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Activated “Platinum” LHO Delta-9 THC – Original

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Sold By: Horatio Delbert Concentrates
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Product Description

Activated “Platinum” LHO is a 100% solvent-free cannabis concentrate, unmatched in its potency, purity, and flavour.

Activated “Platinum” LHO high THC isolate is translucent 100% decarboxylated oil that is purified by a proprietary chromatography/short path distillation process to make it effective in oral and trans-dermal applications on top of being vaporizable. Cannabis is extracted using d-Limonene; the major medicinal terpene found in citrus and then molecularly distilled into fractions free of impurities. If you are looking for solvent-free Phoenix Tears that is beyond the bar of clean and potent, this is it.

Horatio Delbert Concentrates offers the LHO High THC both with strain specific terpene profiles as well as with specifically designed terpene profiles to provide a variety of unique medicines.

Q and A: The Innovations of Horatio Delbert

117 reviews for Activated “Platinum” LHO Delta-9 THC – Original

  1. After years of sampling the various brands and variations of concentrates offered by HD, Horatio’s LHO has been the most consistent, potent, and easiest to work with. As a 25 year connoisseur of all things cannabis, this stuff is unbeatable as pure medicine, suitable as an edible and for vaping . Having said that, I always get the original formula (which is virtually odourless, a major bonus to some) and add other extracts to achieve the desired entourage effect, knowing that I’ve got a maximum amount of THC guaranteed from Horatio. A wee bit on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for here – never had a bad batch in 2 years. Most other manufacturers seems to end up with a strange tasting or weak batch now and again – this stuff is always top shelf, order with confidence. Thanks to Herbal Dispatch and Horatio Delbert for offering such wonderful products, you make us proud to be Canadian!

  2. Potent but terrible taste. Like dabbing plastic.

  3. Great product. Expensive

  4. It’s alright definitely a clean oil very thick thought the syringe was plugged I would like to see more flavour as that adds to the experience.

  5. i dont like it! very expensive and the high is not that great….try delta 8 its far better and more affordable

  6. This product changed my life all around, no more smoking dangerous petroleum ingredients, the flavor is always consistant smells absolutly amazing and the stone is the remarkably ludicrous insane.

  7. Anonymous

    That the stuff people. Just blessed to have found the “ activated platinum delta 9 LHO “ and now in various strains which I highly recommend for those wh9 need that extra break through push to ease the pain [email protected] digs in and won’t le5 go.

  8. Anonymous

    Tastes great (gsc) good clean high but I don’t know….was expecting a bit more and it seemed like I needed a lot to have a satisfying high so for the price of this product I think I’ll go with other options…but don’t get me wrong this is clean good stuff if you have the budget

  9. Very potent material. Very tasty for a concentrate. Adding some covelo sour diesel terpenes makes this an amazing morning or daytime experience, even more so than by itself.

    Again, very very potent, I might even say it’s about 20% to 30% more potent than typical shatter.

  10. Truly takes dabbing to the next level. tasty, clean, terpy, buzzy.

  11. Amazing product as always from HDC …I don’t get why they were charging 160 for his LHO7.0 because other the the look it isn’t any different or better !

  12. I am a medical patient. Tried the grapefruit. Absolutely amazing. Have tried THC distillate just the clear with no flavoured terpenes and like this one much better. Especially dipping it with some THC-A Isolate by Horatio. Absolutely amazing taste and amazing effects. The taste is not too strong. Which is what I like. The effects are absolutely amazing. After trying these products from Horatio I am sure I will no longer be ordering BHO shatter. It is pricey. I agree. But i would rather pay for better quality product and something that effects me better as opposed to pay cheaper for crappy product and not effect me half as well. Horatio LHO and THC A is the best thing I’ve smoked yet.

  13. Anonymous

    Very strong, very little flavour. Almost the same as distillate. Even in vape pen no flavour. I did try a few dabs aswell. Super potent but I think the co2 oils will have more flavour and similar high.

  14. Why not by a oz of pink kush for 250 ? You can smoke lots of splifs and bongs… not a fan of this product at all

  15. Awesome stuff, works great the $15 atomizer they sell here on HD. Five out of five.

  16. This stuff is my new go to, super smooth and great clean high.

  17. This LHO stuff is really good..what I like doing is mixing this and shatter together and dabbing it.all you need is two or three hits and your all set

  18. Very unique concentrate, used best when terpenes are added (I dont suggest horatios they arent cannabis derived). Also works great to dip in the THC-A isolate by horatio (excellent medicine). VERY clean beyond any butane extract by far, even cleaner than Co2. Since its activated you can eat it for relief but I rather inhale for instant relief.

  19. Just had this the other day, this is a quality product! 5/5

  20. Anonymous

    This is the most potent concentrate I’ve ever smoked. However, it really increases my sex drive, which is something I”ve never experienced from THC before. My 1/2 gram lasted quite a while, which made me feel a bit better about the high price.

  21. This new batch is really good and well rounded.. A little really does go such a long way. Everything jp42085 said is correct. A really nice slow onset. I found to be very calming, relaxing. Really good for pain relief/distraction. Had a more pleasant taste than last batch, for me, hint of chocolate. I wouldn’t recommend daytime use it’s potent and heavy but in a good way.

  22. So I was notified that Horatio improved his distillate and is now making it with THC-A!!! I received a half gram and tried about 0.1 through a quartz nail, and wow! First off it’s smooth as butter, it has a pleasant taste that I just can’t put my finger on. The stone starts slow but continues to progress to a heavy stone. This is a huge improvement in my opinion and the best distillate I have tried to date. Amazing work Horatio! Thanks again

  23. Potency was fine for the small amount used. Easy to work with. I did not like the way it tasted, at least compared to other products like this I have purchased.

  24. Best concentrate hands down!

  25. Not sure how I feel about this one. The effect is there, but I had alot of residue left on my quartz nail, and a coughing fit that hurt my lungs for awhile. Bad batch maybe? Not sure but I’ve never had a Horatio concentrate leave so much residue and beat my lungs up good.

  26. Only tried dabbing and it was a very quick punch to the brain. Nice and clear with a thick consistency.

  27. Dank as it gets

  28. Dank

  29. Unbelievable ???

  30. insane medical use. A++++++++++++

  31. I only ever use this orally now, and make 10 capsules per syringe. It has a long lasting, fairly potent effect that way -it’s great for medicinal use and if I want to dab it then I’d choose live resin instead. If you take larger dabs of this you’ll find the taste is not good at all (just the nature of this product, it lacks the terpenes of live resin)

  32. If you like a clean high grab this stuff , gets you very stoned and feels very clean .

  33. This was my first time having this! Awsome stuff!

  34. If for some reason I had to choose a single cannabis product to live on for the rest of my life, this would be it. What I received was beyond my expectations. Extremely potent, easily as strong as the live resin but without any flavour. I was worried because the CBD one tasted awful but my lungs couldn’t really even detect this! Even enormous dabs (like a whole 1 on the scale lol) were so clean. That is a huge bonus for me too because if I am using something every single day medicinally I would prefer it to be tasteless.
    I haven’t tried it in capsule form yet, but that is one of the reasons I bought it (other than hate on that glass live resin packaging). I don’t really like edibles because they involve digesting something with high fat content, and it’s almost like a slow release medication. I expect this to be more like instant release THC when I consume it, which should work better for my back pain and cause far less stomach distress of course.
    I disagree that it has the traditional LHO flavour, I didn’t really taste anything in comparison to the live resins. Low temp dabs of those are very flavourful.
    I’d say that this would be ideal for medical users, and otherwise you could probably find something cheaper.
    I’ve given a couple of horatio’s products bad reviews (seriously hate that new glass live resin packing) but this makes up for it. Sam recommended this to me ages ago and now I see why. Just keep the $250/3g deal going it’s great for people who use a lot!
    My one concern is how it is weighed. The lab test mentioned an assumption of 0.85g/mL. Is the oil of considerably variable density? I’m just wondering how it’s weighed – is there a specific volume in each syringe (and what would it be) for a standard oil density, or is the oil for each syringe weighed prior to insertion? Just wondering if somebody could shed light on that for me. I’m really really happy with the product though as a medical user, it’s really what I need. If you get anxiety (and prefer not to deal with it) I’d say stick to low doses most likely.

  35. The flavor is the traditional LHO flavor. It seemed to be clean to inhale but the effects were not overly strong even while mixed with other extracts. It’s nice to show your friends but not the most effective medicine and the stress to your wallet may not be worth the hassle.

  36. The high THC doesn’t really work for my anxiety but if I mix it with some Bubba Kush it’s just perfect. Providing a clear and deceptively strong effect; if you are doing an activity it works as an excellent pain relief and your mind focuses on what you’re doing, then stop and all of a sudden remember that you are blazing high. Oral consumption gives me a balanced smooth and bright effect for a decent length of time, depending on how much I take. It aids as a great base high for the day and you can then spike your mood with a bud of your choice throughout. Quality product from Horatio.

  37. This stuff is great! Extremely smoothe on your lungs and almost odourless. The high is very strong and medicating. Your mind is lifted but clear. (As are the dabs!)
    Only after smoking lho, I sometimes burp and get an aftertaste of what I believe to be limonene which isn’t pleasant. others I’m with say they taste nothing at all.

    Overall great stuff tho

  38. This stuff is awesome! Exactly what I was looking for.

  39. I enjoy the balanced buzz I get from this stuff. It’s fairly strong and doesn’t make me sleepy if I’m not already tired. No burn out, either, so it’s suitable for daytime use. I find I can get a lot done with this oil, including reading. It seems to help me focus. I wouldn’t really recommend this product for anxiety relief but it’s good for general stress.

    As others have mentioned, it’s super clean in a rig and has almost no flavour. The syringe is easy to use. Maybe too easy. It’s extremely tempting to squeeze out big beautiful blobs.

    $$$, but if you’re not a glutton like I am, you could probably make it last!

  40. Anonymous

    Incredible stuff!!!

  41. On the expensive side but this is money well spent . This product is made with a lot of care and it’s quality is beyond high standarts . This syringe also goes a pretty long way ! I find dabbing it is very efficient if you want to save up , the high you get from oral administration is longer and enjoyable , but very mild in terms of intensity ( relatively of course ) . I recommend this product , just as anything made by HDC .

  42. ACTIVATED “PLATINUM” LHO HIGH THC – Made by the legend Horatio Delbert Concentrates! 🙂 This LHO makes a big difference in the concentrates world for me anyways. I use to dab only BHO and now after getting a chance to try this “PLATINUM LHO” & Horatio’s Live resin i feel like i might be turning my head on BHO & heading towards this amazing medicinal product! 🙂

  43. Amazing buzz and a nice light taste, as mentioned below, lol. I used it in my vape pen so t syringe made it easy to use. Keep these great products coming out.

  44. Awesome product. I was very sedated which leads me to believe its more on the indica spectrum. Great for night time. It had almost no taste in a freshly cleaned rig, maybe a little piney. Super clean. 5 stars.

  45. Anonymous

    Great product nice clean high!??????

  46. Great Clear product its like looking through glass the buzz is strong I will be buying more for sure Excellent Quality Just very expensive so its more of a treat

  47. Top notch quality and purity . Just wish it was cheaper in bulk!

  48. Anonymous

    Ones of my favourites as soon as I got this I was blown away by the quality there truly are people who still care !! After the first initial dab I immediately noticed how smooth this product is on the lungs very helpful for people who aren’t looking to cough up a lung . The consistency for me was sticky yet overall really easy to get on the dabber. the quality was on point and has been exceeding a lot of the concentrates I’ve been trying only needing a tiny amount to feel medicated definitely consuming less of this compared to other concentrates . Overall this product is defiantly very high quality that I’ll always be adding to my dabbing regimen ! Thanks so much to herbal dispatch and horatio for giving everyone the opportunity to try this product good vibes and cheers to you guys and gals! .

  49. Anonymous

    Really high quality. But price needs to come down. Pretty decent buzz

  50. Nice if could RUN A $80 SPECIAL EVERY SO OFTEN

  51. Very costly. For folks on a Disability Income.But I bought 1; as myself more Recreational user 43 yes,.Found to be very clean.taste stood OUT from Rest.nice big Dab 15 min before bed Nighty Night Bahh Bahh, Also killer Buzzz daytime use..Great for Drone Flying lol

  52. Anonymous

    Horatio’s Activated LHO Syringes are truly a revolutionary product that is comparable to a transparent, golden, and honey-like substance that is largely odourless at first whiff. I was pleasantly surprised after My first dab of the activated LHO! It is incredibly smooth on the throat and much more so than any other oil, shatter, or wax that I have ever vaped hands down! This is a solvent free product made using absolutely no harmful products such as butane. Upon inhalation, an intoxicatingly pungent aroma of citrus and fruit flavour is apparent and on exhale the taste is even better. The effects of smoking are insanely intense after just one small dab! The effects are somewhat euforic and uplifting. The product is quite potent and only a small quantity is required in order to properly medicate myself. I also got some empty capsules and inserted a drop of the LHO inside them each the size of a grain of rice. About an hour after taking one on an empty stomach I was very relaxed and feeling great. The quality is so good and it’s so easy on the throat that this product is by far worth giving it a go! I’d like to imagine that this is what was in the glowing briefcase at the end of Pulp Fiction!!

  53. Anonymous

    By far the tastiest concentrate ever!! Super potent and very effective for several of my ailments. The king of concentrates has made, the king of concentrates! Thanks Horatio!

  54. Anonymous

    Pretty amazing stuff. Helps numb my body pain. Works fast and I don’t feel ill after using it. Can’t wait to order again soon!

  55. Anonymous

    Great product, just a small amount is very effective i found weather your injesting or vapourizing. I also found 1 syringe lasted me alot longer then compared to the rick simpson oil or other various medicinal concentrates stored in syringes as i am not needing as large of doses to feel medicated. Would highley recomend the ACTIVATED LHO toany patients who vape perhaps because they find edables inaffective or 2 much, but maybe arent to keen about vaping or smoking as one small drop will leave you highly medicated for a long period of time, when compared to other concentrates. The syringe makes it easy to work with aswell. Very medicated very quickly, an efficient concentrate. Not to mention the interesting science behind it, think we will be seeing alot more of this around the medical scene in the near future! And will certainly be added to my orders in the future. Over All Great product!

  56. A friend informed me of this product prior to purchasing it for myself. Great clean taste, but expensive but when it lasted longer than expected became more than worth it. Gave me a nice long lasting high and will definetely purchase again, if only there could be different flavours….

  57. Anonymous

    As an avid user of marijuana I’m always open to new ideas or ways of consumption when it comes to thc. Horatio labs is revolutionary in the sense that we are now in taking THC – A meaning the carbon molecule has been removed and the thc is now ingestible. I have had chronic back pain from a rock climbing incident in which I suffered from whiplash. This seems to be the only cannabis product on the market that helps me get through the day with a level of comfort and ease I can tolerate l. I want to personally thank Horatio for this breakthroug in the cannabis industry. Even if I don’t get chosen as a recipent of the reviews I will continue to use this product for as long as I live thank you! Ps this is a highly potent medicine more so then any strain or concentrate on the market and should be treated like so.

  58. I bought this to try LHO and was very impressed. Was very easy to dab with and while I felt it didnt have a lot of flavor, it knocked me on my ass. Two dabs and I was locked to the couch for a few hours. Great medicine for when you need to relax and have no plans, dont think I could smoke this and go though!.

  59. Anonymous

    Bought this for my Mom as she had a type of psoriasis on here legs in small spots, not only did this stuff clear up her spots it provides a nice buzz you feel in your eyes, nice and itchy, thanks HD and Delbert Horatio for making this medication available to the masses, will be highly recommending for almost any chronic illness, thanks again

  60. Anonymous

    My Dad had tried every available medication for chronic pain but without any lasting results. The LHO has finally given him some relief. He is able to rest at night and experiences less pain during the day. Finding this has been a game changer for him. To the people who have devoted themselves to helping others, please know that the medicine you make affects more than the end user, it can change whole families for the better.

  61. Simply amazing stuff. Theres nothing like it. Great job HDC.

  62. Anonymous

    Love this product, really helps me sleep!

  63. Anonymous

    The syring was very tasty but I prefer the taste of the hdc live resin the syring was a nice treat as well though made the product much more easy to work with another great product from HDC can never go wrong with his products

  64. Amazing product, and beautiful taste when vaporized or dabbed.

  65. First time trying LHO, was a very different experience compared to normal BHO. Light citrus, flavorful & long lasting, since then i’ve tried other LHO products (live resin). Prices are intimidating & seem steep, but the second you try his medication, you understand what all the hype is about.

  66. Anonymous

    This is great!

  67. Anonymous

    I suffer from severe migraines due to a major car accident where I suffered whiplash. Since I started using the LHO, the headaches have been tolerable which has improved my overall demeanour. This is a must have for anyone looking to reduce pain and soreness and completely alleviate your pain as well. I have had several pain free days because of the LHO and not only do I highly recommend it, I plan on using it forever.

  68. Anonymous

    I enjoyed the product very much .

  69. Anonymous

    This product ROCKS!!!!! I smoke for 100% recerational use… I highly recommend you spend the cash to try it.. Well worth it! I dab it with my Nector Collector and ohhhhh boy…. Need a small amount, no taste, really baked….. Just do it!!!!

  70. Anonymous

    Great for my pain chronic back , shoulder and migraines .I found it was well worth trying for my anxiety .Great all around medicine .

  71. Anonymous

    Amazing medicine! As soon as I recievied it I was more than happy to try some low temp dabs, I was plesently surprised by the flavor, and then a second later realized how clean and strong this medicine really is. Anxiety melts away, any pain is gone, if I could afford it this would be my everyday medicine.

  72. I have severe spinal issues, degenerative disc disease and suffer from anxiety. Before I tried activated lho a was basically bed reden. The pain was to unbearable!!! I had to try it and the results blew my family away!! I was actually active for the first time in months, was able to go for walks, family bbqs and my anxiety disappeared!! But being on disability income it’s very hard for me to afford, id love to keep a stock of it because to me it’s a miracle med!!thanks to Horatio & HD for such a awesome med!!

  73. Anonymous

    Well here we go I thought I was only a pot type smoker but the concentrates let alone the oils. Well I can assure you that the money spent will be pennies compared to the experience……sweet thick lusty curly smoke with a smooth finish. As for a topical it has cured skin rashes that all the doctors said was just a genetic condition…… who knew it would cure my GENETICS………(Dr.’s….?) as for pain relief I find it will turn a migraine into just a slightly uncomfortable headache and for me this is amazing,… more days of suffering just one evening with soft music and low lights. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH how much these products have changed my life for the better and the cost is daily affordable for people like my self on a limited income. Do yourself a FAVOR as a Smoker as a Patient and as a proud Canadian and Connoisseur of all Cannabis. This is pure…….PURE medicine.

  74. Anonymous

    A great medicine for whatever ails yah! I used this medicine to combat arthritis and migraines and ot certainly was effective in subdueing those issues. My fiance has issues with anxiety and sleep deprivation as well and had her try a bit, as we had exhausted all avenues with big pharma finding something that worked but didn’t leave her in a zombified state and sure enough this natural, refined, concentrate did the trick! I always keep a little in the medicine cabinet and use it as our go to when our ailments act up. Thanks Horatio! And thank you HerbalDispatch! Best mail-order people in the buis!

  75. Fantastic! Great taste. Thanks HD

  76. This stuff is the real deal. Not as tasty as I would have thought. But boy does it pack a punch. Smoked a pinner when I first got it and u was high before the joint finished. That hasn’t happened since I was in my teens.

  77. Anonymous

    I thought this stuff was a little pricey at first but after sampling I knew it was worth every penny. Very clean honey. For those seeking some premo headstash honey, this concentrate is for you! It’s also nice to know your smoking a chemically free solvent extract! A+++

  78. Anonymous

    the taste of purity on exhale is bliss..the bee’s knees, hands down the dopest …dope i’ve ever fckin’ smoked ! Horatio’s 3 michelin stars in my books

  79. Anonymous

    There’s not much of a taste at all, which is a good thing if you need to take this product on a daily basis. It is relatively expensive, but you get what you pay for and this is definitely worth it if you can afford it.

  80. Anonymous

    This is the pinnacle of what we have all been waiting for – the finest ingredients put together in the most sophisticated way with the latest of technology. What else can I say – a superb product! I’ve searched high and low for a clean product like this one – you truly have and want to experience this for yourself

  81. Anonymous

    Well I have to say by far the best pain killer for my fybromyalga and my migraines head aches. This is the only thing that cut out my migraines as soon as the start. I would suffer for days at a time. Now I just take a little on the finger and tack it to my gums and within 5 mins…poof…gone. When it comes to my fybromyalga all the painful inflammation and shooting nerve pain gets so much better. I say 75% of my pain gone but I have to take it 3 times a day for that to stay consistent. I would take this for the rest of my life if it wasn’t for the price. Now i’m not saying it’s not worth it because it is but when your really hurt and can’t work… well you get the rest. It is such a beautiful light green almost clear. I like the taste so much better than Pheonix Tears. You hardly taste anything. I find you feel LHO in the head as a clear buzz compared to feeling a little dopey with the Pheonix Tears. This stuff is amazing. Thank you again Horatio for this wonderful medicine. I have never dabbed it before but in celebration of 420 I’ll just go do that now. HAPPY 420 HORATIO DILBERT and HD!!!

  82. Anonymous

    I’ve Followed Horatio for some time on Bubbleman and always wondered where I could find the LHO. Found Herbal Dispatch and lo and behold, there it was. Ordered and when it arrived put a dab in the bong and was blown away. Smooth, tasty, and produced a great high. Cleanest product I’ve tasted. Great work Horatio. Process is time-consuming I’m sure, but the end product is fantastic.

  83. Anonymous

    The though and care out into these products is second to none. From everything I’ve tried from horatio has made one thing clear that clean, clarity and terpene profiles are most important.

  84. Anonymous

    I’d like to start saying I’m a PHD phyto chemist. Horatio’s OR HORATIO DILBERT CONCENTRATES
    Is using the newest technology, and at the best price. Activated LHO has the carbon atom removed, converting delta 9 THC, to THC-A. THIS process normally achieved with fire or passing through the liver.
    This is essentially (almost) pure THC. GREAT for dabs.
    LHO is one of the only processes that IS 100% solvent FREE.
    This is next level. Transdermal meaning skin absorbs thc.
    Best $ for product if your a connesseur it’s a staple. Clear minded, but medicated. It’s a technological masterpiece.
    THANK YOU Horatio.

  85. Anonymous

    is a great experience clean product!!! but for a daily use or used as a medicine is not possible to expensive and i have had better relief from cheaper easier products but its very cool just not pratical as a medicine at all thanks for all u do Horatio it is much appreciated

  86. Anonymous

    Was actually more than what I expected it to be. I found it uplifted me more than anything and I broke through a plateau at the gym with it. I would have to say the only downside is the sticky mouth and flavour that stays in your mouth for 2-3 hours after ingestion. Plus, it’s a bit pricy, so it’s more of an occasion kinda thing for me

  87. Anonymous

    Was actually more than what I expected it to be. I found it uplifted me more than anything and I broke through a plateau at the gym with it. I would have to say the only downside is the sticky mouth and flavour that stays in your mouth for 2-3 hours after ingestion. Plus, it’s a bit pricy, so it’s more of an occasion kinda thing for me

  88. Anonymous

    Activated LHO is the best medicine for me. I have crohns disease and when I drop a grain of rice of the oil under my tongue, takes about 20-30minutes to work but pain goes away for hours. When I dab it, its instant relieve as everybody say and when I mix it with Live resin lho it feels like a complete spectrum high that makes me feel so good. This is by far the best product Ive tried from horatio. 5/5

  89. Anonymous

    If i could put 10 star i will, like every product of horatio , its always a grade upper than every other compared item , the lho is cleaaner and alot more potend than the others ” clear” distilled thc , HORATIO , is a beast and never failed to make the peapol right , and satisfied!

  90. Anonymous

    Recently ordered some LHO and I was amazed it’s unreal how fast I got medicated.
    The flavour is basically non-existant, I ingested/vaped/dabbed and couldn’t get any hints of herb or skunk smell which means it’s very pure.
    Ordering some more as we speak :)!

  91. the top quality of extracted medicines. Clean, efficient, and effective!!!

  92. This is a now psychoactive medicine that is for people with chronic pain, sleep disorders, cancer and epilepsy. This is an oral ingestion or absorbed product that is suite for people who do not like the high feeling and is not a recommended scale to appropriately rate this product so please do your homework first and research every medicine you intend taking herbal or like wise. Personally I rate this product 5/5 it works for me and I survived a double discectomy from a broken neck and severe PTSD from the military all related. So… this is a great product and remember it has to build up in your system so exercise restrain do don’t try to chase the dragon, (high) this is not how this product works.

  93. Amazing highs!!
    Some great flavours!!!
    Some for day and night time!!!

  94. Kind of disappointed in this

  95. Cant get better than this for the price! Only the best quality and price from hd!!

  96. Very clean didnt get me as far as i wanted but still good

  97. I have to say I tip of my hat to you Horatio Delbert. This is such a clean product. It is very sticky and light light green almost clear. I take the Pheonix Tears and what I like about the LHO is that it’s more of a clear head high but it takes my fybromyalga pain away. Now that is huge. I ingest it. Didn’t like dabbing it so much and for my pain I rather ingest it. I also fund the Pheonix Tears stain my teeth and LHO doesn’t. I do find it stronger than Pheonix Tears but I still do love Pheonix tears for the price. I could never afford to take a tube daily of LHO. I wish the price was lower so that the people who don’t work like me and can’t because of a disability could afford to take this. That is my only complaint. Thank you Herbal Dispatch it is an amazing product and thank you Horatio Delbert!

  98. Anonymous

    Defiantly very expensive but the quality is amazing , found it to be not as heavy hitting as horatios live resins but still have very good . Overall would order again

  99. A+++! I cant say enough good things about Horatio Delbert Concentrates. This product is… amazing! SUPER GOLDEN GLOBs. Perfect for ingesting. Very interesting to dab. Super clean… Great products all around.

  100. Anonymous

    this guy is a arrogant piece of shit!! but makes good products

  101. The saying holds true: “You get what you pay for.”

  102. The ppl disapoint , or tink that stuff dont worth the price i tell you juste one tings , you dont know what the medecine of the canabinoid… Learn lol,

    Thats def the new way to get medicated , its translucid aparence leave no fucking residu , and you can keep your puff for like 20 sec without harsh taste , thats the better ting i ave smoke in my life , def gonna load up with this nice future exctactrion , thats way best than bho wax and others stuff , give a try not gonna be disapointed , horatio delbert is a verry knowleged person in buesniess!! 10010

  103. Anonymous

    Yea I’m kinda disappointed with this one, mainly for the price. It is really high quaility and is the future of medicine IMO. But price needs to come down. I agree that it doesn’t pack that much of a punch smoking or taste very great. It’s not a bad taste but nothing like the live resin lho for 100 a g, which tastes like heaven and hits very hard. The same with oral ingestion, I agree you get more of a buzz off the phoenix tears. I ate a .4 of this through the day after having a wisdom tooth out, and would call it only a functional buzz…but very clean and euphoric. a .4 of phoenix tears puts me on my ass everytime with a high tollerence. I don’t think I’ll be getting this again. If your looking for a good smoking buzz go with the Lho live resin over this

  104. Consistency was way off. Didn’t feel anything after rubbing it on my gums because the material sticks to the finger and doesn’t want to slide on the gums I found. Put about double the grain of a rice into a gel capsule and took 1. nothing. took another one but upping the dose. nothing.

    My honest review is that this really wasn’t worth paying $110 for. I’ve felt more from phoenix tears. Is this worth 4 phoenix tears? No. Not even close.

  105. Ok lets get Real iv been Waiting to Order this After Reading these Reviews,1st i do NOT know how long you been using THC
    Products,As for me im a 42 Year User Chronic,I have to be Totally Honest iv Bought Honey Oil from Others @ $50 gr and was just as GOOD as this,Same as i read Reviews on Leafly And read People say OH i just tried So & So Strain and i seen Colors or the Wall Moved,STOP iv WORKED all over the World as i work with Race Horses so iv tried a LOT of THC Products and have NEVER had anything like that happen to me,Unless i Dropped some LSD,And iv been Smoking WEED since i was 13,This is NO Couch LOCK as iv already done 6 DABs,And still STANDING LOL
    Thank You All
    Have a Great Weekend,Now time too move on too the BUDs & see if i can see some NICE Color Show,LOL

  106. This product is truly amazing and you can really tell the difference from the regular shatters and wax. But I like to use this to top my shatter and wax to give it that extra kick.

  107. I think is the most pure medication out there….Thanks to Horatio and herbal dispatch….your the best!!!

  108. QUALITY AND PURITY is written all over this oil. A very potent and relaxing effect. You need very little for a long effect!! Great for those with Chrons Disease, IBS, Insomnia and Pain. 10 out of 10! Use very little to begin with and work your way from there. Thank you again Herbal Dispatch!

  109. Anonymous

    Im a chemist, ordered 2 to start the day arrived i bought more….. Enough said? Research my frends this is newest of new from H. D. C. Bravo Horatio, and sincere thanks. Also thanks to herbal dispatch for their dedication to quality….

  110. Anonymous

    ya what they^ said…. lol simply amazing

  111. Really happy I loaded up on the LHO, it seems to sell out fast.Tried the oral method, but will be buying capsules to avoid “sticky mouth”

  112. Just received mine today, strong stuff and is very potent. Great herbal medicine. Great for pain relief and achieves maximum harm reduction for the lungs.

  113. This is the real deal folks LHO is the future.
    I could not be more impressed with the level of customer service, i recieved however what speaks volumes to me is the dedication to best medication available. Period. As a PHD chemist, employed by york university as a lead researcher. I understand, and see the value….. Where others may be affraid of pricing… Im my “expert” opinion…. Nowhere ete else can you get this medicinal quality.. The term “medicinal” is vague.. Do your research friends.
    Learn the value and privilege of having these meds avsilable to you. . I am greatful..
    Mark S, Toronto

  114. Anonymous

    nicest cleanest looking and tasting oil i dabded in my life and wow never experienced a dab til now with this Lho it is a must if u have not tried this great product its worth every dollar and there is alot of dabs in 1 syringe!

  115. Anonymous

    Daaaaaaaaayum. Yeah I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this product. Don’t let the price fool you. You get ALOT of bang for your buck. I picked up some big gelatin capsules. Put just a tiny drop about double the size of a grain of rice in a capsule and off to the moon I went. This is real medicine right here. I have had a decent amount of experience with edibles so I was surprised at how little it took me to feel medicated.

  116. Wow!! Where to begin with this…this saved my life literally! It has been the only thing to actually stop my clusterheadaches! True medicine that you can actually feel working. Most beneficial orally but deffinitely effective and potent for dabbing to. You need to use way less than you regularly would just like with all of horatios products because of how superior they are. This man pours his heart and soul into his work and you can for sure tell!! Dont let price deter you at all! It is worth every dollar! Combined with herbal dispatches excellent and unique customer service it was the most pleasant experience yet! Herbal Dispatch for life, superior quality and compassionate pricing. Thanks so much guys!

  117. A friend had some of this…super citrus taste and extremely potent. Only do half your regular dab with this stuff or else you won’t be doing anything for a long time, Some of the most potent stuff I’ve ever tried!

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