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Atomic Love Potion

(204 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

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Sold By: KLR GLD
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Product Description

A cross of Dr. Atomic’s Northern Lights and the coveted ‘Love Potion #1’. With a flowering time of 9-10 weeks this sativa-dominant cross is true to the old school genetics of Love Potion.

Atomic Northern Lights

Atomic Northern Lights has a history of world travel. In the 1980s, Afghani indica seeds were brought to the U.S. and bred with Thai Haze. The result was known as Northern Lights, a three-time Cannabis Cup winner during its stay in Holland, where it was developed and stabilized by Sensi. Northern Lights then went to Canada and Dr. Atomic Seeds recrossed it with its own distant relatives. The result was an indica-dominant strain with fast flowering times (approximately 8 weeks), short stocky plants, and a mind/body sensation with an uplifting effect. Atomic Northern Lights’ scent has been described as pungent and the strain has a sweet flavor.

Flavours: Earthy, sweet, woody
Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, happy, uplifted, creative
Medical: Stress, depression, pain, inflammation, headaches
Used to help with: Anxiety, fibromyalgia, migraines, PTSD, anorexia

Love Potion #1

Love Potion is a sativa-dominant strain bred by Reeferman Seeds. G13 was crossed with a Santa Marta Colombian Gold, and crossed with the Colombian Gold again to achieve this skunky, lemon-flavored sativa hybrid. This is a very ‎exotic‬ sativa‬ strain that is accompanied by a very cerebral feel and is a great daytime smoke.

Flavours: Lemon, skunk, spicy/herbal
Effects: Aroused, creative, euphoric, happy, uplifted
Medical: Depression, insomnia, lack of appetite, pain, stress
Used to help with: Anxiety, fibromyalgia, migraines, PTSD, anorexia

204 reviews for Atomic Love Potion

  1. Nice daytime or morning Sativa !
    Nice little citrus taste no to intense and burn greath. Help my chronic pain for a moment!

  2. First impressions. True to the photo, little leafy in spots but looks quite nice and smells great. Taste is great too. Seems to be good, will have to review again once I have used it more. 🙂

  3. Love it 5 stars.

  4. Stays true to the photo in terms of appearance, smells dank, smokes clean. Perfect energetic high for the morning. Would buy again!

  5. Awesome strain, would definitely buy again.

  6. Great bud

  7. Great Pheno . THE BEST RIGHT HERE

  8. If you didn’t know now you know KLR GLD is the shit. Claen nice buds all around great smoke

  9. Anonymous

    Great date night strain! Left plenty of energy and livened up the ‘mood’ A++

  10. Not this specific batch but I had tried this from KLR before and found it an amazing Sativa that was also relaxing somewhat like an indica but still enough focus and energy for the early morning.

    Great strain to share with your closest friend and just chat away.

  11. Lovely high. Helped my chronic pain!!

  12. Very nice product and lovely to smoke, but i dont think it needs to be more than 9/10 a g. The high reminded me of a moby-dick high. which was cool.

  13. Me and buddy were saying this bud is the key to world peace. It’s that good. Spread the love not the hate!

  14. one of my favourite strains. i highly recommend it.

  15. Always love the love potions ,and this batch is no exception. This is an Uplifting sativa greatt for daytime.,but still powerful enough to give off indica effects or be used at night if enough is consumed.Has that traditional skunky lemony aroma and taste . Overall really good, can’t complain. Thank you HD.

  16. Nice sativa with no burn out. Taste is ok. Defenetly would order again.

  17. Nice bud, nice high. A bit on the harsh side in a roll.

  18. Absolutely favorite I’ve gotten. Taste look effect all great. I’ve found you can’t go wrong with klrgold

  19. Smells amazing and a great airy buzz

  20. I don’t understand some of the negative reviews. I’ve ordered this product twice at least and the organic love potion once. The atomic seems to almost have slight Indica qualities. Couch lock not being one. This is actually one of my favorites. And would you rather pay for stem? (to the guy whining about popcorn buds) or bud? I have never received any buds that are what I would consider small of this stuff. Always nice colours. A hint of spice roams around in the taste. It almost seems like there is Durban poison somewhere in the plants lineage. . Keep the good bud coming HD.

  21. Premo Sativa for daytime use! Highly recommend!

  22. first time i have ever been dissapointed with a KLRGLD product. I got some of this in my sample pack and wow weird smell and weirder taste really killed my buzz which wasn’t the greatest to begin with. Should be $9/G

  23. Let me tell you, this is one spicy pepper! Loads of flavour gushing into your mouth on the inhale. Winner! Gagnant!

  24. Great smell, very potent but better in a bowl then in a roll. It burns a little too fast for my tastes.

  25. Clean, tasty, smooth, and potent!!!….. Thank you H.D.!!

  26. I grab this for my girl… it keeps a happy house I must say ! Lots of love !!???? thanks H.D

  27. Great product , very intense even if you smoke regularly

  28. Very tasty, great buds…good crystal on it. Very nice product…thanks.

  29. its good stuff , great aroma when u cut it , but the taste is somehow awful , kinda taste like not enough leetch . inacceptable for the price . great looking buds . effect are good .

  30. Okay taste, moderate high, did give me an uplifted mood but none of this rumoured sex drive boost, and more of a body high than expected. A good one for pain management on days you still have to get a couple things done.

  31. excellant product , will order some more . lower the prize HD , u can do that !

  32. Next best thing to Purple Kush that I’ve tried for medical effects.

    Definitely on the “order again” list. A must try for all!!!!!!

  33. Seemed to give really nice thick vapor clouds and did not need a lot to feel the impact. Very nice strain! Would recommend picking up at least one gram to test try for yourself

  34. Good taste and smell. Bud consistancy doesn’t look like the picture. More of a bubba look in the pic but in the bag. Great smoke tho either way.

  35. Loved it! Perfect to smoke through the day.

  36. My favorite bud! Tastes so good great head high that lasts for a while always puts me in a good mood!

  37. taste aint bad, really good smell, good high

  38. No complaints here. Awesome looking bud, taste and smells amazing.

  39. No complaints! Smelled amazing and strong, tasted better rolled! will order again! uplifted my mood (i needed the love potion effect if u get what i mean)

  40. Despite others really liking this strain, I’d have to say it was only ok for me, didn’t love it, but it was good quality. Not very strong, has ok flavor, good dense buds. Didn’t have a libido boosting effect on either myself or my partner, also made my partner very anxious.

  41. I had this in the sample pack . And loved it .do reorder again , like you would ! But don’t seem to have the same flovor …… ? As I member ,still a great bud ! May neeed to be dried out a little more. Or it was a diff part of the plant maybe? I dunno . Either way Cheers…. to HD for fast service and always good product ?❗?

  42. Very very nice strain 10/10 for sure

  43. all around good stuff!

  44. Anonymous

    Very pleased with this strain. Very clean energetic high and the libido increase isn’t mythological. Thanks hd:)

  45. atomic love potion smells amazing

  46. This is my girls favorite strain ever !!! Keeps things very nice at the house ?

  47. In love with this strain. I feel it errytime I spark it. My girlfriend is happy with the results. Thank HD team!

  48. Love the smell from this stuff. Very sweet and fruity but not my kinda high. Burns clean and smokes smooth though!

  49. Absolutely in love.. almost giddy actually.. took care of my migraine, crohns & spine pain.. changing from narcotics to this will be a breeze! Thank you Herbal Dispatch.. brilliant♡

  50. Incredible smell and taste. Lime green buds with dark hues. Pink and orange hairs throughout, crystal that is popping off the buds and a clear-headed high that lasts for hours.

  51. nice buds. All time favorite strain. Recommend for daytime.

  52. This has to be the best tasting bud outta the sample pack next to the white haze , to me . Love it ! Plus the smell . Buying more , great day time buzz 🙂

  53. Smells really good !

  54. Anonymous

    Smells delicious!

  55. This is definitely a great daytime high. I find the high doesn’t last very long though. The taste is above average. ranks high on my list of sativas so far, wish it was a bit stronger though.

  56. FAVORITE by this as a day time smoke

  57. Another great bud from herbal dispatch. This is great for a day high, nice and energetic will minimal burnout for me!

  58. Awesome day time smoke! Thanks for quality product!

  59. One of the first strains I ever tried in sample pack and I recently got another 1/4. Still just as good as I remember

  60. Great taste! Great high, great buds. I would definetly buy this again but I’m so curious to try everything lol

  61. Nice tight buds packed with scent and flavour! I really enjoyed this stuff, the smell is unlike anything else Ive sampled, at first you’re set back by the smell but it keeps you coming back for more! The taste is not as strong as the smell but you definitely taste some of the high notes on exhale. I got a Q of this stuff and will be ordering more, a new fav for daytime and social smoking! Thanks HD!

  62. clean clear headed buzz focused and energetic this is the most perfect strain for daytime use

  63. This stuff is great thanks Herbal. Tried a gram of it in a sample pack i ordered a few weeks back unreal stuff will definatly order this strain again

  64. Great strain, smooth taste and gives a very euphoric feeling

  65. Look good smell great but i dont feel that high .. Suppose its not strong enough for me

  66. Quality is clearly amazing, but the effects were too trippy for me. Sort of a dissociating feel to it maybe? I’d recommend trying it, but don’t buy more than 1g at a time until you know for sure.

  67. Want a boost to your libido? Grab’s Atomic Love Potion! It is sure to put the motion back in your ocean!

  68. One of my favourites smells great and has a great high

  69. Great looking buds!! Smells extremely good. Very strong buzz for a sativa. 10/10 would buy again

  70. Gorgeous bud, and very perfumey. Tastes great. Clear head high… Save it for date night.

  71. Nice sweet aroma, sweet taste aswell

  72. Very nice bud ! Smells amazing & smokes great… I will definitely be grabbing more of this beautifulness ??

  73. Jay – Great taste. This stood out the most nice uplifting relief. Price was a little high but would pay it again

  74. Loved this strain for pain. Very classic bud, pretty trichomes all over, delicious terps, and true to it’s name may cause love.

  75. This is great daytime smoke, I prefer the straight up Love Potion, but this is very similar. Very Lemony, hint of pine in the flavour, the high is great for activities, especially outdoors, it made me horny and really made me feel good, not sure if it warrants the $250/oz price tag, have had better herbs for cheaper through HD, either way, it’s worth a try if you like feel good sativas that aren’t too racy but still quite potent.

  76. Decent taste and smell good high nice dark green crystally buds decent daytime smoke would get it again

  77. Hits hard and nice for sativa but not worth the price in my opinion

  78. One of my favourite strains, I would highly recommend trying it at least once.

  79. good taste, nice high. would buy again

  80. Very nice smell and taste. Not too strong either just perfect for that day time high. Very uplifting!

  81. Good taste, potent. And a nice buzz

  82. Good stuff. Tastes good. High was so good, made me a bit paranoid.

  83. Anonymous

    Awesome day time function strain!! My personal top 10

  84. I ordered this once thinking it would be a great alternative to the UK Cheese AAAA but didn’t enjoy it as much. The buds look awesome and they smell is great but the high was a little too subtle. Probably a great day time strain if you want a mellow background high but I found myself underwhelmed by the effects considering how much I enjoy some of the other AAAA from HD.

  85. Really chill feeling, takes a few to kick in, but man is it nice!

  86. Wow this one was amazing hit hard and kept me upbeat the whole time will get it again fasure !

  87. I’m gonna start off by saying Beautiful bud!!. Very crystallized and taste amazing. First time ordering this strain and will definitely be ordering more. Gives you a nice mellow high. Physically energizing and mentally relaxing. Hope you’ll enjoy as much as I have.

  88. Still one of my favourites from this website, great high, very eurphoric and mellow. Glad they usually always have it!

  89. Nice Uplifting sativa, very cerebral, somewhat euphoric and almost hazy. While I appreciate this strain i prefer the true Love Potion. Good Morning strain nonetheless.

  90. Very nice clean burn… and great for daytime meds… will order again

  91. very good taste and high. did not experience the “love” affect however. would try again for sure

  92. The Look: Buds are big with big stems. Lots of crystals.
    The Touch: Dry, but “cushiony”.
    The Smell: “Pine-ish”.
    The Taste: Harsh. Coughed every time I smoked it. Cotton mouth.

    Overall: 3/5 Stars
    This is my first flower purchase (28 grams/1 ounce) from Herbal Dispatch. And, to be frank, I’m disappointed. Although it did get me high, it also gave me a headache most of the time. With all the great reviews on HD, I was expecting a much better quality smoke. I will definitely NOT be ordering this strain again.

  93. ALP is really nice . Came in today right on time. Very uplifting and helps me get things done . This is my second ever sativa strain and my second order blue dream being the first which was also un real. Being from a indica background whih is all you get here in ab i fell in love with the sativas

  94. The flavour is what stands out for me, then the head buzz sets in. Good for a quick effect, and sense of euphoria

  95. Anonymous

    One of the better sativas I’ve ordered, very bright bud, smells like fresh grass and sweet fruit, this one has been a blast

  96. Very nice, resin covered buds that produce a nice thick smoke. Very piney/pepper smelly

  97. Smooth and unique. Well worth including in your next order. I know I probably will be.

  98. I don’t know why I have a completely different review than basically everyone else, but I was very disappointed. Just got a gram to try it out while making bigger order of other strain, and buds are very loose, not like picture or how everyone else describes it. Also smells like… carrotts kind of. Tastes like outdoor. Decent buzz, but not at all what I expected. Perhaps I got some little straggler buds from bottom of the bag. Will probably not order again.

  99. Burns perfectly and tastes great, very smooth.

  100. Full spicy lemon flavor with a 5 star high to follow this one has best of both worlds smell and taste 5 star and high I would give a 5 star as well

  101. this was the bang, for flavor and high!

  102. Fire ?

  103. Loved Love Potion, so when I saw Atomic Love Potion, I had to have it. Definitely a great strain, gave me a curious wonder to explore and mostly play guitar. Great for when you wake and bake, and then have to go to work.

  104. Nice boost, very tasty

  105. Physically energizing and mentally relaxing, this strain is great for anxiety sufferers. Smoking a little when I’m feeling overwhelmed helps me get things done.

  106. Like Love Potions hotter older sister.. But I will say Love Potion is tastier. High is almost the same, almost. Worth trying for sure!

  107. Very tasty strain, the effects are quite powerful and give a heavy headhigh/baked feeling. Best for daytime chilling. 5/5!

  108. Small Budd woody taste I wasn’t felling the love… still quality all buds

  109. Can ever go wrong with this! 5/5, even better with klr gld !!!

  110. I enjoyed this strain. I found the nugs small and dense and had a lovely aroma. Heady bake full of energy. 4 stars for me. Would order again.

  111. Definitely a sweet woody taste with this one. I seem to have felt this strain more in my body than my head with this one.

  112. Excellent strain with a nice that’s not overpowering you can enjoy!

  113. Anonymous

    Only had a chance to sample this one the other night but it was great. Budd are a nice size and smell amazing and the high wasn’t too overpowering

  114. This wasn’t an $11 bud for me, had the look and smoked clean to white ash, but didn’t have the lasting heady kick I’m looking for with the $11 strains. This one would be the best $10 strain, but it’s just an good $11 strain.

  115. I ordered an oz of the atomic love potion. The buds are a nice size and smell great. I wouldn’t say it’s overpowering, but it’s a nice balanced high. My wife decided to smoke with me and she definitely found it had the “love potion” affect. I personally like this strain over the love potion #1.

  116. It’s good

  117. Very nice sativa. One of the best you can get through dispatch but I’m still partial to the blue dream but this is a very good alternative

  118. What a nice sativa. Tight buds nice aroma clean burning.

  119. Very frosty buds that gave a nice balanced sativa high. Would certainly recommend.

  120. Anonymous

    I really like Atomic Love Potion. It has one of the most unique smells of any weed I have smoked (I kinda think it smells like mango), it tastes delicious, the smoke is extremely smooth and the high is perfect. Highly recommend

  121. Anonymous

    I don’t think I’ve ever had this type before. Very different smell/taste. Nice bud structure, and it burned really well. Glad I tried it.

  122. Solid bud , great taste and a high you can get shit done on.

  123. Such amazing taste, clean burning really well trimmed very impressed. Would definitely order again it came in smaller pack and I’m beyond pleased herbs dispatch is so fast and reliable and discreet packaging which is important to me. Thanks herbal dispatch your awesome lol

  124. Clean high, perfect for a walk on a sunny day. Delicious, mellow taste, considering the fact that you’re smoking herb. Can’t wait to try it in a vaporizer.

  125. A very solid sativa. Clean and crispy high. Not as delicious as the Blue Dream but great morning smoke.

  126. This one is great. One of the best smokes I’ve had, really smooth. My go to for winding down after work, let’s me relax and then get up and not end my day at 5.

  127. Very relaxing high , smells very mild but the smoke is very smooth and great high !

  128. not my favorite but i still give it 5 stars cause its great

  129. Classic sativa also one of my favorite . Good smell, excellent smoke. 14g good order.

  130. I tried this strain last night; it has a very pleasant, euphoric and relaxing effect. I think it is amazing how the body relaxes when the mind relaxes. Not too heady, and very good at easing chronic pain and fatigue. Would also recomend for stress and PTSD sufferers. Great packaging, very discreet, and fast shipping too!

  131. Love this strain! May not smell quite as fresh and nice as the original Love but this stuff packs a mean sativa punch! If you want to sit down and relax after smoking do not get this strain! Uppity, productive, creative and potent………..well done HD 🙂

  132. Great high , nice tight buds appearance looks fantastic and smells mix of fruity and skunk. Worth the buy

  133. Bought both sample packs and this was the first i tried. Very impressive! Great taste, easy on the lungs and the effects last a long time and didnt put me to sleep! Great stuff!

  134. A great sativa high, definitely helps with depression, got a few great laughs on this one 🙂

  135. Great product and little smell.

  136. Have tried Love Potion already and this stuff is just as good if not better. Exactly as advertised taste and high are amazing.

  137. This is my favorite Sativa ordered so far, I love the way it smells, smokes, tastes, the way it breaks up. Everything about this bud is fantastic.

    I smoke it regularly before doing yoga or light exercise and I feel energetic, after, the comedown is very mild and I do not notice myself getting burnt out at all. I also use this strain when I go on hikes or when I run trails and I want to tune out the world and allow myself to vibe with nature and let my ego dissipate.

    Anyone who has NOT tried this bud, needs to order a 3.5 immediately and give it a whirl, you will not be disappointed.

  138. Got it in the sample pack great taste good buzz i recommend it no doubt

  139. The taste wasn’t special, but it was still a good strain. Nothing wrong with it, probably get it again.

  140. really great taste nice high but not as nice as love potion

  141. Great sativa dominant strain, it has that classic love potion #1 lemony scent but with a musk added. It came a little dry but really comes alive with some jar time at 62% humidity.

  142. It was great quality, but i was a bigger fan of the regular love potion strain.

  143. Really liked this one. Quite stoney compared to Love Potion. 5 stars.

  144. good stuff almost looks exact same as the reg love potion a little greener with more of a hybrid high

  145. Best taste/ smell of all the sativas ive tried off HD

  146. Anonymous

    Awesome strain. nice thick buds that looked exactly like the picture. the tasteam is smooth and the high is long lasting. I would highly recommend this strain

  147. Really uplifting, loved it very much

  148. Definitely a Love Potion fan, this is a nice version forsure. Really dense buds, very tasty daytime high!

  149. As a long time Love Potion fan, I was excited to see this on offer. It does not disappoint. Gets my creativity flowing and I’m suddenly cleaning the kitchen so I can cook a bunch of different things, full of ideas and inspiration. Also quite social, that’s nice.

  150. good choice for a wake and bake !!!

  151. Really nice sativa. Very interesting smell/taste and covered in trichomes. Produced a nice uplifting high that didnt burn me out.

  152. Very beautiful buds, and a very euphoric, talkative, and just a little laziness. All in all one of my favourite strains on here so far.

  153. Tried this last night. Honestly felt like it was more of a hybrid than a straight sativa. Definitely had some couch lock effects, lazy, tired, etc.

    Great strand overall though. Maybe like an 8.5/10 but just gonna give it a 4/5 here.

  154. The Chronic Hippy Patient
    Atomic Love Potion
    While Still a Novelty,this strain is pleasent,with up lifting energenic motivaters,
    Taste is smooth,with a bit of harshness to.
    Not over powering,Nor under-poweing,
    Great for undecided moments,
    Helps focus and maintain a level clarity,can also be found to spark up the Social qualities we tend to seek,while creativity,and peace are also brought to the table.
    She is another one that is nice to have on hand.!~

  155. From the sample pack.

    Big, dense buds. Sweet and stanky aroma. Citrusy sweet sativa all the way, but also hints of diesel and hay. Crisp texture, with abundant yellow trichomes. Very pleasing look and feel, definitely a standout. Deserves a reorder.

  156. Best sativa IMO

  157. Very nice fruity, citrus flavor that is awesome in a vaporizer. Strong buzz and relieved my leg pain immediately. Highly recommend

  158. Very tasty and uplifting

  159. Very nice lemon/ citrus scent and taste to this flower . Great day time buzz, was able to get lots done ! 5/5 thanks HD

  160. This is another one from a sample pack which looks just as pictured here. Fairly fresh and squishy.

    Vapes a bit harshly and the effects are strong and pleasant. Uplifting and energizing for daytime activities.

    Too expensive for me to buy often but definitely worth a try.

  161. Very potent. Trichomes fall like snow when you break apart a bud. Excellent, uplifting sativa high.

  162. Better version of Love Potion

  163. Better version of Love Portio

  164. I have the pleasure of getting to try all the sativas in the sample pack. I really enojoyed this strain, great taste, smooth smoke, and a beautiful uplifting high. Once I try all the sativas I will have some more to compare it to but for right now HD has not let me down yet. Best customer service Ive encountered for a dispensary site, CHEERS Herbal Dispatch

  165. One of the best sativas

  166. Anonymous

    Very, very good stuff. Better than regular love potion strain

  167. This strain was very nice but I can’t say I liked it enough for the 5 star. The smell and burn were nice but it left an odd taste in my mouth. Nice high, more for relaxing and socializing.

  168. Very close taste to normal love potion, great high for daytime use…I got lots of energy and felt great from this A++

  169. Super good stuff, really mellow feeling, good for sitting on the couch and relaxing

  170. I bought this 3 times so far, and im going to keep buying it with every dollar i have.. its a no brainer..its magical.. its atomic..

  171. WOW WOW WOW! i feel so good, atomic and bloody amazing! this is a great greta if not the top strains i ever had to feel relaxed, happy and totally uplifted.

  172. Worth the money a good cross of the love potion. Definitly love it!

  173. Pretty descent stuff nothing compared to some of the other strains tho in my books

  174. very nice dense, dank buds. worth your $$

  175. For when regular Love Potion just won’t do! It truly is like a more potent version of it’s parent strain. Great buds, some of the densest I’ve ever received from HD.

  176. This strain is fantastic. I find it is a little heavier than the Love Potion, but still presents that familiar sativa high. Love Potion is one of my preferred sativa strains, and I would give it the advantage over Atomic Love Potion, only because Love Potion is more representative of the energetic, sativa high, whereas Atomic Love Potion may slow you down a little. Amazing taste, and that familiar, strong smell of pine. This, or just Love Potion, are top-notch sativa strains.

  177. Very good

  178. Loved this sativa, Great uplifting feeling!

  179. Was very happy with this one got me feeling amazing thanks for this one

  180. Its got a strong sativa smell and effect to it. Great during the day and even at night.

  181. Anonymous

    Gorgeous buds, dank, lemony, a little skunky. Smoke is smooth, lemony, a little pepper on the exhale. High is cerebral, punches right through, no to little burnout. A really nice cross.

  182. Very similar to love potion but longer lasting, Def one of my favorite strains so far.

  183. Never experienced this strain until last night, phenomenal buzz potent but still leaves room for creativity.
    Awesome to pair with coffee.

  184. Allready being a huge fan of love potion #1 I had no choice but to try it and I’m glad I make that decision
    It’s got such smooth Citrus smell and taste what a aswsome medicine deff help with depression

  185. Quite similar to Love potion, perhaps the smell is not as strong, really enjoy the unique citrus flavor, high is great for during the day

  186. very similar to love potion in smell and taste and it has def a more mellow high compared to the love potion. great strain

  187. Anonymous

    This is the first time I have been disappointed with HD. Quality does not reflect price at all, especially compared to strains like purple space cookies, uk cheese, uk white widow, shiskaberry, moby dick, silver haze, strawberry romulan, and super lemon haze. As you see I’ve smoked a lot of HD’s $250 sativa ounces and this one is a joke compared to the quality of all the other strains I have ordered, which has been consistent and awesome. So consistent that honestly could be all from same grower, but not this ounce. I got really small popcorn buds and the first thought that popped in my mind, unfortunately, was ‘mold’. If someone told me it was BC outdoor I wouldn’t have second guessed them. I’m kicking myself that I don’t have a beautiful ounce of UK Cheese to smoke right now at the same cost.

  188. Pretty similar to Love Potion actually, very similar smell too, and taste. High is nice and happy clear headed sativa with no burnout. 4/5 because taste and smell is not my thing

  189. I really liked this one! Love potions one of my all time favs this cross did not disappoint! 5/5

  190. i didnt find it any different than love potion.

  191. First time ordering and I was more than pleased. Great daytime smoke, Definetly would recomend.

  192. One of the best sativa strains so far! An upgrade from the regular love potion. Nice buds that fluffed well, and nice burn. A slightly sweet earthy aroma, enjoyable taste, and a relaxing buzz.

  193. Definatly a daytime smoke very smooth and great light buzz through the day awesome stuff

  194. Very nicely cured batch of flower , with a very citrusy taste and smell . Great daytime smoke with very little burnout after! A definite re purchase 5/5 thanks HD!!

  195. I think this is the best herb i ordered so far! Amazing!!! 🙂

  196. terrific “upgrade” to an already truly amazing strain, Love Potion. Beautiful balance of a mellow body vibe and a soaring cerebral euphoria:) awesome wake and bake smoke. Great tasting. Burns well!

  197. great sativa here!! great high and very smoot, nice smell and citrus flavor very awsome, this sis a very good strain A++++

  198. KaBoom! A nice twist on a fantastic strain. Blew my mind for the day. What will they come up with next?

  199. A nice Lemon-Dill smell and taste with a great euphoric high. I’d buy this again.

  200. Very strong aroma, dank and sour. A powerful bud covered in crystals, high is euphoric.

  201. Very Dank and smell is very strong!!

  202. Giving this 4 stars only because I’m comparing it to Love Potion. If you’re expecting this to be an improvement on Love Potion I would say just skip the Atomic and go for the original. It’s cheaper and frankly I like it better. HOWEVER, definitely still a great strain and premium for sure! I found the effects gave me a very clear headed buzz (whereas I found Love Potion more dreamy).

  203. Anonymous

    Look exactly like the picture. Good spicy taste with touch of sweetness . Not the best sativa but still really good

  204. Crazy stuff, super smelly. One of the weirdest smelling strains I’ve had, but definitely In a good way. 5 star for sure, kept me very energized, definitely for day time.

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