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Astroboy (Organic)

(177 customer reviews)


Grade: AAAA
Type: Sativa

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Sold By: Golden Spruce Cannabis
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Product Description


Astroboy is an energetic, sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that combines Apollo 13 genetics with a cross of Ortega and Cinderella 99 bred by TGA Subcool Seeds. A mix of sweet and sour fruit flavors, like citrus and cherry, lead the way towards a heady buzz that is fast-acting and uplifting. The cerebral energy sparked by Astroboy is a great choice to keep you happy and active throughout a busy day. The watermelon phenotype of Astroboy is known to be an exceptional expression of the strain and is often desired as an influence for other breeding projects.

Parents: Apollo 13, Ortega, Cinderella 99

Flavours: Citrus, sweet, grapefruit
Effects: Happy, focused, creative, energetic, tingly
Medical: Headaches, depression, muscle spasms, pain, fatigue

Q and A: The True Quality of Craft Cannabis

177 reviews for Astroboy (Organic)

  1. Great buds and flavour.

  2. Well worth the price!

  3. Love this strain. Tastes wonderful and a real nice active high.

  4. Beautiful bud with a great smell. Thanks herbaldispatch.

  5. Great smell and smokes smooth and the high is fast hitting and makes any chores fly by!

  6. Great smoke’ body hitting , stimulating,,, a tasty treat,,, oh so nice,,,greatly appreciated

  7. Great high! Definitely my daily daytime smoke!

  8. Looks just like the picture smokes great smells great and burns great. Nice day time bud forsure.

  9. All around good sativa!

  10. I love the unique shape to these buds! such a great strain 🙂

  11. Pretty decent bud, it’s good taste and it’s super smooth. I’m taking a star off though because the image listed for it is blurry and does not do it justice. Would recommend giving it a try if you haven’t already.

  12. This is seriously my favorite one!! It relaxes you and keeps you alert as well.

  13. Smells and tastes delicious with a nice sativaa high….I would recommend this for sure

  14. Still my favorite strain. Amazing smell, taste and high. Excellent quality buds.

  15. Amazing

  16. One of my two best here! Can read, draw or work four hours, feeling really energized when I take it. And I love the smell! Just let the bag near my bed, always smelling so good!

  17. 2 thumbs up

  18. Great strain….actually give it 4.5…

  19. My favourite to mix with sunkiss cbd for an all day, every day smoke!

  20. Great quality buds

  21. I am big on sativas probably what I burn the most (for doing stuff around the house, cooking, music, school, etc.) Astroboy is a great bud although not my favorite. Still, excellent aroma and taste, burned very well. A challenge with sativas is managing the head buzz so that over consecutive sessions it dosent as my friend likes to say “booggie woogie” too hard in your brain. Some sativas even give me headaches. This was NOT one of those and was pretty good. I did notice the boogie but it wasnt bad. The energy and creativity was definitely there with this bud and I would order it again although not my number 1 go to for sativas. Still a solid strain!

  22. Sorry for my bad englisn. Love this one, very potent. feels very energetic,awseome for a nice walk and taking photo. Peasonnaly felt the beauty in everything.

  23. This bud is amazing,

  24. Idk what these other reviews received, but FFS this is NOT organic and it is full of mites. Black ash and burning lips from some kind of chemical. The sizzling popping sounds are mites or some other bug carcass. Come on ppl just zero standards…so this passes as aaaa grade…FML what a joke. Lesson learned, stick to the concentrates….

  25. Good stuff, will get again

  26. Just a gorgeous product. The citrus aroma is immediately apparent. Tasty, smooth, and a good lively high. Golden Spruce knows what they are doing!

  27. Awesome as always, the smell is amazing. Perfect gaming bud.

  28. Astroboy is a GREAT strain!! Usually I am leery of sativas, because I sometimes get too mentally or physically “busy” because of their effects. That didn’t happen AT ALL with astroboy. We had fun, and we definitely went to space, but a few hours later, I was able to sleep well. No busy brain! The fact that it’s organic is nice too. Beautiful buds, looks JUST like the picture 🙂

  29. This stuff smells amazing

  30. You need this in your life. Just reordered a bigger bag . The smell get me right and happy ?

  31. Good weed, had me a little tired and sleepy but enjoyed the high

  32. This was my first time trying Astroboy, and it was perfect! I was very focused and energetic with a great tingly feeling and enhanced bodily awareness. I put in some ear buds, got on my rower and did an intense 45 minutes – I was very concentrated on my form and was very aware of each muscle group working. I have been dealing with pain and accompanying depression (and resulting motivation issues), and it was so nice to just stare straight ahead at my pace time and enjoy my music and the feeling of movement. I came back to order more the next morning while it’s here because this will really help me get back to working out and generally just… doing more again.

  33. Pretty good bud and a plus being organic!

  34. If it’s a sativa buzz your looking for this is on point the buds look amazing the smell is citrusy mixed with a berry and the smoke is clean and potent

  35. The batch I received was different from the one I received a couple weeks ago. The nugs were huge.

  36. I was happy with what I received in my last shipment. There was a nice variety in the package. Pretty good value and convenience.

  37. buds looked nice but on a AAAA product i expect better smoke. AAA at the most

  38. Great buds

  39. It tastes great, but after reading all the reviews I guess I was expecting more? For me it wore off fast, and didn’t seem very strong. Not bad, but not my favorite.

  40. It was great, couldn’t ask for much better

  41. Absolutely loved loved everything about this bud!! Amazing

  42. Awsome strain all around

  43. I tried to add some sativa into my life. So this lovely light bud shows up I’m willing to give it a chance. Smells great vapes and smokes nice I just don’t think I notice anything after about 15 minutes. Must work well for others…. I can’t recommend it though. Go Blue Dream!

  44. So I am trying this before I have to work so I will have to leave a review later for how much it helped during work, but for the effects coming on right away I will say for me it doesn’t appear to be hitting right away, more slowly creeping. I some what regret making coffee before so I can’t taste it on it’s own, will have to rate the taste later but I can tell it has a pretty distinct flavor. Def seems to be more energetic starting to feel that (again made coffee right before) and even feeling more focused. I have fibromyalgia so I get fatigue and brain fog,and lately it has taken me along time to get tasks done at home… at work is fine….but exhausted and where I am messing up most is in my thinking,so a sativa that can help me focus right now as well as the fatigue is a must. Super clean,both ash and not harsh smoke.

    In a vaporizer : smooth and tasty. very uplifting. having this with coffee may have been too much lol.

  45. Bag review: almost one huge nug, 7g… beautiful colors in it!!! beautiful smell!!! i have had this strain in the past not from here, but it was a really great strain, excited even more to try it from here!! have high expectations 🙂 great smell <3

  46. I really enjoy this strain. I’ve ordered it twice now because I love the berry smell and the great buzz make this a good daytime smoke- especially if you’re doing anything creative. Will buy again!

  47. Fantastic smoke for veteran smokers. Beautiful fruity smell. Top-notch weed.

  48. The perfect strain for high energy and amazing grape fruit smells

  49. Happy Happy ?. Comes on pretty strong. Very energetic buzz. Makes you want to move! Sticks around for a while which is also great. Only reason its not a 5* for me is that I did find each time that there is a noticeable drop when it’s done which made me sleepy. Either had to do another to wake me up or take a nap. All in all though I would recommend this.

  50. Loved it.

  51. Very strong strain, tasty as well


  53. I absolutely love when this product is in stock!! Perks me right up and has a smooth taste. If I could I’d give this product a million star rating.

  54. I am very impressed with this bud.
    I honestly bought it on a whim because I like to buy a Sativa and an Indica when I shop here.
    So I bought this strain so that way I’d have a Sativa..
    It’s the perfect high, I feel very energetic and ready to clean my place for my move out lol.
    Definite head high, I’m so impressed. WILL be buying this type again.

    Thank you guys for delivering great stuff 😉
    They even left a little smiley face on my package (the box the goods were in) and I thought it was cute.
    I reccommend this site to everyone I know.

  55. Expect the taste to be more fruity but still a good strain.

  56. Extremely sweet, dense and well manicured buds. Great for daytime use. Easy 5.

  57. Amazing, the smell is crazy jet fuel cheese, with really clean effects. Would order again.

  58. Perfect high!! wow taste good, my favorite, smooth nice taste, unbelievable !

  59. Beautiful buds, smells great, awesome for gaming.

  60. This is the best strain i’ve tried yet. Really nice dense buds with lots of crystal. Amazing smell and very unique taste. Really potent sativa buzz.

  61. Great fruity smell, fruity taste. Easy to smoke and burns well. It gives a very relax high thats good for daytime use.

  62. This is a really incredible weed with a good cerebral effect and long lasting high. =)

  63. Awesome and amazing cannabis! this smoke very nice for daytime! definitely buying again!

  64. Exactly what I expect when I order an Organic strain. Gotta try this one if you’re a sativa type.

  65. Astroboy just came in the mail today. First impression. Holly shit! This bud looks insane!!!!
    Will be back after a sample test.

  66. Nice big buds , lots of crystals, great taste , great buzz ✌

  67. The description doesn’t really do this one justice, bought a gram to give it a try and now regret not getting more. This sativa is definitely top shelf and provides heavy handed long lasting cerebral effects that will leave you relaxed and satisfied! Keep it up HD

  68. Not a big fan of sativa!,, I will give this 5 *, Youu guy’s are awesome HD!

  69. My favourite strain yet. Very smooth with no cough.

  70. Good taste and fairly smooth.. nothing crazy but a good all around smoke.

  71. Very nice trees over here ! Can’t go wrong if your a sativa guy / gal ????

  72. The smell of this bud is heavenly – skunky, slight grapefruit/citrus, and spicy. As soon as I opened the bag I was filled with giddy feelings. The buds are like tree trunks, I ordered 14g and they came in two 7g nugs!!! Plentiful orange hairs throughout, nicely dried, really nice looking flower. I feel like the trim job could have been better, but the amount of leaf material left behind is not enough to really matter. The high is very much cerebral and behind the eyes but its really clear headed and energetic.

    5/5 Top shelf flower

  73. Really nice looking, big frosty buds! Great high, really nice for daytime I say. The real story with this one is the taste…….

  74. Good stuff. Smells nice and fruity. Good buzz that gave me a nice boost

  75. Great buzz, great aroma – what I expect organic bud to look like. I would def order again, and I’m not usually a huge fan of sativa!

  76. Great smell, almost fruity. Amazing taste. Very euphoric high. A beautiful strain

  77. nice looking bud, buzz was typical of a sativa but lacks the taste I was expecting from the reviews. Still a great product but just not for me. thanks HD

  78. Was great. Made me get up and go

  79. Always a good choice, This bud is hard to smoke as it looks incredible you do not want to grind it down. This is perfect for the day time. very euphoric

  80. Very uplifting mental effects on this one. I do find it to give me a pretty strong burnout so I’ve been timing it to use in the last few hours before bed because it makes me sleep which is surprising for a sativa. But everyone is affected differently right? Great strain though overall

  81. Nice Product, smell a bite like grape juice and taste wounderful with de Magi-fligth.
    It give a smooth buzz and make you relaxing well!

  82. I HOPE that HD will be keeping this one around in stock for a while ! as this is the best sativas I have had in a long time, and I am sure others will agree! after Blue dream and UK cheese, it is my favorite and go to strain during daytime.

  83. Ordered this twice not after trying it in the sample packs. Great smoke in every way. 5 stars!!

  84. I am more of an indica fan myself, but this is one of the best strains I have had. Ever. 100% will buy again, probably next order when I pickup that sweet Advent Calendar!

  85. If you’re looking for top shelf buds you would rather show off in glass than consume, look no further friends.
    Open bright sativa effects with nice optical stim. Thanks for the 8g beauty HD! testing this one for PTSD.

  86. Wow hands down my favourite strain off Herbal! Great taste great smell and great high (Smiley + active)

  87. Seems as though my batch was chopped down early, or not cured properly. There’s a slight head buzz for 20 minutes and that is it. Terrible stuff compared to what else is here. I’d want a refund if it was possible,.

  88. Out of the two strains I purchased this was my favorite. Wouldn’t buy again I found I became super sleepy after a few hits of this

  89. The tight, ball like nugs on this strain are mind bending. The high is out of this world. 1 small j of this strain and blast off will commence shortly. Top notch quality here. MUST BUY

  90. Great taste, smooth smoke, energizing high that only last 10 min. Not impressed waste of money.

  91. Not the biggest sativa fan here, but I like to have some around for daytime sessions. AstroBoy is one of the better sativas I’ve had in a while. Very happy with my order. Golden Spruce has become one of my favourite providers on HD.

  92. Nice buds and very potent. I find a little goes a long way. Nice flavour
    in the vaporizer.

  93. Very big buds. Tangy flavor.

  94. One of my new favorites ,the taste is fantastic

  95. You can smell the watermelon! Wow this smell is unbelievable. I wish I could make this smell into a cologne and wear it everyday. Absolutely amazing and the effects are very well suited for daytime use. Would recommend this to anyone

  96. My oz was mostly 3G-5g buds. Beautiful. The high seems a little less potent than a couple months back but the watermelon smell is much more intense this time around. The best smelling and tasting bud I’ve ever had next to golden spruces grapefruit. This is a regular go to for our household

  97. Beauty buds! Great body high and smells so so good!

  98. Wow, very nice! Flavour…incredibly strong fruity taste and smell. Smooth smoke going down. This was a great high… like a hit of acid really. Very different and I loved it. Wouldn’t hesitate to order again. Social buzz around the right kinda people ?

  99. Loved it, great strain. Awesome smell, very fruity. Great manicure as well as size. Thanks!

  100. Great bag smell and great taste new fave

  101. I really dont see what the craze is about this stuff i got a half ounce of it because i thought it would be good and i was very disappointed #everdayjointsmoker

  102. good quality for the price but it didn’t blow me away

  103. Anonymous

    Great taste, acid like high during first few days after a tolerance break

  104. Anonymous

    Wonderful bud. Such a nice smell/taste, great daytime effects, good for medicating and still being productive/getting stuff done. Would order again, no doubt.

  105. Not big on sativas.. but this one. I like very much.

  106. Like many of the other reviewers here, I REALLY enjoy the fruity smell/flavour of these buds. In fact, I tend to buy anything fruity when available (strawberry romulan was also a great HD strain), I’ve ordered this twice now over my usual sativa choice; Blue Dream. Really enjoying this strain.
    Great work HD!

  107. Ordered 3.5 Grams and got a single large bud. Very well manicured, very satisfied. Not a very strong aroma but that is common for Sativas. Would recommend.

  108. I love the fruity flavor on this. Not too bad (Y)

  109. A great sativa, happy happy happy…

  110. Not a big sativa guy,but this stuff is a nice sativa high and grabs you quick .

  111. Anonymous

    Great daytime buzz, good looking bud and great taste

  112. Decent buzz. Great smell. Good price.

  113. Amazing. Would order again.

  114. My half o came in 3 pieces, 3 glorious pieces of some of the best sativa I’ve had from here

  115. Anonymous

    Great to grind, a strong smell with a strong kick, a nice happy daytime buzz.

  116. This was ok… nothing speacial tho… much better selection on this site but thats just my opinion regardless thanks HD 🙂

  117. Upon, opening the plastic seal of my box, an incredible fruity/berry essence filled the air!! Incredible buds and high!! 🙂

  118. Very fruity watermelon flavour strong head buzz that puts you in a very relaxed and happy state. Reduces any inflammation and crabbiness.. 9/10. Thank you HD

  119. My cousin let me try it and I knew I had to get some right away. Then it was gone, but then it came back! Smells amazeballs, tastes amazeballs!

  120. Great taste and smell and excellent buzz. This is top notch. TY HD.

  121. Absolutely incredible! I loved this bud!!!! Such a pleasant sativa, burns great, smells amazing, buds look like perfection, high is clear and long lasting. I just ordered this one again! WOW did it ever improve my day to day mood! A++++

  122. Pick up a Z of this and couldn’t be happier ! Absolutely the best Sativa I’ve ever had.

  123. Buds filled with crystals! Tasted fruity! Burnt awesome!

  124. What a bomb! Big bud crystalized, smell exotic fruits!! Buzz is insane! Makes you euphoric, happy, i guess its good for the anxiety. Will order again for sure , ty HD 🙂

  125. Great looking buds, nice fast high, strong smell you won’t be disappointed

  126. very strong, nice taste. Loved it.

  127. Outstanding

  128. Astroboy taste really good. Nice energetic high to start your day. Ill be smoking this first thing in the morning before work. I will order more of it, the nugs are dense and smells fantastic. Not a heavy hitter but A+ for daytime. Well grown flower! 🙂

  129. I cant speak for everyone, but my quarter was a terrible choice. VERY premature…. Nearly no tricomes. Had to look close to see crystals on it..tastes okay really but the look and effects were seriously lacking…I would give a lower rating but it did atleast do a little so theres that.

  130. Anonymous

    As a 68 year old ex HIPPY …. even lived in a Volkswagen Van for 7 years travelling throughout the USA and BC …. this is EPIC herb ….. Kudos to HD staff as well ….

  131. Anonymous

    Some real grade super bomb. Ready to take you places. You nah been before. Clean energetic flavour. Strong but makes you smart. All product should be like this. ?

  132. Epic. Just epic.

  133. The 5 star reviews are well deserved. This might be the best sativa on here right now!

  134. Awesome Sativa will order more for sure. Nice happy feeling perfect for the week’s wake and bake

  135. best sativa around hands down dopest dope I ever smoked

  136. Fantastic! Best yet!

  137. Simply incredible. Hands-down the best product I’ve ever received from HD.

  138. I could not believe the smell when I opened my package. Did I order candies or weed ? This one just stepped over the UK Cheese in my top 3. Amazing batch, amazing high.

  139. This here is a very very nice product!!
    Absoulty beautiful !! Thanks H.D ?????

  140. Astro boy is really well grown the smell is amazing it looks amazing it taste amazing everything about it is good and the high is great as well. I’m not a big sativa fan but Astro boy, blue dream and green crack are my favourites …. me and many friends I know love Astro boy and have ordered it multiple times and will continue to order thank you HD and especially golden spruce!! ??????????

  141. Nice sticky nugs. Burns well and tastes great. This Sativa i would order again.

  142. Nice herbs. Very ‘warm’ stone, happy, cerebral, uplifting. Smell, taste? Fruity, blueberryish? Awesome to say the least… No complaints. Better than every more expensive herbs I’ve sampled off the shelf

  143. This strain is absolute fire! A huge and impressive One bud for a Q. Just wow!

    It smell and tastes very much like a fruity lemon. The buzz is very energetic and helped with my back pain a lot! I am really grateful for this order. Thank you
    Straight up 5 stars !

  144. Wonderful smell. Good taste. Smooth smoke.

  145. Loved this one, ranks up there right next to Shiskaberry!

  146. This one is great! wished I ordered more.

  147. Beautiful looking bud. HD didn’t disappoint with this uplifting, feel good high. Great taste, smell for a smoking pleasure. Will definitely be purchasing more next time.

  148. Really enjoying this sativa. Can’t go wrong here.

  149. Anonymous

    Big nice nug ‘s nice fruity flavor great day time smoke super clean nice white ash great buzz will reorder when back in stock??

  150. Anonymous

    Sweet taste and smell. Very nice bud sizes. Dense. Sticky. Yummy. This gives lots of energy and lasts long time. Best sativa ive smoked on this site.

  151. Astroboy is Definetley one of my favorites. Get ready to blast off haha. Love when I order and when I come to do review what i ordered is sold out. Thanks HD!!

  152. Real impressed with this stuff

  153. Anonymous

    Split an oz with a buddy, 2nd time ordering this strain, still straight ?????

  154. Very nice strain reminds me of the white haze

  155. This might be the best looking bud I’ve ever had, with a fantastic functional, motivational high

  156. I’m not a big cheese fan in general but I didn’t mind this one for daytime!

  157. Best Sativa strain from HD hands down. Cerebral effects creep up after a few minutes from smoking. Amazing bag appeal fruity delicious soft buds. Incredible body high and uplifting, focused, and energetic mood. I can’t believe how I great I feel on this strain. Immense pain relief for my spouse. One bowl shared from a water bong!!

  158. Wow ! Its really the best weed I’ve smoke in my entire life and I’ve tried pretty much every strain here ! Simply amazing 15/10 good job Herbal on this one !

    lifetime customer Frank

  159. 5/5 tried last batch and no complaints solid bud!

  160. Beautiful unique smell, undescribable, if you haven’t tried it you should for 10/g !

  161. Anonymous

    If you want strong-tasty-fruity-spicey-awesome-amazing-buy this.Its some of the best weed I have ever smoked in 22 years all-around best -taste-effects-everything just awesmazing.

  162. Best sativa on the site!!! Ty hd and big thanks to golden spruce…5x

  163. Anonymous


  164. Great fruity taste and smooth smoking, New favorite. Very powerful, sold out so quickly last time. Glad to see it back. Will definitely buy more this time around.

  165. Anonymous

    Taste amazing looks amazing smells amazing I would get it if I were you I didn’t like sativas that much till I I tried the three I said in my earlier post. I think Astro boy might be the best blue dream is also good so was green crack but I would go with the Astro boy myself I’ve been smoking for 20 years

  166. Anonymous

    1 Of the best sativas on here, also green crack and blue dream… Best bang for your buck are those three and I feel like they are the best, super lemon haze is nice and tasty but for the price difference I would go with these 3…ty hd

  167. One of my favourite strains hands down. Smells like vanilla and diesel packed into one dense lime green nug, covered in pink hairs. White crystals with massive trichome heads, clean burn and flavour coming through strong on a joint. This has to be one of the most appealing highs, visual appeal and most fantastic smelling dank that everyone should try. 5/5

  168. Couldn’t find anything wrong with the last batch if l wanted. Has an excellent flavour profile, also has great return for rosin. Coats your mouth in fresh citrus ? ? On low temp dabs. There’s a hashy berry spice smell tucked away in there too. Can’t wait for round two.

  169. Best taste and smoke I’ve had in years

  170. I’m not a sativa guy but this strain is great. I recommend

  171. Smells great. Provides a great body high. Top notch.

  172. Delicious! The smell and bag appeal is incredible. Potent wake and bake with nice creeper effects. Had four pulls before taking off in the early morning and felt toasty for a couple hours.

  173. Delicious! The smell and bag appeal is incredible.

  174. ?

  175. Anonymous

    So many nice foxtails all over these buds. Tight,sticky,and shiny nugs. 10/10 all the way,golden spruce is growing straight fire!!

  176. Anonymous

    Best sativa I’ve ever tried! Smells and taste delicious…looks great too

  177. Anonymous

    I am very picky with my weed and have been tokin since the early 90s,in a long time have i not experienced such a delightful flower.Perfection in every way;picture perfect buds,heavenly berry-citrus-spice smell and taste and the high is fantastic.Up there with the other super strains.This new producer is growing some gold tell you what!

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