoon out in nature. Buy with confidence!

  99. Quickly becoming my favourite sativa-hybrid, Blue Dream is exactly that – a dream to smoke with clear skies all around you.
    Be prepared for the initial hard-hitting impact this strand brings with the beautiful euphoria you know and love, with a sweet, berry-like taste and odour. Mad props to HD for also providing such a comprehensive medicinal list for this strand, proving undoubtedly that people with conditions such as autism, epilepsy, and fibromyalgia can raise their quality of life while enjoying cannabis that isn’t too pungent or bitter in taste – everybody happy! Already carted for my next order. Superb!

  100. My favourite and best sativa on here…especially for the price

  101. Nice smoke good taste super smooth strong high would give 5 stars if it was cheaper

  102. 10/10

  103. My favorite strain on HD. I see why it placed so high at the 2016 Lift awards. Rolls and smokes great. Wicked taste and smell keeps me re-ordering. 5 stars!

  104. Ordered for my fiancé, he was very impressed with it as he’s a light smoker. He found it more of a relaxing high but still able to function and get things done.

  105. top shelf for the price!

  106. The latest batch is really on point. Tight buds, great smell. One of the most consistently great strains I have ordered from HD.

  107. Amazing smell and taste…. this is only the second one I’ve tried out of the Sativa pack but loving Blue Dream. Great head high but still focused on my todo list for the day.

  108. Anonymous

    This is my go to day high. Perfect for getting things done in the day. Productivity was high and lasted for a few hours. No burn out

  109. one of my old time favorites. after using it for awhile it still is helpful,even if not the most fresh (1-2 months since i get multiple stuff and stretch it out since money is tight) helpful for pain,sleep,and relaxing. great taste as always. seems they did a good job growing it, i have had it else where before and it wasn’t always what it should be.

  110. Great strain. Second only to Moby Dick in my books. Highly recommended for early morning Elite Dangerous grinding.

  111. always wanted to try Blue Dream and was defs not disappointed when i got this. amazing head high for during the day and still wanting to get stuff done, should be a quad in my opinion

  112. The smell and taste is out of this world

  113. Great day time med. works good on my back pain.

  114. a nice strain, had nice medium sized buds in my half 0. nice interesting flavour with a fairly clean ash. i’ve had better strains from HD with haze genetics but this is nice for the price

  115. Was once my favorite strain on this site as the THC content really couldn’t be beat. Smell and taste were amazing the first few times I purchased it, though each time seem to downgrade slightly from the time before. I will say this, after having ordered on here for a while – if you see a gap in between dates that people review, in my experience, don’t order it for a bit until the reviews start to pile in again. Every time I’ve noticed a gap in reviews it’s equated to quality being way down on the recent stuff. I do hope the true Blue Dream comes back.

  116. Sad to say opposite of what I read in the latest review:(
    My batch was way to wet and leafy and lots of little buds
    Blue dream has been my fav sativa from hd, this is my 4th time ordering and it’s by far the worst batch I’ve seen yet, booo

  117. Great bag appeal with little to no shake. Buds were consistently medium sized and fully covered in trichomes. Nugs were fairly well trimmed but fairly dry sadly which I think affected the smoke. But all in all, it was a great buy, certainly for the price.

  118. Anonymous

    YOU’RE MY BOY BLUE!!! Man… What can I say about this stuff that hasn’t already been said. THIS, is my daytime go to strain. Full favor. Great bag appeal, and I think it just keeps getting better with every order !! It was my go to strain for ambition, and energy. It would make my unproductive day turn to getting the honey-do list done. Keep on keepin on HD !!

  119. I like my indica strains, but this sativa strain is the! Gives u a hard Hutton effect like an indica would! Smell great, very litttle if no stock, and sooooo tasty ?! Thanks again HD for your awesome stock!

  120. I may have reviewed this one already. . . but it’s cool, it’s cool. I ordered it again and this lovely so so sweet baby boi, Blue DreaM is becoming one of my favs. The aroma I’m getting from this is an everlasting welcome party!! Serisous, just inhale that smell, all your dreams will come…… blue… -o-

  121. Good buzz. Nice look and smell and taste. Was a nice lighter green in colour. Uplifting. Opinion based only on a gram in a sample pack.

  122. So tasty and such a pure sativa. Love this one. Coming back for a oz next time

  123. Very happy with this bud ???

  124. Another favorite of mine. Low paranoia, low anxiety, great taste and buzz.

  125. Very good strain. Definitely worth it for the price. Nice buds and very potent

  126. The bud I recieved looked like the same bud from the picture! I enjoyed this blue dream. The price is definitely right. This easily compares to the higher priced herbs that I bought this batch. I would that i could try last summers batch that ppl keep raving about!

  127. My favorite strain, right after the Cheese #1. Amazing taste, great high and so smooth! Just grabbed an Oz of this stuff, very impressive stuff!

  128. Got this in my sample pack.. Nice small buds that burn great! Nice buzz 4 sure ??

  129. Not bad, but nowhere near as good as the Blue Dream from last summer that was some of best flower I’ve had the pleasure of trying. Came in sample pack, would put in the bottom three compared to other 10 I had

  130. Excellent sativa strain. Clear headeded day time high with a blueberry taste on the exhale. Only 4 stars because I have tried the AAAA version of this strain on this site and was slightly better.

  131. Really enjoyed the energy for the 1st part.. got rid of my pain in my spine and helped my depression and anxiety as well.

  132. this blue dream is stellar, and for the price its a very nice choice . Its just as good as last years batch for those that remember except this ones at 9$ instead of 10$. Lovely nose,taste , and buzz.

  133. Always a great buy same taste potency each time

  134. I love this strain, fantastic balanced high. Great quality for the price.

  135. Blue Dream has moved up to number one on my list. Perfect balance and you can’t go wrong with the price. 5/5

  136. Anonymous

    Sweet aroma bag appeal, hits smoothly, and tastes great.

  137. Great taste !! Can’t go wrong?

  138. Decent strain. Good taste and good effects

  139. One of the best strains, great taste, clear high. Definitely recommend.

  140. Nice buzz, smells great !!

  141. i’ve had this stuff before, so good. can’t wait to try some from this site. 🙂

  142. Good strain real nice high

  143. this is a classic, amazing smoke. best taste and always hits me hard every time I grab this. I wish love potion would come back. that was the only other smoke that beat this strain 10 times out of 10! again, thx HD.

  144. one of my top favs… 🙂

  145. Love the Blue Dream. Nice balanced high with little burnout. Great product especially taking the low price tag.

  146. Great smoke for daytime. It does the trick in evening tho as well. Very impressed for the price!

  147. I have to rate this again….. doing wonders with my anxiety and moods. Absolutely recommend blue dream.

  148. This strain is perfect for daytime smoking. No couchlock whatsoever

  149. Nice popcorn size nugs

  150. great strain. a little drier than other blue dream I’ve had but I guess that’s why it’s 220 not 240-250. good stuff and a great deal.

  151. Anonymous

    Nice mellow daytime sativa. Great taste.. never even finish my joints..seem to get caught up in a dreammmm…

  152. Five stars! Awesome strain, nice look, nice smell, and good price. Will definitely be buying again!

  153. Was a good mellow strain for a good day time high!

  154. Very good strain for a great price

  155. I actually tried this from a buddy of mine who ordered this and i thought it was a nice smoke. If you have something to do for the day and need a nice buzz and not over the top. This high is for you.. I actually thought the smell of this was amazing. When he opened that bag the smell just ranked the house up. Love when that happens….

  156. This is a nice mellow sativa.

  157. this was and still is one of my all time favs. I always jump to buy this when I see it on hd. I recommend this to everyone unsure about getting this. I personally got this when it was 10 a gram and was really impessed then. I don’t see a difference in quality when the price dropped. really loved the burn to the smell. to even hoe the buds looked. everyone has a few names they will always remember for their own reasons. for me this bud has everything. 5 of 5 every single time I see this. ofcourse there are stronger weeds, maybe better strains. this is top shelf for sure and a must buy!! thx hd!

  158. Correct strain but again for me , i rather pay the extra and get the real piece of art who are a tad higher in price . The aroma when cut is particulary nice but the taste is not that great . Buzz is ok .

  159. Had better for the price, even prevcious batch of BD. It’s seemed lighter and fluffier than the pics. Bland taste a weak effects. No bag appeal, which I don’t care, but it was just as unimpressive on any other fronts.

  160. Great strain! Picked this up along with the purple space cookies. I’d take this over it any day.

  161. Amazing strain with great qualities all around and one of my all time favorites love it

  162. Great strain. Definitely my go to. Would recommend a++

  163. Not bad…. why all small buds tho ??

  164. I received this as part of the Sativa sample back and was really impressed with this one, nice when you have some things to get done around the house/yard…kept me bouncing around quite happily.

  165. I am a big fan of blue dream and this batch was no exption

  166. Awesome bud! Wish ordered more ?

  167. Anonymous

    5 star’s all day!! this bud is grown perfect! bring you up up up and away
    gets you going, great morning smoke to start A great day
    buy a zip don’t fool your self, I made that mistake once

  168. Anonymous

    ordered few times .. this batch is not much diff from the last few, just smaller buds.. everything else on point! Great for price

  169. Nice sativa high, head buzz and no burn out. 4.8/5

  170. This is has been my go to every time it’s on here. Great bud always on point and the taste is so on point ! Well done hd .

  171. This strain just puts you in such a great mood every time. Perfect for socializing.

  172. Anonymous

    Smells and taste a bit sweet. Buds aren’t as nice as the last batch. Decent functional daytime high all the same.

  173. Medium strength, high functioning buzz, great for the morning and getting things done.

  174. Im typically an indica smoker but this was a great order. A really enjoyable high and no fear of gettin glued to your couch. A sativa strain I’d order again for sure!

  175. Something changed.

    I’ve ordered this strain about 10 times and my recent order is wet, and is barely breaking up – I’m very upset. It’s my favourite so I’m going to let it dry out, and try it once more but I’m really surprised because its been awesome every other time.

  176. I was pleasantly surprised with this stuff. I’m not a Sativa smoker at all but this was a nice day time smoke. The smell and taste is great, kind of sweet. Upbeat happy high. The biggest downfall is that if gives me the worst case of the munchies.

  177. tastes great 🙂 5 stars

  178. For the price, All Day Long. 10/10 and 5 stars.

  179. Average at best.

  180. Anonymous

    I ordered this strain without reading the description. It states that this smoke is good for novice people whixh I agree with but is great for daytime smoke.

  181. This is a great day time smoke; perfect for a wake and bake! The nugs are nice and frosty and you definitely smell and taste that sweet flavour! Overall very happy!

  182. Anonymous

    My favourite strain! Excellent choice!
    Effects 5/5 – great balanced effects, afternoon smoke, great for hanging out. Feels very therapeutic, with lots of benefits.
    Taste – 5/5 amazing
    Smell – 5/5 definitely presence of its blueberry parent
    Bud quality -4.5/5 no complaints
    Smoke – 5/5 smooth , white ash

  183. i dont understand some of these reviews where people say the bud is different the 2nd time. i have never had a bad batch from herbal, and this strain is amazing! Cheap for the quality it is, defiantly one of my new favourite strains! 10/10 would get again

  184. No complaints! Amazing for day time❤️

  185. I really enjoyed this strain it is one of the most beautiful strains I have recieved to date!!! The buds were huge, dense, and just down right beauty!!!! I was extremely pleased with this strain and it is gonna be my go to strain for as long as it’s in stock!!!! Hands down some of the best bud I have had in a long time if you enjoy the fruity blueberry taste you will enjoy this strain. Can’t say this enough but great job HD keep up the great work!!!!!

  186. I found this weed to have a great taste, smell and vibe and I definitely suggest you to try it out.

  187. I don’t know why, maybe a different kind of plant, but when tried this strain again, it was very good, no paranoia, just nice feeling, happy, euphoric without the anxiety 🙂

  188. Slightly weaker than the Blue from late ’16 but still a very enjoyable smoke

  189. Great bud! Top 10 all time favorite. A must try strain

  190. Very upset with this one…never had a problem with anything before but this was still quite wet first off…like cant smoke it rolled up type of wet..but the biggest issue i had with this is I found mold on the weed. Thought it looked a bit funny but then i pulled out the biggest nug and it has little patches of mold all over. That was a real upsetting waste. I state again..never had an issue with anything else ever except this batch of the particular strain. Wish I could have got my money back or a different strain..

  191. great daytime vape! adds joy and laughter to the day! or was it all a blue dream! great value for the experience! really enjoy the flavours that come through on the lower temp vape settings!

  192. Smell is very fruity, not as pungent as some strains but overall pleasant aroma. Very pretty bud, blueish silver, lots of crystals. High is really mellow so it’s really good for day time smoking, good before work. Not a great strain for after work or winding down before bed, but as expected since it’s a sativa. Generally I love blueberry strains and I will repurchase even though I’m personally an indica man.

  193. Was put off by the smell originally, very distinct almost like compost, strain grew on me over time. Nice sativa!

  194. So far HD is yet to disappoint … love the blue dream !!

  195. Favorite daytime strain so far. Recommend for anyone with stress/anxiety.

  196. Anonymous

    i was so excited to try this strain based on reviews. i am sorry HD but this strain is garbage. Dark, soft squishy buds, with a slight hint of berry smell, tastes like something picked from a field. With the quality i have had on this site, this strain should not be here thats for sure. Not trying to be harsh but i am being honest.

  197. One of my favourites! Great for anxiety and a good sleep!

  198. Great bud for daytime use.

  199. Good taste. Okay High

  200. J’ai aimé. Forte odeur et goût fruités.

  201. Decent for the price. Ok tasting, but nothing special. In my opinion, Spend $2 more a gram and get the UK Cheese!

  202. One of my favourites! Great for both the day and night, and depression! Very happy with this strain

  203. Smooth, very enjoyable. Glad I tried it, now I’m my top 5. Thanks HD

  204. Great budd for day time and night time. very smooth and it tastes great!

  205. Blue Dream is a great strain hybrid that everyone should give a try. Great for day time and even night it can be if your partying our out

  206. I rolled .5 and although the nug seemed small. Once i emptied my grinder it looked like a pile of snow someone dumped in my table. Smells not overpowering but i find the taste last a long time which is sweet light berry to me. Real nice high. Not overpowering to give a headache but just perfect to go get done what you need to. Would recommend for sure.

  207. I’ve always loved this strain, really uplifting and energetic with little to no anxiety. The only reason I’m not giving this five stars is because there are a few strains I’ve tried on here that really just blew this out of the water. HD, if you’re reading this please please please bring back Neville’s Cough, Space Monkey, and Nebula!!!

  208. My review is based off vaping this magnificent flower. First thing I noticed was the lack of trichomes in the picture to the actual flower when received. Small differences from one to the other. The next thing I noticed was the aroma. When I cracked a bud the smell hit hard. Blueberry with a small earthy pine scent perked my senses, and filled me with excitement. Upon the first vape hit (pax2) I could feel the high set in. Very quick and not as hard as other sativas I’ve had in the past. Fast forward 30 mins and 80% of my daily household chores were done. all in all, I gave it a 4/5 because of the high, it just didn’t seem to last long enough. Very smooth come down with little to no foggy feeling. Something that some sativas are noted for.

  209. My fav daytime smoke. Gives you energy in my opinion. Great medicinal effects .

  210. Anonymous

    This is my favorite strain. I suffer from anxiety and depression, and have anxiety attacks. Not only does this strain make my symptoms non-existent, it has stopped an anxiety attack dead in its tracks. Once the attack has stopped, i can address the other issues. None of my other treatments do that. This strain is a life saver for me.

  211. This review is based on vaping using a Volcano set at 6.5 heat setting. I based my review on 4 criteria: appearance, smell, taste, and effect and I rated each out of 10. Appearance; Dark green, with some leaf, lots of orange hairs, loose density buds, some crystals. Looks like an indoor-outdoor cross 6/10. Smell: Nice berry smell. Smells like a very good outdoor strain 6/10. Taste: Berry, piney. Very smooth. Very good taste 8.5/10. Effect: Fast onset. Uplifting and energizing. Appetite stimulating with pain relief. Light to medium head buzz, light body buzz. Would buy again 7.5/10. Overall rating: 7/10.

  212. Top notch bud. This stuff smells amazing looks even better and smokes just as good or better than most of the more expensive strains on HD.

  213. Amazing bud amazing price, what more is there to say?

  214. Blue dream could be one of the best all around buds out there, especially for medical purposes. However this batch just didn’t turn out the best. Heard It was due to beard bros switching growing facilities. Still some
    Great bud for the price here however don’t consider this to be the quality blue dream has been in the past front from HD

  215. my go to bud, one of my top 3 favs

  216. It was ok not my favorite but it did the trick for an hour or 2 it seems like it needed an extra kick with the blue dream keif on top

  217. Great smell and taste. Nice pick me up in the daytime. Will order again

  218. Just new to this one but early to say but burns good and smooth.

  219. Great flavour, great effects. Nice day time smoke.

  220. Amazing smell, taste and upbeat high. Worth trying and smoking often. One of my favorite sativa strains out there.

  221. This is hands down one of my favorite strains! It reminds me a bit of blueberry or grape hubba bubba when vaped. Its energizing, pain relieving and tasty and fairly strong. Will gladly buy again.

  222. Good bud . Good high . Just not kushy enought for me . To each there own . But it’s still nice meds ???❗

  223. Smells so good. Great daytime strain.

  224. Anonymous

    Really dense buds that bust up nice. Smells great, like a lemon-berry-pine. This batch leans more to the sativa side, in my opinion. 9.5/10, worth trying for sure.

  225. I do believe this batch is a slightly different strain than my last order.But this smoke definately gets the 5 stars too.Superb,Thanks HD:)

  226. Great taste nice compact nug perfect for day time and at 9$ a g you cant go wrong will defenetly order again

  227. Packs a good punch. Happy with the product. The second best strand of my order.

  228. Great strain. Smells great! Good for relaxing after work

  229. I really liked this one. Pretty potent and a nice mix of the cerebral saliva effect and the relaxed indica effect. Very happy with this one.

  230. Anonymous

    blue dreaming all damn day! great day smoke

  231. Anonymous

    This is on my list of essential strains. This is a fantastic version of Blue Dream. Nice taste and smell. When combusted in a joint or pipe the ash that is left is white. This is a must order!

  232. Great smell and taste, not over powering, found if to be great for relaxing after work. Would definitely recommend

  233. Great strain, amazing smell and perfect potency. Will definitely try again & highly recommended.

  234. smells of tart blue berry pie filling in my jar. must have! if you haven’t tried!

  235. Great looking dense buds that packed a bigger punch than I was expecting. Not my favourite sativa, but definitely a preferred strain and considering the price, I’ll probably order again.

  236. Great bud will order this over and over again!! Thanks Herbal keep it up

  237. Cannot complain. Not quite a dream but certainly no nightmare. Good stuff.

  238. No complaints.

  239. Blue Dream is always good . This recent batch was more like a 4 star rating but other times was a solid 5.

  240. This batch mind you fist for me, was ok nothing to go crazy over. Good for a good day time buzz, personally myself I’m not a big fan of piney tasting bud and this tasted a touch piney to me. But none the less good for a morning or day time high, doesn’t make you crash.

  241. Great hybrid strain!!! 😀
    Buds really are as pictured, imo. Beautiful berry hazy smell in the bag. Personally found this to lean little more towards the indica from the blueberry, but the haze is definitely there to give the kick of energy needed to balance things out. Great strain and medicine all around!!! Love Love Love this strain <3
    Great job bread bros. Not sure what buddy's problem was but I think you did a fantastic job.
    Thank you HD Team!!!

  242. the blue dream as good as always

  243. Looks good and tastes great. Super mellow buzz with no burn out

  244. Blue Dream is always a must. this batch is not as great as the last one but definitely worth buying considering the price has decreased.

  245. Once again a very happy customer…i will exclusively keep coming back for the stellar customer service and allways superior product,A++++ on this batch of dream….THANKS HD:)

  246. This is very nice. I will be ordering again I’m sure.

  247. Nice uplifting feeling and this will creep up on you like nobody’s business, well done HD yet again

  248. Got an Oz of this stuff and wow am i ever happy with that decision. Thanks Herbal will order this one again!!

  249. I get this every time I can. Must Have!

  250. Got this, this batch wasnt as great as the one before. but none the less a great day time with little to no burnout.

  251. Good head buzz

  252. Just got my first ever order from HD. Got some Blue Dream as I’ve ALWAYS wanted to try it. It looks good, smells good and got me decently medicated for after a day of hard work/going to bed.

    The only downside is it is green, should be called Green Dream. Was expecting more of a blueish like in the picture. Either way though, glad I got to try it and thanks HD!

  253. Great taste. One of the best sativas IMO

  254. #1 strain in the world. Best there is, best there was, best there ever will be.

  255. As an update to my earlier post: this bud and pink star are the same bud and so bad that I sold it all to myroomate for 60$. I paid 120$. And I’m happy with the 60….that’s how bad and misleading this weed is. Absolute rip off

    Not even comparable to the blue dream they used to sell. If there’s no consistency in the names then why even name them? We still have no idea what were gonna get if the bud is different every time.

    Beard bros if you grew this it’s a disgrace

  256. Anonymous

    Huummm what happened to this batch? Not comparable to the blue dream I ordered in the past, this looks like a 85 years old tired and faded version of what I had, don’t get me wrong it’s still good bud but not the HD blue dream I know

  257. Blue Dream is like Big L on the mic ?.. MVP

  258. blue dream smells really good. Tastes good too. Tastes blue. Gives you energy.

  259. Anonymous

    best sativa HD has had!

  260. Anonymous

    Luv this strain. Tastey too.

  261. LOVE BLUE DREAM. Good strain!

  262. great weed, tastes great, great effects, highly recommend

  263. Great strain! Clean burning and nice buds with strong daytime effects!

  264. Recommended over any other strain, amazing flavor, great buds, and a very nice effect. Perfect daytime sativa

  265. Just got it again after a long while. Fire strain, almost euphoric type of inducing feeing, amazing smell and taste, and the buds were perfect

  266. Great taste,burn and high..leaves me remenising of glory days long ago…wait what was i saying..Thanks,

  267. One of my most favorite strains! Plus Beard Bros has never been disappointing with their quality and potency!

  268. Nothing special here. The buds I recieved look nothing like the picture. A lot less crystals

  269. Consistent high quality batches, don’t even hesitate to add this to your purchase

  270. Great daytime strain, nice looking buds .. taste great!

  271. I got this in a sample pack and was very happy with it. It had a great taste and effects

  272. Great taste very euphoric high !

  273. Great strain tastes like blueberries or very sweet and is pretty smoother great strain

  274. Blue dream is a top notch sativa. Never fails to impress!

  275. Anonymous

    Hands down best day time smoke money can buy

  276. i just love the taste,
    5 star for

  277. Anonymous

    One of my favorite strains and always does the job. Smell and taste are amazing and I received nice fat solid buds. Very satisfied!

  278. For one of my first order not bad ,looks exactly like the picture.not so smooth kind of harsh but overall not such a bad high I give this one 3.5 / 4 stars

  279. Really euphoric high. Some of the most gorgeous and best tasting bud around. What an excellent batch.

  280. Was nice, pleasant. Not my favorite. Great taste, just didn’t have the effect I was looking for.

  281. I love both parents on their own, but this isn’t great weed in my opinion, would like to see other phenotypes of this weed, perhaps more haze leaning, not sure if this is similar to the phenos in California, which seem to have higher thc percentages and seem to be of higher quality, maybe it was just a poor sample from an okay batch, but this was not impressive and is not as good in my opinion as the other $240/oz strains.

  282. great strain, blue dream tastes great and the high lasts a long time for me. will be buying again in the future

  283. This strain was my first order from here. Couldn’t be happier with the product and service!!

  284. Anonymous

    Tastes and smells like no other. blue dream is my favourite of the sativas so far

  285. Potent and great tasting.

  286. They were sold out of Crystal Coma and replaced it with this. This is amazing bud. It came mummified in Crystal and produces the longest lasting high I’ve had from bud in two years. It’s a nice mellowed long drawn out bake that I will be pairing with my summer days in 2017.

  287. Been smoking bud for over 20 years. I’ve tried all sorts of bud, never knew what I was getting 95% of the time. But since discovering this fantastic site if tried 3 strains so far and have 3 more coming. And blue dream is what I’d like to say one of the best all round buds you can buy. It’s nice dense buds with minimal steams. Looks absolutely beautiful and smells very sweet and fruity. Every toke is great fruity taste and not harsh at all. The high is perfect no burn out and it keeps you motivated and energized. Definitely one I’ll buy more than once.

  288. one of the best strains available. Offers best of both worlds between indica and sativa!

  289. Feel great , Still have ernergy to work on everything. Smell very strong when smoked. Really good High. Hard to beat that one nice job !

  290. This is a great bud if you like to stay productive. It really brings out the creative side of your high without absolutely melting your brain, 5/5 would recommend to anyone

  291. Great daytime and productivity high. Hard to beat.

  292. very nice bud. I prefer indica normally but try sativa here and there. I really enjoyed this strain, i found it nice and relaxing. the smell and taste made this a real enjoyable smoke. definitely recommend!!

  293. Super impressed with this stuff. Top notch quality and great trimming

  294. Very good stuff taste like blueberry nice budd

  295. Good strain nice flavor.

  296. Very relaxing, late evening it is perfect to unwind.
    Relaxes the muscle and goodbye insomnia. It makes me creative and patient.
    The buds are of incredible beauty. clear and dense color, taste is as delicious as comforting.
    I recommend this Sativa.

  297. One of the best strains

  298. My favourite strain of everything I’ve tried so far. Also my favourite high. You will not be disappointed!

  299. Very impressed with this very good head buzz and it’s incredibly smelly

  300. The smell is amazing and so unique! Like funky berries! Such a great strain! Thanks HD

  301. I have to say after trying 7-8 different strains this one has been my favourite by far! Thank you HD

  302. Probably the best strain on HD , you need to try this strain if you’r a sativa lover .

  303. Blue dream is one of my fav sativas

  304. My favourite sativa. Highly recommended

  305. Blue dream is my favorite strain on HD, I like white haze as well. The taste is very good. I’ve reordered this strain many times.

  306. I absolutely love the smell and taste, one of my favorites!!

  307. Anonymous

    Great product at a reasonable price. This strain is very pungent and tastes great, would definitely recommend to anyone!

  308. Anonymous

    Lots of head high with this one. Taste is phenomenal through the Vapexhale Cloud Evo. 4.5 stars

  309. ordered klr gold white haze got this instead, not bad doesnt last as long and wasnt as potent as id like it to be :/

  310. Herbal Dispatch has yet to disappoint! Yet another quality product. Great Aroma, Great Taste and Good looking Product!

  311. Anonymous

    Always love this prduct! My latest purchase is no different!This strain is straight ??

  312. Excellent pain killer for immediate affect. A bit of a headache on the back end but would order again

  313. really nice stuff

  314. Great all-around bud. Nice taste, very smooth smoke.

  315. Current batch is great! Sometimes you get it and it’s not as good as the last. But this one here has to be some of the best they’ve had.

  316. Very Smooth, Smells like sweet tarts and leaves a sweet pleasant aftertaste when smoked. Very noticeable high. 9.5/10 Great Overall. Will be ordering this again.

  317. Amazing taste and smell, ordered twice and will order again. Top notch!

  318. Great stuff! Nice high will
    Order again!

  319. Good stuff. Nice smell was a little too dry.

  320. This has been my go-to sativa every time I order. I find the buds to be light and loose which makes it easy to break up. Wonderful sweet smell and taste. Nice active high. Excellent quality bud overall!

  321. Amazing!! By far my favorite strain. The taste is so smooth and creamy..makes me think of a blueberry ice cream bar! Doesn’t wear me down and the high lingers forever!! LOVE it!

  322. Sorry Beard Bros,,this batch,or at least what i got has a odd taste to it,it does work though,ill give ya 3.Not as impressed.

  323. Always a solid selection. Unique taste and very powerful cerebral high.

  324. Really nice stuff. Super Clean burn with a hint of a blueberry floral-ness and a definite berry exhale. Very energetic motivating yet relaxing high perfect for exercise, stress, depression but if the task at hand is a complex, involved one then I think it’s best to save the blue dream for after the fact! Truly a great midday and workout strain!

  325. Love this strain, one of my favorites! Beautiful buds that are berry, stinky, and a strong odor upon vaping or burning.

  326. excellent taste and nice stone , one of my fav sativas on HD

  327. Anonymous

    one of the best i had on here . amazing taste amazing buzz. 5

  328. By far one of my fav smokes on here

  329. This one wasn’t one of my favs, but it was still pretty decent. I think it will give it another try before I rule it out.

  330. Good stuff! Good looking bud tastes excellent. Uplifting, get stuff done high!

  331. This batch is excellent. I thought my first was good but this time was way better. Generous frosting to boot and the smell of berries is still some thing I believe every one should try. Lots of hype on it but the hype is for good reason

  332. One of my favourites, I order it almost everytime. Can’t go wrong!

  333. Excellent as always, great taste and very very smooth.

  334. Really good bud, sweet lemon pine with berry undertones mmm would reccomend

  335. Awesome strain recommend it nice taste and buzz nice looking too always cool never disapointed

  336. One of my favorite sativa strain. Great burning and tasting buds.

  337. I ordered a gram to see how I liked it. I will order again for sure. This is top shelf bud.

  338. Anonymous

    My goto sativa in just about every order, love the taste.

  339. Very nice. High quality buds and a very nice taste and high!!! Will buy again for sure.

  340. Got a complimentary G of this in my order and loved it. Crisp and tangy bud with potent results. I would reorder this. Thx for the tiptop service HD

  341. amazing nice clean smell and taste. smokes good and puts you in a great mood.

  342. Anonymous

    Second time ordering this strain and really like the clean flavour and medicates nicely in my vape. Hope this one is a regular.

  343. Excellent functional strain! I mix this with Pennywise CBD at about a 70-30 ratio (BD – P-CBD) and I have tons of energy to keep going through the day while stile getting the effects of the high CBD content. Very highly recommend this strain!

  344. honestly one of my favorite strains on here. I got popcorn buds but honestly it was bomb.

  345. I had high expectations on this on based on its reputation. Wasn’t really impressed by the first joint. Very clear headed.

  346. One of my favourites! Very tasty and a great, cerebral high.

  347. Top notch AAA bud.That is impressive smoke.Second time ordering and confident i found a new herb home.Kudos to the growers here and thanx HD:)

  348. I’ve ordered this strain off here before I remember it the most of all. As soon as I opened the bag boom a tangy sweet berry smell. So good I’d defiantly would highly consider this in any of my future purchases

  349. Nice taste

  350. Has been tops for me for the last few weeks. It’s like we’re soulmates

  351. very nice bud, hits deep and works well.

  352. Dense, fragrant, quality nugs with strong, smooth effect. Will get this again for sure.

  353. Just as good as the first time I ordered it a year ago, love the smell
    One of all my alltime favs
    Thanks hd

  354. solid 4/5 from this sweet aroma tight buds strain… really pleased with this product.

  355. Could never get sick of this. Uplifting for sure ??

  356. I get this almost every order. Always feel great after having this one. Taste was good and smooth. I like it’s name as well.

  357. I wasn’t a huge fan of the taste, but it is definitely great quality. Looks amazing.

  358. As always, a delicious berry flavoured hybrid. The perfect hybrid.

    Great for general recreational use, but still maintains solid medicinal properties.

    Perfect for relaxing and unwinding, but leaves you with enough get-up-and-go to handle your business without slowing you down.

  359. Another fantastic batch of Blue Dream. This one is always a favourite. Perfect mix of two classic strains, perfect balance of sativa/indica…. will continue to re order as long as itbis carried.

  360. Anonymous

    Good head high, actually feel like your dreaming, enjoy this next to nuken.

  361. Blue dream will always be a favourite. Gives me a uplifted mood, with creative bursts and helps me deal with any nausea I have throughout the day. Always will be a go to if there aren’t any new strains.

  362. I decided to order Blue Dream off a recommendation from an article I read, as I’m still pretty new to the scene of knowing what I’m consuming. It was fantastic, a nice warm buzz that wasn’t overwhelmingly couch-locking or mind-blowing. The smell alone was unreal, and it tasted great too.

  363. Anonymous

    Good for my illness,the best!

  364. Beautiful blueberry/lemon smelling buds, second time ordered!

  365. I’d like to start off by saying I’m not a huge fan of sativas but Blue Dream has always been a go to flower of choice for me. Great for daytime use, burns nice and clean with a great taste. I am giving it a 4 star because I thought the buds could’ve been a little denser, other than that a really great product and I will definitely order again!

  366. Anonymous

    I rate this blue dream 6/10 decent smoke. 10 would be the best grown blue dream in the world… Keep in mind every strain of weed has at least 10 different versions of because people grow they own way.

  367. Anonymous

    Just got my order today, and once again very happy with HD service and quality of products, love this strain it’s my fav for sure!

  368. Just got my first order today ever and went with the blue dream. I gotta say im very happy with this product. All i have ever had was indicas and its such a different feeling. Im not heavy feeling like usuall. Cany go wrong with this strain !

  369. #1 alltime favorite strain. HD and BB deliver the staight good’s. I don’t have to describe it.. just give them your money and you will not be disappointed. Great for medicating ADHD

  370. Anonymous

    By far my favorite strain on here. This bud busts up really good, and buzz hits almost right away.

    I know a good strain just by smelling..if its good i start sweating under my eyes..the more potent the strain the more i sweat..very strange but its true…i broke out in sweats as soon as the bag opened..running down my face..couldnt wait to light it up.

    My favorite thing about this is the fruity to me and not harsh. The taste of this bud is probably my favorite to date since I became a user when compared to any strain I have ever tried.

    Stop reading and start buying before HD runs out of stock.

  371. Anonymous

    I am more of an indica consumer rather than sativa, but blue dream is always a safe and enjoyable sativa choice for me. I never really understood all the hype around blue dream but the taste is enjoyable along with effects and aesthetics. I would prefer a stronger and sweeter berry taste but it is a nice mix of haze and blueberry flavors. The high hits pretty hard for a hybrid, and does not have a burn out affect after consumption. Overall I would give this a 4.5/5.

  372. I haven’t ordered this in a while, yet it is as good as ever! This is beautifully flushed, and its smoke has a nice flavourful bouquet, rendering a earthy, organic, piney flavour. Strong cerebral high, that possesses a creative undertone to it, so you can most definitely get things done while smoking this! Highly recommend, and its easy to tell why this is the most popular strain in California lol

  373. This strain Smelled amazing, tasty and a nice medicated buzz

  374. Hands down my favourite flower on HD. Beard bros makes great shatter from comparing to others and this bud of theirs lives up to the reputation I made myself of beard bros quality. Great lasting buzz, phenomenal taste.

  375. One of my favourite strains. When you cross blueberry and haze you can’t go wrong. Buds are light green and frosty (hazy). Mild blueberry smell and taste. Effects are mellow, happy and relaxing but doesn’t drain energy. Excellent hybrid, must try.

  376. Great taste , high . Highly recommend

  377. Great taste, fruity smell and is a great soothing smoke. It’s a very popular strain and I can see the reason behind it. 5/5 very potent as well.

  378. As mainstream as this strain is, it really does live up to its hype. Out of hundreds of strains i have tried, blue dream still has a very soothing distinct smell that i can actually identify in a bag of 10 different strains ( i have tried this ) so not only does it smell strong, but it also smells unique. For me the effects are very 50-50 as i feel the sativa and indica both equally but very clean with no couchlock. It’s really not the best looking bud, but its purpose and job surpasses most better looking buds. Now, i really wish you guys would bring the actual blueberry itself back.. i had that stuff back in 2005 and it was the strongest smelling stuff i ever had and really smelled like berries.

  379. I did not enjoy this strain like I do others…very leafy but still good just not my fav

  380. These buds could have been a bit fuller, maybe a bit denser but over one of the top smokes of my for this price. I hear this is going for crazy amounts like 14$ a gram, i think hd its giveing back to everyone in a small way with weed like this. Worth every penny, i almost bought 3 ounces last time i picked up. Never can go wrong with this. 5 of 5 hands down. Anyone who differes are either making false remarks or just smokes too much lol. Id use more colourful words but thats not nessary.

  381. very relaxing!

  382. My fav Sativa Strain….they charge 14$/g at dispensaries in Toronto for this.

  383. every order I place this item is always on the list. one of my all time favs. Great taste and smell thanks hd
    I wanted to comment on blue god too but I see its no longer available. 2 Awesome buds!

  384. This is by far my very favourite strain. I’ve ordered it 10 separate times from HD, and been happy with it every single time. smells great, tastes great, burns great. Good work HD!

  385. BLUE DREAM is a DREAM to bust up and vaporize! Unparalleled flavour! This and the Blue God have dense flavour!

  386. Still a top favourite Sativa for life!

  387. Anonymous

    Best sativa I’ve had. Have a history of brain trauma and am diagnosed with post concussion syndrome. Many strains (mainly sativa) cause headaches so before my selection was indica only. Which isn’t ideal for mid day use while at work, the indicas I use make me sleepy. But this Sativa is one of the only that gives me no negative effects and paired with my vaporizer gives me a very nice relaxing high so I can focus on my work load

  388. A go-to sativa. Have ordered a couple times and it never disappoints!

  389. Great looking buds and an amazing taste. Only giving this a 4 because it gave me a mellow high like indica and didn’t expect that

  390. Anonymous

    Another great strain from HD! That said for me it gave a mellow relaxed high which I didn’t expect so that’s why I giving it a 4/5.

  391. Anonymous

    Had a sweet smell an taste! I really enjoyed this one. Buds where tight and frosty, can’t ask for much more

  392. My 1A sativa pick, with 1B being the UK Cheese, this one hits beautifully every time, blueberry goodness.

  393. I have been using the herbal dispatch service now for about a year and this strain is the best one I’ve gotten through them period. I’m a sativa guy through and through and this strain sets the standard for sativas and better yet it’s very reasonably priced. I literally smoked some in the vap the other weekend then went to hot yoga and mowed my lawn after. I could have easily climbed Mount Everest had the task been presented to me. Great energy from this strain and I’d recommend it to anyone

  394. Smells delicious. Busts up very nice and tastes great. Will buy again and definitely recommend.

  395. Top notch bud. ?

  396. Ordered this after hearing great things from a friend about the strain. Tastes and smells beautiful. As it was recommended to me in a joint I would be remiss not to recommend anyone ordering this to roll a J with it.

  397. Clean burning, burns white, smells like blueberries but better.

  398. Just like last time, one of my favorite smelling strains. To me , this smells like fresh strawberries. It has such a dank smell its just hard to describe. Looks exactly like pics with a very pinkish green hue. And the high is very dreamy and at the same time pretty strong on the indica side too. Glad this batch is as good as last batch!

  399. Delicious, light, no hard burn out like 0. Highly recommended and will buy again

  400. Absolutely love this strain, have been getting it with every order. Has a very sweet and fruity essence when smoked and the effects are the best! Yes to this!

  401. An instant favorite. The uniquely off-colored buds , fruity smell and taste and on point potency.

  402. Anonymous

    Nice tasting strain. Very clean and smooth vaped. Well done.

  403. Anonymous

    This is one of the finest strains I’ve ever smoked. Always get some Blue Dream.

  404. Very nice. Great flavour.

  405. I absolutely love this one. It tastes amazing when vaped. The effect is purely sativa. My sample pack really was worth a try, if only for this one.

  406. This is my TOP sativa choice ! The buds look and smell mouth watering, and taste just as good. It is my go to morning smoke. Clean crispy high that still allows you to function with daily life. The sweet taste of this strain is second to none.

  407. Delicious berry flavors and smells, great high. Perfect across the boards.

  408. Anonymous

    The best strain I have ever tried in my life, amazing high, smell and taste

  409. Awesome bud HD! One of my favorites, never disappoints!

  410. Such a good bud to grab off HD !! I have asthma and when I smoke this stuff it clears it right up !

  411. l liked the buzz and flavor but it was a bit weak for me. Prefer something stronger but overall i would say it’s – OK.

  412. Hands down my favourite bud. Dense, full of crystals with a strong blueberry smell. Perfect for daytime and great in the vape.

  413. This is my day time smoke right now and I love it! I’m a huge fan of haze strains, but I really don’t like the the taste of haze. The blueberry in this tastes so good and adds a nice euphoria to the high. I can see others not liking it because the buzz isn’t very strong but if you have something creative to do, Blue Dream works wonders. Thanks HD and BB

  414. Just simply amazing. Its great especially when using a vape. Really strong high. Would reccomend doing something creative

  415. One of my favourite strains of all time, and lives up to its name. I once received some blue dream while I was in BC from an old grower, and his fresher offered a more blue dreamy taste, hence the 4 star rating. Other than that, perfect

  416. Anonymous

    It was all a dream! Surreal taste and definitely worth a second try.

  417. Just hoe I remembered it the last time.

  418. very nice and smooth crystalized bud would recommend also very nice rich and tasty aroma to it

  419. Nice crystaly popcorn buds, fruit flavoured && very burned very good . Will be purchasing more

  420. I’ve ordered this strain 8 separate times. It’s fantastic! Great choice for daytime. Would recommend to anyone.

  421. Anonymous

    This strain has so much of its blueberry lineage, the flavour and the smell was blueberry, when you exhale you can feel the haze come on. Amazing, I could smoke for the rest of my life and be happy.

  422. Love it! Great flavor and a great high through a vaporizer. Definitely going to order more.

  423. Good evening smoke, made me sleepy which is what I needed.

  424. If you like fruity smell/taste to your weed then this is the best choice on the menu. I love this shit

  425. So sweet and powerful,gotta love the BB they are quality experts

  426. I like this bud it is a nice sativa and give me a nice high.

  427. Anonymous

    This was a great strain! The smell and taste was delicious. Def worth the $$

  428. It’s different than what I’m used to but still really bomb ,really nice taste thank u HD

  429. Great day time or ‘day off’ high, but comes on strong followed by a wicked couple of hours or peace. I suffer from ADD and Blue dream certainly helps me shut off and clear my head especially at the end of a long work day.
    Beautiful fruity flavours.

  430. Smooth strain. Very unique smell and taste!

  431. Delicious tart berry taste. Very nice afternoon vape. Perfect for sharing between someone who prefers sativa and someone who prefers indica. Helps light pain slip away for a while. Smooth.

  432. Beautiful looking buds very smooth and tastes great. Good day time high

  433. Great stuff , good smooth and very tasty! I always grab this ! Thanks HD for the quality stuff!!

  434. Glad I got more this time around ?? perfect strain for being down in the dumps. Perfect cure made it smooth af, really taste the hazy blueberry on the exhale.

  435. This is a really nice strain. Clean and uplifting. I will defiantly buy this one again!

  436. Wow is all I can say, the best I’ve had from HD yet, straight up phenomenal with the smell of earthy pungent berry , smokes well Busts great and the high is 5 star sativa great for relaxing and anxiety

  437. Good light high, mellow taste even in my pyrex pipe.

  438. I tried one of each of the sample packs, but this one came out a bit later. It is hands down one of my all time favourites. I like this strain because it gives a good high that you can feel without interfering too much with brain operation and motor function. I already recommend it to all my friends.

  439. Cute little nugs, beautiful with a strong blue hue. Tasted smooth and blueberry like. I didnt find it that potent and had to medicate a lot to my joint pain away, but damn Orange is the new black was interesting, I couldn’t stop watching. I guess it would be great for daily activities like arts or cleaning the house.

  440. Anonymous

    Smells great and tastes delicious when smoked or vaped!

  441. really nice but the high didnt last very long for me

  442. This batch is like the last batch, just perfect. Opening the bag, i get a strong smell of berries. To me it smells more like Strawberries than anything. Buds look nice and trimmed, healthy and it has unique pink hairs i noticed. Taste and smell are on point, and potency is very good too. I get a 50/50 buzz from this but both ind and sat are very strong. My whole body is medicated. I tried Blue Dream a few months ago and it wasnt as good as it is now, i guess it depends how its grown and by who. Overall i loved this batch

  443. Anonymous

    My favorite strain from HD a must try

  444. Go to Sativa ! Great flavor. Smokes good. Tasty down to the last puff. The high isnt mind rattling like some top sativas, but its perfect for a morning smoke and go ! No laziness.

  445. Really fresh and attractive, larger buds that remind me of UK Cheese with a generous sort of chunky white blanket. Fairly dense medium green with a moderate amount of contrasting orange hairs. The scent is very sweet and citrus-y, which really comes out after a grind. Great overall bag appeal.

    The bust is above average and the vapour is thick and fairly smooth. I’m having trouble putting a finger on the flavour but it is light and pleasant. Might be time to clean the ol’ Volcano chamber…

    After vaping .2 the effects are nice and light and are mostly in the head. Body and eyes are not heavy but I feel relaxed and ready. I feel like picking a task and getting it done…


    Task accomplished. The effects are gone with no munchies or burnout left behind.

    A nice strain with a clean daytime high. Pick something else for couch lock or sedation. I would be happy to have this anytime.

  446. One of my favorites. I will be buying this again.

  447. smoked a small joint to try it out. this stuff is the bomb, went straight to my face and was high for at least 3 hours. cant believe i ordered this online, this is amazing! thank you HD

  448. Great smell and tastes of blueberries and soap when burned. Perfect white ash ??

  449. Really enjoy this one nice high good smell and beautiful buds!

  450. Always a good pick from HD! Love the initial inhale and the exhale is just as smooth and tasty. Leaves the area you smoked in smelling wonderful. Clean burner and nice day time smoke.

  451. BD is now one of my best strain to use in the time! Great tease and awsome smell!!

  452. very nice high.. nice solid buds

  453. The buds I got were small/shakey, but when busted up smelled beautiful and tasted just as good. Nice buzz. I’d buy more.

  454. has one of the best taste and smell i tasted. it delivers a clear-mind buzz, ideal for day use.

  455. Wasn’t my fav

  456. Anonymous

    This stuff has a very unique sweet berry smell, I’ve never come across anything like it before. It’s very potent, only took me 2 hits and I was on another planet. The effects were strong for about half an hour, and the body buzz lasted another half hour after that. My only complaint is that the buds were a little dry and crumbly for my liking. Fast service as always, i’m very pleased with this order

  457. First one I got quite awhile ago now. I still remember it. It was very good. Solid nugs, very tasty.

  458. very tasty smells awesome great buzz

  459. looks good, smells good, tastes good, one of my favorites so far

  460. Great strain! Wonderful balance of head and body. Fast acting and the body chill hangs around for quite a while. Just picked up more. Keep this one in the rotation HD!

  461. This is a high quality strain however, buyer beware. This strain in particular makes me relaxed yet adventurous and always produces the same effect. If that’s not the feeling you’re looking for maybe this isn’t for you but if it is, hop on the blue dream.

  462. Anonymous

    This strain is one of my faviourites. I have a lot of joint pain in my shoulders , i also use this for my cramps and loss of appitite. Blue dream is amazing for helping me with those problems . I also started mixing blue dream with violator lemon haze which only just intensified my relaxation and those pains just melt away. I find it a great combination because you are still able to move and function without being very sleepy.

  463. I really like this strain. Nice buzz and great taste.

  464. Thought this was one of the weaker selections from the sample pack, not very smelly, faint blueberry smell, but nothing fruity, didn’t really like the high on this one either, leaner more towards the blueberry genetics in this batch, wasn’t great to vape before work, couldn’t seem to get my motor running, besides the green crack, this was probably my least favorite from the sample pack.

  465. Not a huge fan of this one. Buds were tight, fresh and tasty. Just found that the buzz wore off quickly. Probably will stick with other sativas or my favourite kush

  466. Very good!! Great high!

  467. very good. awsome smell!

  468. Really clear headed and stimulating and great for pain at the same time. I use just a pinch at a time and that’s all it takes. This is the finest sativa I’ve had in quite awhile and I’ve got to get some more before it’s gone. Excellent strain.

  469. The name says it all! Amazing flavour and great smell, very happy about my order and will defiantly be buying again! Thanks HD

  470. This one was incredible, great blueberry smell with hint of haze, incredible taste, great uplifting relaxing high that I find very focused

  471. Not as tasty as I was expecting after reading other reviews, still top quality bud but lacking in flavour in my opinion.

  472. Anonymous

    Amazing bud. Great bag appeal, looks exactly like the pictures. The smell was enticing and the taste had me licking my lips. Smoked smooth and had an immediate light lofty dreamy feeling, very relaxing.
    Goes into second after space cookies for me, ordering again. Thanks HD.

  473. Anonymous

    Wow! What a buzz. Hits you out of nowhere. Nice taste smells killer. Love this bud!! Best so far!

  474. WOAH, thats the only thing I have to say about this. Good top notch stuff

  475. Anonymous

    Throwing this in third after space cookies./ uk cheese,/ blue dream,/ shiskaberry have tried lots of their products half ounce at a time.Still disappointed with the kushes trying the afghan next keep hoping.

  476. Nicely trimmed and cured bud. Wonderful aroma and taste! Definitely come back to this. Thanks HD

  477. Please nobody order this shit!!!!
    Leave it all for me order up, lmao
    This stuff is what I consider to be perfect all around, one of my all time favs, thanks so much HD keep it coming:)

  478. Just like it’s name, it’s a dream!

  479. Ordered twice and will try for a third. Great strain to pick you up! Fully recommend

  480. Anonymous

    Dear HD, My last order for a whole oz of Blue Dream, Like every other time I was hoping and in a nice way expecting top notch qquality. My whole OZ except one medium size bud.. All else pop corn. This order I wanted to order this again but Im just way to scared and cannabis is my medicine. I come to you for great, beautiful buds (for the price in addition to shipping) not opcorn buds. I h ave ordered Blue Dream several times, This batch had a scent of lemon. 2/5 on this wont order this strain again.

  481. Definitely an all-time favorite! The buds range in size but are all equally dense. The smell is cheesier and earthier than I remember but still slightly sweet. Taste is still very blueberry and effects are fantastic but not overwhelming, a definite sativa.

  482. Not a huge fan of Blue Dream as i had it many times, but this batch was pretty good i gotta say. Smells earthy and berry, smokes nice and gives a very strong high for me. I had a good head high and a good body high.. lasted a while too so i was surprised it packed a punch so i give it 5 stars.

  483. Pretty potent but I’m not a big fan of the earthy taste and it makes me cough a lot. Still very high quality buds…

  484. For those who appreciate connoisseur bud. Not overly potent but a very high quality clean and clear grow. Personally I find it comes on with a delayed rush that is unique and bright. excellent

  485. very airy buds ,the smell and taste was bang on just like in the description .the buzz was alright I give it a 4 out of 5

  486. Anonymous

    This was my 2nd time getting this strain. Blue dream is an amazing hybrid. Makes you feel really good and a bit relaxed.

  487. This is a nice daytime option for managing my anxiety. I can get a lot done at a chill pace with improved focus.

  488. Delicious flavour, looks beautiful under the microscope with lots of crystals. I will be ordering more!

  489. great product, good taste and nice looking buds. would absolutely buy again. thanks hd

  490. I am going to have to say this is my favourite strain from HD. When you grind it the smell coming off is a cool berry and when you roll it it’s super sticky and when you smoke it it’s pure white. This is what I have been looking for in many strains and haven’t found ! Amazing.

  491. This is a very nice strain. Smells good, nice buds and a good buzz. I will order this again.

  492. Anonymous

    love! nice scent as soon as you open the bag. Wasn’t too powerful of a high, which I didn’t mind. Great all around.

  493. This packed a nice punch for a sativa. The effects were nearly instant, very powerful head high. The taste was fruity and the smoke was lung expansive. I was fairly burnt out afterwards so it may even be a good choice for a night time sativa. This is one of my favorite sativas to look out for now.

  494. great taste and smell. Not too strong could still get work done. Great high.

  495. Great taste one of a kind good spacey head buzz almost in my top 5

  496. This is a very delicious haze hybrid. You can definitely taste the blueberry genetics with a hint of Haze in the backround… I’m not a fan of the tast of Haze, but the Haze high comes through like a champ. It’s definitely got a sativa buzz and it’s hard to find a tasty sativa…

  497. Wow the smell is very sweet and the high is very uplifting very strong Sativa effect very narcotic thanks herbal dispatch

  498. This is a great strain! Amazing sweet taste and a happy pick me up! Great for anxiety and headaches as well imo.

  499. Seems to be a crowd favourite, but I find it doesn’t quite live up to the “buzz”. The buds are very nice, with its distinct almost peach coloured hairs. The toke is smooth, but the high is a little on the mild side. A great clean smoke for day time use, but not as heavy as some of the hazes in the Sativa section.

  500. Might be my new Sativa, very popular strain and now I know why. 10/10 would order again.

  501. Anonymous

    This may sound crazy because its such a popular bud but this was my first time trying Blue Dream. Its now in my top 3. It has an amazing earthy, fruity smell to it. It tasted like berrys lol As for the high it was good Not too strong, No couchlock. I had energy to do things and a good attitude aswell.

  502. Blue Dream! First time trying this fantastically well-known strain. Very pleasing feeling of general well-being, and a phenomenally well balanced Hybrid. I’d describe the effects as Upbeat, Creative, Relaxed, and a little bit dreamy relieving minor aches and pains. It might cause a little Anxiety at first in heavy doses, but it immediately melts away from the Care-Free feeling that follows. Enjoyable taste with berryish (not necessarily Blue) tones and a nice scent.

    I definitely want to order this again. Great for games. I wouldn’t toke *a lot* of this just before bed, unless you’re planning on reading before hand and letting your mind run wild with the words on the page. 5/5, especially for the price.

  503. What a delicious strain!!
    I have bought this stuff a couple of times, and I really enjoy the blueberry flavor. Nice clear high with a quick onset. Great body stone.

  504. Always an amazing strain carried by herbal dispatch. This batch gets 5/5

  505. Anonymous

    Beautiful, blueberry smelling buds!! Love this strain and would definitely order again!

  506. One of my favorite hybrids I love wake and baking with this strain , if I feel like not doing anything that day and I have some blue dream I’m ready to take on my day thanks herbal dispatch

  507. Best indica strain we have had hands down. Taste and buzz. Will buy again.

  508. Very fresh berry smell and taste. Wanted to try this stuff out because of all the hype and was not disappointed!

  509. Well trimmed, cured and fantastic looking bud. Great tasting smoke/vapor!

  510. The Chronic Hippy Patient
    I would not call Blue Dream a Favorite,
    However,the taste explosions,are incredibly Berry delicious,smooth exhale.
    This strian I find really allows migraine suffering to End.
    If you are new to marijuana and are looking for a different lift this just may be your drag.!.~

  511. Still one of my favorites. Monster buds. Just the right amount of head. Euphoric

  512. This is the best strain I smoke on this site !!!

  513. Honestly wasn’t a huge fan of this. Saw some people on twitter tweeting @HerbalDispatch asking about when this would be back in so it seemed popular. Decided to get some but as a mostly indica smoking night time user this was totally different from my norm.

    Didn’t really feel that high, definitely more of a day time strain. Very clearheaded, could focus. Not a bad strain, just not great for my usual use.

  514. One of my top choices for sure. The taste is off the charts and so enjoyable to smoke. Only thing I could possibly dream of that would be better is a pure batch of Blueberry. But this is close enough. Mmmmmmmm so tasty. Can’t stop….don’t want to stop smoking it till its all gone.

  515. Good taste, count was good and this sativa strand helps uplift spirits and be creative.

  516. All I been seeing on instagram or any cannabis community is the stupid #fuckbluedream hashtag and it makes me mad when pepole jump on the band wagon just for fol lowers. In reality this is a fantastic strain. One of the most medically valuable Imo. The patients dealing with any type of stress, anxiety, or even add will benefit from this. The smoke is also very good for pain too. I find that I need no more than 2 or 3 hits out of my roor and I am well medicated for the entire evening. I suspect this bud to be a good prospect if you are interested in pressing some rosin or making other concentrates. It is very Terpy and for that reason I think it would make a hell of a Shatter (and I’ve had the beardbros BD before, but I’m talking solvent free). It’s also not one of those strains that makes you too stoned to function. I find the combination of indica and sativa are in perfect preportion. A slightly dreAmy head high with a strong enough indica body stone. The only reason i could see someone not being happy with this bud is if you get a shitty cut or its not a well grown batch. This batch is bangin. you won’t say #fuckbluedream after you’ve tried what dispatch got.

  517. This one has blown right out of the park for me. Why in my life have I never experienced something like this. The taste is sweet and delicious. Took the anxiety right out with a sharp focus and left me feeling motivated. Perfect for social settings or being out and about. I would give this a definite 5 stars.

  518. love the amount of crystals on it you can tell its a very fluffy and fresh strain hits you instant

  519. Flavour is unparalleled! New Favourite.

  520. This was a great tasty smoke with uplifting, and creative effects! Anxiety and stress took a back seat after smoking this strain. Definitely great for afternoon vaping. This strain has a very well-balanced head and body buzz combo.

  521. this one will get you going. decent taste, smooth smoke, strong effects and smells up the place. well rounded strain to have on hand.

  522. Anonymous

    Can’t say enough about ‘The Dream’. My absolute favourite when I want a strong sativa to play video games, vibe with friends and just be active. That said, I know I can’t touch this strain 3+ hours before bed.

  523. Well I love this strain and this batch is no exception..I ordered a bunch of it and im ordering more as we speak- get it while you can ;). Sweet blueberry/hazey smell reminds me of blueberry tea!! High is uplifting, starts off more sativa but then mellows out into indica type buzz while offering a clear head high that worked for depression .Perfectly dried with a clean burn and fluffy so wonderful to roll joints with.Overall very happy and very impressed with the quality of hd product and service big thank you once again :]

  524. Nice big buds and great smoke. Blue dream is one of my favor

  525. It has a nice fruity smell. Upon smoking i felt the sativa effects but soon after i felt very relaxed. Dont plan on doing much after a nice sesh of this blue dream.

  526. This is a very aromatic and flavorful bud with an extremely comfortable and cozy, body buzz. Silly, bubble head high which is nostalgic. Don’t expect got get much done. Just settle in and enjoy! In my top 3 from HD. Just get it.

  527. Beautiful fluffy buds covered with crystals and red hairs. Burned very well. Has an earthy aroma with a hint of yeast. A bland earthy taste, but a nice relaxing buzz for the daytime. And of course as always…slightly overweight.

  528. 25 yr smoker and a lover of good herb. Unfortunately I did not like this one.
    It was too emotional for me. If you have a heartfelt conversation with someone or your thoughts art right it can change your mood from happy to sad or mad and back k within minutes. Can’t say I recommend it but hey different strokes for different folks.

  529. Some of the nicest bud I’ve ever seen. Nugs are covered in crystal and the smell is amazing. Nice head and body high.

  530. Love this strain , it had my mouth watering from the minute I laid eyes on her ! Wish I’d bought more but there’s always next time ? Great uplifting buzz! 5/5 thanks HD

  531. Mine arrived today. I hadn’t smoked for a couple days and wanted this strain to be the first one i tried. I came home from work and was not disappointed. It was a great and enjoyable high! The smell was AMAZING and strong!

  532. Really like this one second time grabbing it. looks really nice and smokes great! 5/5

  533. I love this strain!, Iam a sucker for a blueberry strain and this one is a beauty. Look wise it appeared bright covered in triches.
    The stone was high and euphoric with alittle couch lock. It had a wonderful taste sweet and like blueberries, and the blueberry came through on the smell heavy as well. over all 4.8 outta 5

  534. Anonymous

    When I ordered from HD for the first time this is what i happened to pick.
    Been chasing the Blue Dream ever since.

  535. Excellent taste and smooth 5/5

  536. great Bud, smells great, taste great. Awesome Sativa buzz, good for daytime smoke, I didn’t find the burn out bad at all. Will def be buying again!!!

  537. Anonymous

    WOW, that bud smells fantastic. Has the berry / blueberry smell to it. Will purchase again for sure!

  538. crazy hairs on the buds I received. Very amazing smell and taste, the high is very nice and clear. the only thing I didn’t like was it left me with a bad burnout but nothing another bowl couldn’t fix 5/5

  539. This is a bud that I had been wanting to try for a long time (was last one to cross off my list). Bud looks very exquisite. Has a nice density to it and a very nice sweet succulent earthy tone to it. Mouth watering. Very nicely flushed, and I mean really nice. Beautiful high that makes you wanna be go go go till you burn out lol. However the burn out isn’t bad at all. Wish I got more of this!!

  540. Have ordered this a few times now because i love the taste and great sativa effects from it. Smells delicious!

  541. Smell and high was good but got some bad buds in my eighth for looks so giving a 3.5 I prefer the blue memory loss

  542. Blue dream is very appropriately named. Its just an awesome bud. The buds are thick, sort of fluffy with those typical blueberry thick redish hairs. Even though I prefer straight indicia, I can appreciate a good dominant sativa hybrid strain. Great smoke in the morning! Tastes great with long lasting effects.

  543. The smell is just amazing. Taste is great. Beautiful nugs. One of my favorite strains aswell. A bit too strong for a daytime smoke but still a good hybrid!

  544. Amazing sativa in my book first time ive had it , smells and taste are matched with this one. Its a blueberry taste . The effect are very uplifting and last for a long time. Def enjoy this strain , compare a little to grape god but in a sativa imo

  545. Nice fluffy buds, great smell and taste. Good energetic daytime strain. Good blueberry aftertaste hangs with you for awhile, but thats not a bad thing 🙂

  546. Legendary stuff, thanks for this

  547. Anonymous

    Stop your searches. THIS BUD IS IT!! unbelievable bud, a true home run. Thanks to you guys. Herbal dispatch is a game changer!

  548. Beautiful batch of Blue Dream. Buds are pretty dry and will prob get a little shaky. They are covered in thick hairs, the picture doesn’t do justice. Definitely smells like a blueberry strain mixed with haze. judging by the smell, blueberry strain seems to be dominant. After smoking a joint I feel this may be more Indica than sativa, something like 60/40, definite sativa effects too. Tasted really good for how dry it is. I think the Super Lemon is the way to go for sativa but this is a really nice hybrid. Can see why its a favorite.

  549. Anonymous

    First time trying this strain, and I have to say that I am really impressed with the potency of this bud. In terms of high This would have to be the strongest sativa ive been able try. Flavour is also right where you expect it to be.

    Get it while you can!
    5 Stars

  550. Quite possibly my favorite strain.

  551. One of my favorites from now on. Looks really good with lots of crystals, smells dank and has a very pleasant , daytime high with not much couch lock!!

  552. Great smell of blueberry, the flavor is insane very delicious, great sativa , very good for anxiety, ty HD very impressed 🙂

  553. Very nice smell and taste. Smaller buds but very dense and tight. The Blueberry lineage is quite strong in this one as far as taste and effects go. I don’t know what the ratio is but must be a lot closer to 50/50 than most other Sativa dom crosses which are usually around 30% Indica. Tastes like it anyways and this is some of the first Sativa I’ve had that’s put me to bed lol. Nice!

  554. Anonymous

    good strain

  555. This is a fantastic sativa strain, beautiful buds and a nice earthy taste. Is a perfect wake and bake.

  556. This has to be in my top 5 sativa strains that I’ve tried, smooth taste and hits you good. Tastes like it smells, recommendable!

  557. This is my favorite smelling bud so far. Great high.

  558. Have you ever felt the need to kill a few hours? This is the bag for you.

    I enjoy this smoke the most from this site. Dense buds good smoke. Makes me able to stand people for more than 5 minutes.

  559. Very nice smooth smoke, a bit of an indica effect but still very functional/cerebral.

  560. Nice frosty buds! Tasted amazing ! One of my fave from the sativa sampler

  561. when i smoked this i couldn’t stop laugh at everything lol. would buy more next time 🙂

  562. Blue Dream made an impressive debut and climbed up into a top 3 spot for best strain of all time in my books. The flavour really tends to stick around if you vapourize the herb rather than smoke. If you enjoy a sweet flavour then this strain is definitely for you! Not for rookies!

  563. Best strain offered on HD! Perfect taste, smoothness and high. I absolutely loved this bud. Thanks HD!

  564. Another great quality bud from Herbaldispatch! Smelled amazing, one of the first things I noticed about it. Good crystal buds. Over all 5 star product.

  565. Got the sativa sample pack, this was one of my favorites. This stuff is pretty smooth, tastes good, and gives you a nice high.
    Great daytime smoke so doesn’t give you that super burnt out feeling. 4/5

  566. Anonymous

    Absolutely in love with this strain! Great, uplifting high with no dry eyes or burnout. The smell and taste are insane, I find myself popping my jar at least 3 times a day and just taking a big whiff. Well trimmed and perfectly cured. Ash burns white so you now it’s been flushed properly. 5 star all day long! Anyone complaining about it being to mellow is probably a rookie expecting an Indica high. This is EXACTLY what you want in a sativa. Thank you HD!

  567. What can I say? INSTANT FAVOURITE. Everything about these nugs are dreamy and delicious.

  568. Nice quality Sativa with great anti anxiety qualities. Functional high amazing daytime smoke. 5 out of 5 on this one. Very particular flavor and smell.

  569. Anonymous

    By far, my favorite strain. Very professionally grown and cured. Amazing smell and taste. It just wipes out any form of anxiety and depression. Can’t get enough of it. 5/5 again! Thank you HD!

  570. Got one big very dense nug with this one. The blueberry is very noticeable in the smell and taste as well as the sativa properites of the haze cross. A great strain to start the day with a clean head high. Liked this one rolled up compared to bong or pipe

  571. Smell is insane! tastes just as it smells, good high.

  572. Very nice clean high. Hits really hard, love it as a day time high. does not make me burn out

  573. Fast onset, and a strong head high from this stuff. It’s among my favorite sativa’s, without a doubt. Great taste too. Would recommend.

  574. Very nice taste and smell. Energetic and creative buzz. enjoyed this strand quite a bit.
    I feel very nice on it and at the same time I can still function.

  575. Anonymous

    For sure one my favorites. The blueberry really stands out in it!

  576. Such a great buzz and taste ! Don’t submit your order without grabbing at least a g of this

  577. First time buyer online and super glad i chose Herbal dispatch!, Gotta say it’s everything i hoped for and more!, This strain packs a nice energetic punch with a nice euphoric high the packaging is perfect you can’t smell anything until you get to the box (4 layers down) Love it will buy multiple times.

  578. This strain is delicious! And has a very uplifting happy and relaxing high. Great for appetite and stress relieve !

  579. This strain has a nice berry / floral aroma out of the bag and tastes great in a joint or vaporizer. while I enjoyed this strain, I did not find it to have a particularly strong effect, and therefore would not recommend this strain to an avid consumer looking for a strong cerebral experience, but would highly recommend for users with a lower tolerance.

  580. I am a huge fan of this strain (sativa bias). This batch has a very distinct earthy smell which I find intoxicating. Mix that with a nice smooth smoke makes this a great daytime medication.

  581. *AAAAA* 5 stars 5 a’s instead of 4 . High quality

  582. Great smell, smooth smoke, and pretty mellow high

  583. My favourite i think, love how clean it burns! Great delivery time too!

  584. Has a nice blueberry taste. Very uplifting. Good for daytime. Very stank!

  585. I really like how smooth this bud is and has a nice kick to it. One of the best I’ve tried so far

  586. I agree with C. I heard some good reviews on Blue Dream but when I got it, it did absolutely nothing for me. I had to smoke some grape God afterwards. Usually everything I’ve got from HD was great but this one batch not so good. Maybe any previous batches were better but this one like I said not the greatest at all.

  587. Well looks like I may be the first one to not like this particular batch, sorry… (don’t get me wrong I like Blue Dream but this batch didn’t do it or what I got anyway)
    I only bought a couple grams but I was very disappointed. Unfortunately I may of got some scraggly little nugs with not much smell or visible THC. The high was very minimal and the taste was not there. I was surprised myself, but it is a plant and I may of got some not so nice buds from the bottom of the plant. Better luck next time. Glad some members really enjoyed this batch, don’t let my review deter you.
    That was just my rare experience. Everything is usually AAAA with HD, sorry guys!

  588. So far this is my favourite strain on the website, it provides a great head buzz for the user. For me it brought some Cali vibes because I felt really energetic and positive the whole high. I would recommend this strain to any user of marijauna.

  589. Probably the best sativa I’ve had

  590. The strain forsure had an earthy smell once grinded and was an enjoyable smoke (especially with a puck of hash). I give this a 5/5 and a happy patient 🙂

  591. **10/10
    **100% worth every single dime
    Pros and Cons? 0 cons, Honestly. Pros? Amazing strain. Amazing quality. It’s almost as if I’m speachless.
    This is my very first review since coming to Herbal Dispatch for my medicine, Blue Dream is the best strain I’ve ever bought (so far) from Herbal Dispatch, It is absoultley worth every single dollar and I can automatically see why Herbal Dispatch brought it back due to high demand! Count me on that boat to! I hope to see this strain on here either permanately or for a very, very, very, very, long time.
    Thanks HerbalDispatch, Remarkable day time strain, There’s no harm in using it in the evening if you want continued creativity~

  592. 4/5 just for the odd flavour, but otherwise smells and smokes AMAZEBALLS.
    I’m not a fan of blueberry, but the high from this is STELLAR. Brought me up to a solid 8.75/10, definitely up there with the best.
    Crept up on me from the top of my head and then spread like a nice warm fuzz all over.
    Surprisingly good at pain relief as well, took the feeling out of my lower back and knees very nicely once I was properly lit.
    Very heavy on the resin compared to, say, God or Romulan, would probably be better vaped than smoked from a 1-3 stage water pipe.
    Experienced stoner, but thick and heavy smoke left me unable to finish more than a gram or so from the goodness 🙂

  593. 5* and at 10/g it is a great value, this will be a regular for me as long as it is on here. Smells good, looks good. The high is exactly what you want in a sativa, nice uplifting high. Minimal dry eyes or mouth which is a huge bonus.

  594. Very tasty and a great high! Smells amazing too

  595. Anonymous

    The scent and flavour profiles of this particular strain of BD is top shelf. Like most other reviews state.

    It’s such a flavourful strain that you have to volcano it for maximum taste…wow. AAAA

  596. best strain i have smoked in my life hands down! awesome blueberry taste ans smell mixed to a strong weed odor 🙂 the buzz gives you all you need really

  597. 5 star… been waiting on this strain its absolutely amazing. energizing buzz amazing smell/look def my top 5 thanks HD!

  598. Alright taste great Buzz I give this strain 4 stars

  599. A great tasting berry Sativa.

  600. Taste really dank and looks sticky!!

  601. The first thing I noticed was the sweet taste, it was very fruity, and aromatic. The taste was most noticeable using a vaporizer, but it was still present else ware. Another solid choice.

  602. Tastes just like berries 😀 stone is solid n lasts for ever

  603. Blue Dream is my go to daytime smoke. The 1/8th that I ordered from HD had beautiful nugs with great taste and flavor. The buzz is always uplifting and energetic – perfect for when I need to medicate but also be productive.

  604. Got this today and I have got to say that it is some of the best stuff I’ve smoked in a while – I’ve been toking 15+ years now. The nose is just fruity blueberries and the high is a very calm and clear one. Didn’t get the usual anxiety one would find with a Sativa but was properly ripped.

  605. This is Blue Dream!! Kudos to go grower, and thank you Herbal Dispatch for quick quality friendly service.

    Very distinct smell, the taste is magical and beautiful looking buds

  606. taaaasty!!!

  607. Smells and taste amazing !! Little popcorn buds good stuff!! Thanks HD

  608. Great strain smells great and taste great I tasted all sorts of flavors every puff I took. I loved the high got rid of my anxiety and was also very uplifting as well. I found it made me very happy and in such a good mood after smoking. Great strain highly recommend

  609. Love it. Taste is fantabulous. Nice buds.

  610. I missed my previous opportunity to review this strain. This stuff here…it’s what my blue dreams are made of 🙂 The scent it gives when fresh is the same as the taste when smoked. I’ve personally never experienced that with any other strain. This alone is intoxicating. And what a smell/taste…I’m such a fanboy for this strain. Amazing for day, great at night. I smoked this throughout the day with no issues. After an invigorating, focused buzz, it gently laid me into an anxiety-melting blanket. It even helped my pain, which is probably euphoric more than anything. 7 stars. It may not be the most potent or pretty but the effects are exactly what I need. Couple that with the scent and taste, such a winner. Thank you for bringing this lovely lady back into my life, HD 🙂

  611. Beautiful smell, love the taste! Recommend for sure!!!

  612. My personal favourite. Very heavy for a sativa.

  613. Great stuff!!!

  614. Very good as always from hd, clean-burning, great smell- taste was lacking somewhat but not a deal breaker. I liked it.

  615. Anonymous

    Very nice bud

  616. Perfect balance of effects for whenever, IMO. Ifind the taste on the exhale so unique, i hadn’t had it in a while, this is right on. Neat-o gang.

  617. Love the taste and effects. Duh! It’s like Dreamy Man’

  618. My favourite! Calming and relaxing high that brings you down gently without the haziness or heavy eyes of some other strains.

  619. Blue Dream, So so good, I could taste blueberries or something fruity, very very good sativa, smooth and very sweet aroma.

  620. Been wanting to try to strain for the longest time and HD made is possible. Great strain for day use with a very very strong aroma.

  621. Pretty good stuff has a nice strong smell and taste !

  622. Anonymous

    Second time ordering Blue Dream from HD. Would recommend to anyone who likes to be active.

  623. Everyone needs to try this one. Very pleasant

  624. Bag appeal and taste happy with purchase!

  625. I was excited to get my first order from HD after much experience over the years using others. WOW packaging was tight with care taken to make all stealth and smell free. After reading some of the reviews I thought it would be interesting having been a High Times Cannabis Cup Judge to see how things measured up. I was not disappointed Blue Dream has a lot going on much flavor starting with a full purple ending with the haze after taste. You could start your day with it but sounds great after dinner! Thanks HD I give you 5 stars as well keep up the good work!

  626. Blue dream is the dream! Taste so great amazing high! Would buy again 5/5 stars

  627. A few grams of Blue Dream arrived this morning. The shipping was super fast. I smoked some almost two hours ago and while I felt some physical sensations, they were mild. The psychological effects were almost negligible. I purchased Blue Dream for its supposed ability to relieve anxiety and depression. I’ve had these disorders for at least 40 years and the many pharmaceuticals I’ve tried haven’t been very effective. I’m disappointed that I’ve wasted more money on something that doesn’t work.

  628. Weed so hairy and nicely groomed

  629. I’d get this over and over again just for that super blue Berry taste apon exhale. So smooth so clean and almost ashame to indulge in. White ash slow burning top shelf quality. HD has the best

  630. This strain is amazing.
    The bag appeal is pretty nice !
    The smell is amazing it smel’s fruityyy !
    Thanks HD always have awesome product.
    5 stars for me

  631. just received the sample pack andI will definitely be ordering it again!! I found for myself it was a good dayhigh. I also did smoke it before bed and had an amazing sleep!

  632. i give this 5 stars for sure nice high

  633. Got this one at the end of January and forgot to review it.. Wanted to find out why the strain is so popular.
    As it turns out, Blue Dream is pretty much the epitome of what you’re looking for in a sativa.
    I’ll be ordering more. If it is as good as I remember it, this will be my new favourite sativa.

  634. smoked this before bed, it was a great sleep! if only i could remember my dream lol

  635. Great flavour. Blueberry on the inhale, hazy on the exhale. Great uplifting daytime strain. Made time slow down and extreme focus kick in. Great to keep busy.

  636. It is OK but made me Vomiting for the first time since I start smoking weed.

  637. Sweet sweet sweet I can’t believe how sweet this strain is even my dad loves this strain and he’s an old skwel sess head well done HD

  638. glad to see this one back on the list, gave my brother a j over a month ago and he’s still talking about it.

  639. After much trying strains, this one gives me back my mental health. A little in the morning and evening, gives me the ability to face stress and anxiety without me deep ending into depression. 30 years of anti-depressants never set me free like Blue Dream.

  640. Best strain I’ve ever smoked in my life

  641. Glad to see this one’s back on the shelf; decent buzz, decent taste; not my fave but I would get it again

  642. Wow! What an awesome strain
    This is what I expect from a sativa
    Has a real nice smooth taste nugs are perfect
    Powerful high
    5 out of 5 for sure!

  643. Love this strain, works the best for my depression and adhd

  644. Unbelievable smell, and taste, like a dream for rolling into joints. Excellent nugs, but very delicate (if you get a lot, expect more shake sized nugs by the end of the bag.). I don’t suggest mixing it with tabacco if that’s your thing, if it is, do it, but try it once without to have a full appreciation. Very nice remedy for putting your butt to bed, and I’d suggest it to anyone having trouble doing so!

  645. incredible. an absolutely delicious smoke and a hard hitting head high.

  646. Anonymous

    one of my favorite strains here. got the amazing smell and flavour. nice smooth smoke and nice buzz good for pain .

  647. awesome for a wake and bake, also smells amazing

  648. Anonymous

    Great medication the nugs are huge and covered in thc! The taste and smell are amazing with a nice relaxing high great to help you winde down after a stressful day. Keep up the great work HD!
    P. S, I got a little bit of leaf at the bottom of this batch and it was a little short on its weight. Other than that amazing product!

  649. Excellent head buzz! Very distinct taste…yum! Got my creative juices going ?

  650. ran out of stock as I was about to order more… best one I’ve tried to date!! cant wait till they get more, def 5/5

  651. WOW!! perfect! nothing bad at all to say about this. the taste is so fruity kind of like fruit loops cereal or something like that. joint taste good down to the roach, very powerful sativa high keep this away from newbies. would like to try some extract from this strain.

  652. Love this strain was hoping it would pop up and it did super tasty and perfect for daytime

  653. One of the best tasting strains id say on HD. Very unique taste and great high! Last long and hard hitter! Worth every dollar fellas

  654. burns clean! will definitely be back for more!
    5 stars! Thx again HD!

  655. I got this in the sample pack but I tend to prefer the indicas (hindu kush, hashberry, …). I must say, this was very enjoyable smoking it as a doob. Really nice and sweet tasting, with nice pleasant effects! Helped me a lot.

    I still have more lovely taste testing to do and I will definatly be getting more of this one as well.

    5 star, easily!

  656. This was my first order from herbal dispatch and this straint has the smoothest hit I’ve ever taken. The high was euphoric and uplifting. A very good strain for daytime activities.

  657. Insanely great smelling weed. Seriously. If you are thinking about buying it, buy it. You will not be let down.

  658. good sativa bud. smells nice and good in smoking. euphoric high

  659. I used to have access to some amazing blueberry long time ago and hadnt seen any since.As soon as I opened the bag , that familiar ”spicy blueberry” scent hit my nose and the taste really brought me back ten years

    5 stars hands down

  660. i’m kicking myself in the butt for only getting 1 g to try out.

  661. Love it this strain is amazing thanks HD

  662. Was good

  663. Anonymous

    This beautiful strain is top 5 in hybrid for me. The taste is similar to blueberry. Just amazing

  664. Some buds are a hit an miss but I’ve always wanted to try Blue Dream I’ve tried the shatter and wax but never the actual bud so when I saw it was on here I got it right away an I was deffinetly impressed it had such a unique wild strong lemony zest smell to it smokes great in raws an taste great!!:)

  665. Amazing strain. Discovered this beauty at a dispensary in Seattle last year and was blown away. As a sativa guy, this has got to be in top 3. And HD delivers tenfold! This is the Blue Dream, people. Its almost an insult NOT to try it. Its no wonder this strain is favored among sativa lovers. Relaxing. Euphoric. Magnificent taste. 5 outta 5.

  666. Awesome batch. Great aroma, nice looking buds. I prefer the regular blueberry to this, but this one is still a winner for sure. Very potent.

  667. Absolutely delicious when vaped. Also faster onset compared to other top shelf strains. I’ll definitely be ordering this one again.

  668. 5 star strain for myself personally. Relieves my knee and back pain, gives me a certain feeling of sedation at night that I like. The trim on this was amazing, bag appeal was top shelf and it stinks. Stinks so bad, nothing compares!

  669. Beautiful bud to smoke

  670. Absoulte fav! Hands down!

  671. one of my fav strains from HD. smell taste and buzz r amazing. budz look perfect. couldnt be happier

  672. Amazing batch of blue dream! Smells like soft blueberry in the jar and when cracked open straight funk. All chunky buds, great trim and bag appeal is 10/10. This and Cotton Candy are my 2 favorite strains to date from HD

  673. This is another Great strain of pot here from HD,Id say its probley 1 of my fav’s of sativa’ came as 1 nice bud/weighed 1.1 and looked great.when i smoked it i found that it was a nice smooth smoke that tasted nice.KeepUpp the GreatWork HD,Cust 4Life Here 🙂

  674. Definitely my favorite for stank, and buzz, very uplifting with no being tired.

  675. One of the best sativas I’ve tried so far! Tastes amazing, hits hard but still keeps you mobile and motivated. Great choice for day time med relief and socializing.

  676. Amazing buds will order again for sure awesome daytime nugs

  677. Just got my bag today. Nugs are very light green, with long yellow-brownish hairs, and full of crystals. Medium puffy density. Looks very very good and potent. Smell is definitely a mix between haze and blueberry as I had the white haze before and I smelled a bit of that in this. For me, the smell was more haze than blueberry. The blueberry flavor seems to come out more from the taste though for me. Effect is very balanced between body and mind. I think it’s also a bit of a creeper as initially, i didn’t feel that much , but then it got stronger and stronger over time. I find that it lasted quiet long too. Overall, very happy with this bud, and HD continues to blow my mind with the quality. I also got some Cotton candy that i’m about to try, which looks insane too.

  678. After hearing so many good things about this strain, the expectations were high when I saw HD added this to the shop. Got it delivered on Friday and I have to say this is my favorite sativa I’ve tried on HD. Amazing smell and taste. High energy and euphoric buzz.

    Will stock up for sure.

  679. taste and smell are pretty good, but the high is really what makes this one special.

  680. Loved this strain as soon as i opened the bag. Amazing aroma, nice proper buds, and very enjoyable smoke. One of my new faves! Thanks HD!

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