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Activated “Platinum” LHO Delta-9 THC (With Terpenes) – Multiple Effects

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Sold By: Horatio Delbert Concentrates
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Product Description

Activated “Platinum” LHO is a 100% solvent-free cannabis concentrate, unmatched in its potency, purity, and flavour.

Activated “Platinum” LHO high THC isolate is translucent 100% decarboxylated oil that is purified by a proprietary chromatography/short path distillation process to make it effective in oral and trans-dermal applications on top of being vaporizable. Cannabis is extracted using d-Limonene; the major medicinal terpene found in citrus and then molecularly distilled into fractions free of impurities. If you are looking for solvent-free Phoenix Tears that is beyond the bar of clean and potent, this is it.

Terpenes and terpenoids are the primary constituents of the essential oils of many types of plants and flowers including cannabis. Essential oils are used in fragrance perfumery, nutraceutical pharmacology and alternative medicines such as aromatherapy, homeopathy, and create the primary source of strain specific experience in cannabis based medicine.

HDC LHO uses the same proprietary technology used to extract only the highest-grade terpenes from cannabis “terpinoid free” and applied it to mankind’s most verified sources of traditional healing herbs, fruits and spices. Addressing the widespread use of synthetic flavorings and chemical variations/derivatives of natural terpenes “which offer no medicinal benefit has been a top concern. As high potency isolates have grown in popularity there needs to be therapeutic grade terpenes to match abundantly and offer the standardized potent effects that human suffering requires.

Horatio Delbert Concentrates offers the LHO High THC both with strain specific terpene profiles as well as with specifically designed terpene profiles to provide a variety of unique medicines.

Q and A: The Innovations of Horatio Delbert

Ingredients – Geranium, Basil, Juniper Berry, Lavender, Ylang Ylang
Aroma – Sweet, floral, warm spicy
Benefits – Purifying, soothing, normalizing, uplifting, balancing, comfort, romantic

Ingredients – Lemongrass, Nutmeg, Grapefruit
Aroma – Lemon like, spicy, nutty, soft sweet, citrus
Benefits – Purifying, cleansing, warming, hopeful, relaxing

Ingredients – Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, Lime
Aroma – Pleasant floral, herbaceous, lavender like, fresh citrus lime
Benefits – Uplifting, focusing, stimulating balancing, refreshed elating, romantic.

46 reviews for Activated “Platinum” LHO Delta-9 THC (With Terpenes) – Multiple Effects

  1. I’ve tried the anxiety oust as I suffer from anxiety an I have to say I’s amazing. I also suffer from depression and insomnia so I’m praying on the restock of Insomnia off and inspired again as the Delta-8 products work so well, I can’t wait of the Delta-9 for Inspiration and Insomnia are available Herbal Depot, I depend on your services I would love to try more of HDC when they are I. stock! I have tried all of HDC’s and I can’t wait to try Insomnia off and Inspired again!

  2. I ordered the “inspired again” effect, and I’m not sure I’d exactly call the feeling “inspired”, but definitely a very clean high, and the lime taste is absolutely amazing. It really reminds me of lime candy, but not in a bad sugary way. Just an amazingly fresh clean taste and high, with no bad side effects to be felt like dry mouth, anxiety, or heavy burn out. 10/10

  3. Good stuff.

  4. Awesome stuff. Came home Furious from idiots in traffic making me late and missing the grocery store closing. Tried the anxiety oust and my mood immediately switched to relaxed and happy. Hit a big dab and it was just instant no cares. 6 out of 5! Didnt get me as high or have as good of flavor as HCFSE but the calming effects were just the best Iv had before. Thank you Delbert man!

  5. not sure I got a bad batch or what but I ordered the insomnia off and the flavor was horrible dabbing and eating willing to try again through everything else I have got from mr Delbert has been amazing

  6. WOW, even with the high price, this stuff is FRIGGING AMAZING – didnt really try ingesting, i did but didnt notice anything insane, havent tried vaping it per say but tried it in my Quartz Quest atomizer that i use on my eleaf istick pico mod (quartz banger) and HOLY CRAP!!!! lasts a DAMN long time, had me saying oh crap i think i took to much – for the first time in a long time!!!! IF your hitting this on a rig doing dabs (or simulating a dab like i did) WOW…ill try vaping and get back to you guys, just looking for a tank that doesnt leak or waste and that seems near impossible too (think the convenience of vaping makes a comprimise with efficiency). Tried the papaya and dear lord, im flying through space and im a heavy user. I will use this for my quartz banger exclusively for now!

  7. Horatio has improved greatly in his efforts in creating these oils. I bought the original “Anxiety Oust” about a year ago and I thought it couldn’t be better.

    I was wrong.

    A year later and here I am buying his trifecta of concentrates. I suffer sometimes with obsessive compulsive disorders. There’s nothing stopping me from going into “thought-cycles” or performing compulsively. I’ve been hesitant to go on any pharmaceuticals. So all I can say is “Anxiety Oust” was a revelation. Is it bulletproof? As anyone with O.C.D. will tell you, there’s no building a wall against all patterns of behaviour. But it comes very close to allowing your mind to let go. Anxiety slowly turns into a mellow consideration.

    This is sheer anecdotal evidence. But I tested the “Anxiety Oust” medication by watching two frightening films that often induce some anxiety in me. One was “Night of the Hunter,” the other is a food/diet documentary called “What the Health.” My mind could follow without escaping down the tunnels of “What Ifs.”

    “Insomnia Off” gives you a deep deep sleep. As someone who sleeps very readily and easily, the concentrate was lost on me. I just got comatose. My gf on the other hand, loved it. So there’s that.

    I have yet to try the “Inspired Again” but plan on doing so this week. Any people that suffer with anxiety, please try “Anxiety Oust.” Smoking strains and eating edibles, as fun as they are, do not help anxiety-prone people. They, in fact, can induce higher levels of anxiety/paranoia. Yes, over the years of smoking, I’ve found strains that don’t and will buy them here and there. But it’s difficult to navigate around them all.

    As far as consuming this stuff. I usually put a minute drop under my tongue.

  8. This product has helped me through the last couple of weeks, immensely! I won’t say it put me to sleep, but it definitely has gotten me closest to sleep than any other OTC options. As someone who has recently gone off of all my pain medication, I’ve been feeling like craps, and this has helped greatly! My pain melts away and a calmness sets in. Plus its absolutely delicious and feels fantastic on the lungs. Will be trying the anxiety oust next 🙂

  9. These are phenomenal, one of my favorite products. Taste and effect are great, even with a higher tolerance! Easy on the lungs, super clean, just an awesome product overall!

  10. Info to know before buying: These are only HALF syringes, not the full gram syringes like many honey or co2 oils. Knowing that, the taste is something unique for sure! amazing aroma, slight lemony taste on vaping in TOKO Gold pen with no after taste that oils I have tried tend to have. definitely the cleanest oil I’ve seen or tasted, makes the price easier to take.
    If you’re after the cleanest tasting oil thats vapable, I can recommend this LHO oil as an option!

  11. A-ma-zing. Insomnia Off is now a must. Tastes great, super smoothe and easy on the lungs. LOVE it.

    QUESTION – using enail, what’s the best temp for it?

  12. These activated platinum are my favorite thing to dab by far, I tried MK Ultra and Astro from Delta 8 batch and All the flavors from the Delta 9 ones and the 3 ” inspired again, insomnia off and Anxiety oust ” are all amazing. Inspired again is crazy sativa like feeling amazing. For taste and potency it’s so pure in all sense. They all out of stock ;( Will by a lot more when back in

  13. Horatio Delbert never disappoints, extremely clean and smooth and like no other product out there. The anxiety oust works better for me then anything else out there including pharmaceuticals. One little dab, close my eyes, exhale and a wave of calmness and relaxation washes over me and then all is right with with the world.

    Insomnia off if like smoking one of the heaviest India strains out there. Not for daytime use unless don’t plan on doing anything and you will most likely end up taking a nap. Work afternoons so it’s great to knock me out when my head is racing so I’m not up till 4am. Sucker punch to the face with HDC CBN added.

  14. taste so good … and its a very clean stuff , i had isomnia off and inspired again … and i loved thoses strains , taste citrus like and so clean … lho is so good and clean . nothing like the butane stuffs…

  15. Wow very help me!

  16. last night I took two drops……..I felt nothing. This morning, took 2 more drops and I swear I am still high. Freaking couch lock though, but awesome for pain. First time in over a year I have no pain. Will definitely order again, and love that I don’t have to smoke or do anything but use a nail with it.

  17. Excellent quality. No disappointments with this product.
    The taste is fantastic.

  18. Not impressed one bit at all with this new pricing (as it is right now anyway). $50 for a half gram? Ha. Normally I wouldn’t dare dock one of Horatio Delbert’s products a star, but I think this is one of those situations that warrants it. The product itself gets 5/5 stars though. It’s hard to put into words how good it is, so I’m not going to try. Everything on this site rocks, but at these prices . . . it’s like the saying goes ‘There’s always another store around the corner’. At least for my distillate-purchasing needs.

  19. I get a lovely lime taste when using this in my Toko. Buzz is clear but effective. Big ups Horatio. This is next level product!

  20. Last time I bought this I got a half a gram and it lasted me awhile and if ur not a smoker you can put it in capsules and swallow it..totally worth every penny that’s why I got some more on its way

  21. Spicy. But not that long, burning in your mouth from eating spicy food, kind-of-spicy. More like dry, short-lasting kind of spicy. And the effects, wow, I must say are quite interesting. I’ve been smoking daily for over 10 years (concentrates for over a year) and I’ve never really felt an effect like this before in such clarity. It’s like someone took everything calming (but not sedating) out of an indica plant, added a pinch of sativa’s uplifting effects and then mixed in a bunch of THC. Will certainly be buying this again. 5/5

  22. First thing you should know is it has the signature taste all Horatio products have. Very smooth, pretty relaxed but not couch locked effects. Personally, I feel the live resin is more potent.

  23. THIS I REAL MEDICINE!! I will be ordering some of this every chance I get! Horatio you have totally raised the bar as far as the concentrate game. Does not even taste like cannabis! Very heavy on the lavender and hints of the other live terps. Totally 100% worth 100$ a gram!!! I smoked .2 of this in 3 dabs yesterday and felt better then I have in YEARS!

  24. Anonymous

    Great taste! Clean vape with great effect!

  25. I don’t even know where to start with this review as I have too many good things to say about this product and even more so about Horatio himself. I’ll first off start by saying that this product has definitely helped with my social anxiety works better and faster (like instantly) then any doctor prescribed medication out there. One little dab and my anxiety just melts away, something that 4 or 5 dabs of shatter wouldn’t do. Little experience but this stuff is medicine and it works so worth it 110%…. When I say this stuff is medicine I mean that this is not what your recreational cannaibs connoisseur will be looking for but for people suffering form real anxiety problems that don’t know where else to turn… Segue too Horatio Delbert. Horatio has devoted his life to understanding all aspects of the marijuana plant and figuring out how to manipulate the plant to harvest as many medicinal properties from it as possible. After listening to an interview of Horatio you know that he is one of the very few if not the only “extraction artist” out there this is doing this for all the right reasons and not just the money. Horatio has changed the way I look at cannabis extracts and has opened up my eyes to all the possibilities and how much we are just starting to understand about this incredible plant. As far as I know Horatio is the only one doing D-Limonene extraction at the moment and is always striving understand more to improve the quality of his products to better aid us, the patients with our medical issues. I feel ever so lucky to have these world class products available to me, thank you Herbal Dispatch and thank you Horatio!

  26. Good clean effects but does not feel like a product to help sleep as my mind runs wild after taking.

  27. not a fan of black liquorish but I really liked this! 5/5

  28. I really love this stuff. I found it was worth every penny!

  29. 5 of 5! worth every penny, I’m beyond impressed!

  30. Hands down Amazing!! Can really taste those terps, it deff had my whole body relaxed but ready to go at the same time. Great way to start your day, I give it a 5 all the way.

  31. Can really taste the Floral/Licorice. 4.5 overall

  32. Performs exactly as advertised. Very potent and flavourful. I found that it can sometimes taste like black licorice or sometimes like lime.

  33. Loved it

  34. This is one of my favorites from HDC killer candy taste almost black liquoirsh* tasting !

  35. Wow the ylang ylang really comes through. If you like “black licorice” than order this up.

  36. I can’t speak for the sleep aspect as I don’t need medication for that. This does give a decent high but I really miss the terpenes from the plant, meaning it doesn’t taste like a thc product, tastes like you’re smoking essential oils. I’m saving mine for a Christmas treat with my eggnog.

  37. I wanted to adjust my previous review because I believe there was a little placebo effect involved, and now I have used the product for some time I can properly review it. I still have trouble sleeping, and the lack of CBD CBN % information is disappointing in this product, also the consistency was pretty runny, and the effects don’t last long enough to be medically effective for me. This might be a great product for someone else, but I’ll keep looking I think.

  38. Very good consistency, nice and thick, a little goes a long way for sure in this batch. Effects are superb, it eases you slowly into a relaxed state, lasts for several hours, really takes the edge off. Would like to see the % lab test, especially if you are paying premium price, by far the best HDC product I’ve tried so far.

  39. This medication is truly amazing, the previous review is very accurate; I can finally get some sleep, thank you Horatio, and thank you Herbal Dispatch for your service and providing this product!

    Also, I wanted to mention it might seem like the price is high, but a little goes a long way.

  40. This is the cognac of concentrates. From the sweet floral smell and taste to the uplifting, almost spiritual, medicinal effects, this stuff is amazing. Yes, it is very expensive, just like a good quality cognac.

  41. This works better than shatter in an oil pen and is much more discreet being as there is no offensive smell. the taste was more balanced on this product. the other two had an ingredient that overpowered the supporting flavors. I really like the idea of taking fractionally distilled oil and adding taste or other ingredients that can enhance the medicinal properties.

    So Horatio.. When do I get a strawberry flavor??

  42. Good buzz, could be a little thicker in consistency and the flavour is stronger than expected, but I like it!!! Vape it responsibly everyone 🙂

  43. Amazing , potent Medicine! Works wonders for my anexiety, IBS symptoms , and opiate induced insomnia and who knows what else it will be good for. (Pairs amazingly with the CBN isolate , but in that case expect to be groggy if you chose to/can stay awake). My new main go-to medicine!
    From the recreational standpoint i can see it being a couch lock kind of an effect!
    Please keep on doing the amazing creative work you have been doing so far Horatio Delbert!

  44. Oh man. Excellent medical value. Incredibly relaxed. Feels like a balanced hybrid to me, but had no paranoia effect whatsoever. Has horatio signature LHO taste, but the high reflects the terpene profile Linalool and Limonene. Super clean stuff as long as the nail isn’t too hot. 5/5. Great to have available.

  45. Very smooth and flavorful tast really fruity great high and doesn’t give u that couch lock great day time smoke!

  46. Thank you, thank you and thank you again Horatio!!! You keep setting the bar up higher and higher. Is it possible to keep going???Lol. Please do!!! This stuff is amazing. First let’s talk about mood. Right now I feel like such a bitch due to withdrawal. Anyone that has gone through opioids withdrawals knows exactly what I mean. Mind you this has been my choice with a doctors help. I have fybromyalga, IBS, anxieties, muscle and joint and nerve problems all over. I deal with severe and chronic pain every minute of everyday. Going back to being a bitch… Well one dab and I feel absolutely wonderful. My mood changes as soon as I exhale. I’m such a pleasure to be around and the bitch just runs away. Lol. Horatio I can’t thank you enough. I even caught myself cleaning ( remember going through withdrawals and all I do is sleep and stay lying down. No motivation right now) it’s mind blowing. Now let’s talk about pain. It just completely melts away. This medication just tweaks my brain in the right way. Completely different feeling from your regular LHO. Now let’s talk about taste. It’s really different. The more I smoke it the more I enjoy it but didn’t love it at first. Don’t let this sway anyone away please. It’s very floral on the inhale and a hint of dill on the exhale. There’s no dill in this. This is just my weird taste buds. I do wish it was sweeter but i’m no expert. I just like smoking anything with a hint of sweetness. Big fan of your Live resin. I could go on and on… If you want to be pain free and in the best mood of your life. I would even say it gets you a little horny . Yah I said it but it’s true and I always give my honest opinion. It really can’t get better than this. Can it Horatio??? You never cease to amaze me. Thank you and thanks to Sam and Herbal Dispatch for this magical medication.

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