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Chocolate (Mota) – Black Cube THC Distillate

(17 customer reviews)


* 2017 Cannabis Cup Canada winner for Best Edible

1 Black Cube for $50

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Sold By: Mota Green Meds
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Product Description

2017 Cannabis Cup Canada winner for Best Edible

Great for the experienced patient, this chocolate Cube really packs a punch. Made with THC distillate and easily divided into nine 66.6 mg pieces.

Contains: Approximately 600 mg THC distillate per whole chocolate bar, 66.6 mg per 1/9th.

Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa powder, THC Distillate, Whey protein powder, Whole milk powder, Soy lecithin.

Warning: This product contains high levels of THC. Not a food. Keep away from children and pets.

* In the warm summer months, chocolates may lose form or melt a bit while in transit.

17 reviews for Chocolate (Mota) – Black Cube THC Distillate

  1. Amazing every time

  2. it’s the best food I’ve ever tried. It’s the first one that really affects me. 10/10


  4. little bit expensive but packs a punch . would consider getting again in the future

  5. Excellent!

  6. Excellent chocolate! Im a heavy daily smoker and i eat 1 1/2 peices before bed to help me sleep. Works amazing. Taste of cannabis is faint, not as strong as the 300mg moto chocolate bars. 5/5

  7. wow these are great! could eat only about half a day max

  8. Excellent, I repeat Excellent product.

  9. Delicious! Definitely going to grab another one!

  10. Excellent product.

  11. You don’t need to take much to feel an amazing high from this chocolate. Tastes like chocolate, but doesn’t feel like how regular chocolate makes you feel (I felt GREAT).

  12. Stop reading this and add these to your cart asap! Whopppeeeeeee

  13. Anonymous

    Can’t get enough of this chocolate. Helps with calm my anxiety

  14. Not a fan of the taste at all. But will say that it seems to work well for me. It helps my pain and it helps relax me. I do not feel incredibly ripped from it but I did not buy this to eat all at once. I bought it to dose myself with a few pieces a day when needed. And yes, 2 or 3 pieces and I find it overall relaxes me. And it helps for my pain. Thanks mota and herbal dispatch!

  15. I ate the whole thing in one sitting. I was a little bit high for a long time. But for $50 this is a huge ripoff.

  16. This is the first edible I have used that actually seemed to affect me. I have tried others, and I seem to need a large dose. I enjoy this product and would buy again…that being said, the half sized chocolate bar from Mota is only $22 (for 300 mg) versus this bar which is $50 (for 600 mg). So buy the cheaper on twice for $44 instead of paying $50…Not sure why this pricing discrepancy hasn’t been noticed.

  17. The dosage seems to be close this time from Mota and it’s taste was ok.

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