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Bath Bomb (Miss Envy)

(28 customer reviews)


1 Bath Bomb for $12

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Sold By: Miss Envy
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Product Description

100% organic THC infused bath bombs, in three lavish scents. Handmade with love!

Miss Envy THC infused bath bombs are specifically designed for total body relaxation without any psychoactive reactions. One soak exposes your body to 50 mg of THC, essential oils and organic ingredients with no artificial scents or colours.

Currently available in Rosemary Lavender, Sweet Orange and Lemon Lime.

Contains: 50 mg THC per each bomb.

Q and A: A Calling to Cannabis, an interview with Miss Envy

28 reviews for Bath Bomb (Miss Envy)

  1. Ultimate relaxation! These bath bombs are heaven if you suffer from chronic pain and nerve damage. Sweet orange is my favourite scent out of the three. These bath bombs are the best way to unwind after a day of physio therapy with dry needling and acupuncture.

  2. Loved this bath bomb! I tried the lavender one with some effects from an edible I had earlier still lingering. The smell was amazing and it was super relaxing. Can’t wait to order more!

  3. Pour le Citron vert
    Vraiment très bon je me suis endormi dans le bain un bon 2hrs
    L’odeur est juste Wow j’avais le goût de boire l’eau du bain tellement sa sentais bon

  4. this time I have drop all the bar in the bath.
    After 30 minutes I could feel the pain going away and the relaxing effect for at least 2 hours

  5. Best bath bomb, very relaxing, lemon lime smell good!

  6. Lemon lime is by far my favourite! Very relaxing!

  7. I really love these bath bombs! They help relax my sore, stiff muscles and help me sleep.

  8. Absolutely love these!! Lemon lime is by far my favourite!

  9. This had to be the most relaxing bath ever! Can’t wait for more to arrive! I recommend everyone try it at least once 🙂

  10. I am a bath bomb junkie! I bought the lime scent, filled the tub with hot water, dropped it in and enjoyed some cbd pennywise in my vape, and I can honestly say it was the BEST BATH EVER! Helped relax my sore muscles after a long 12 hour shift, smelt amazing and my skin felt so soft afterwards. %100 wanted to order again, forgot to get some yesterday ? won’t be for getting again tho! 10/10

  11. Great relaxing product. Very soothing. Smells greats, leaves skin feel soft. I have sensitive skin and so far no reaction!

  12. the Lavender scent was wicked and super relaxing

  13. Tried the lavender scent, i love it and it’s so relaxing.

  14. Lavender smells so good and my skin was so soft after

  15. Tried the lavender one shot this time. Found it more usefull than half of it like the last one.

  16. I tried the orange it was pretty nice but should be half the price .

  17. Tried the lavender scent . It was very relaxing even though I only used half . Took my aches and pains away . Great product even though it is a bit pricey for its size . Thank you

  18. Love these, love how relaxing I felt, loved the smell of all of them.

  19. Amazing love this product ! A little pricy maybe two in a box would be better !

  20. Very nice scent. Left my skin feeling nice. Very relaxing bath.

  21. Loveeeee these! Definitely one of my favourite products! The lavender smells fantastic!

  22. Love, love, love these!! One of my fav products from HD. The most relaxing bath I’ve ever had!

  23. BEST BATH BOMB EVER! I’m officially addicted… nothing helps my aching bones sometimes but throw one of these in a bath and I can actually relax enough to sleep. Orange smells great, going to try lavender next… I need a million!!

  24. Smells good relaxing but dosent affect much. I should try all the soap next tine 🙂

  25. Love the lavender sent. Very relaxing!! I did t want to get out of the tub!!! For sure buying more next time I order

  26. Really like the citrus scent. Definitely noticed the soothing effect. Broke off a piece an soaked my hand for about 10mins , took the ache away. ?

  27. Best bathbomb in the world. I’m buying 10 next order lol. I already smoked prior to my bath so I believe that had a huge impact on it and this isnt some magical bathbomb that gives you a body high without an ounce of pain. This little bathbomb felt like it kept the tub a pleasant coloured milky warm hug. I couldnt smell much scent off the lime however. It was hard to get out of the tub after an hour because I was so relaxed. I had the passing of a family member and this soothing experence helped ease my crying.

  28. Scent is a little much for my liking but definitely a really relaxing experience.

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