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Balm (HDC) – Activated LHO Transdermal

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Sold By: Horatio Delbert Concentrates
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Product Description

THC direct delivery acute care in a pharmaceutically elegant finished gel.

Activated LHO is a 100% solvent-free cannabis concentrate, unmatched in its potency and purity. Activated LHO is a translucent oil, up to 96% THC, and is activated by a specially-developed process to make it effective in oral and trans-dermal applications. Cannabis is extracted using d-Limonene, the major component of the oil extracted from citrus rind.

Transdermal medications are absorbed through the skin or mucosal membranes instead of by oral or injectable routes. Transdermal delivery of concentrated cannaboinoid compounds can be effectively used for both acute and chronic therapy.

Marijuana is lipophilic, which means that it can be dissolved into a fat-soluble substance and readily enter cell membranes. In other words, it can be effective when applied topically on the skin. Marijuana can be used transdermally to relieve pain from many conditions. Medical marijuana can be a balm, lotion, ointment or rubbing alcohol solution. In the old days when people only had plants to use for medication, many patients would soak marijuana leaves in alcohol and apply them as a poultice to an arthritic or swollen joint.

Contains: 14 grams

Q and A: The Innovations of Horatio Delbert

56 reviews for Balm (HDC) – Activated LHO Transdermal

  1. I love this cream/salve. I use it for anything from a headache to neck pain, and even for gastrointestinal applied right to the tummy and it really does relieve discomfort and pain to the point where I can move on and forget about it. Thanks HD

  2. I’ve commented on this a while ago regarding pain but I had to write another comment because this balm is absolutely amazing. I have used it in my acne which it has cleared up unbelievably. I used it on a huge dry patch of skin I had on my thumb. It was so itchy and crusty and I literally had it there for years. Until I applied this cream and it cleared it up in a matter of days! There’s now fresh skin where the huge dry patch use to be. I cannot say enough about this stuff. Pricey but worth it. I managed to make one of these last me for a year! Ordering more soon! Thank you to HD and Horatio for providing us with this amazing product!

  3. I ordered this for my father who has swollen legs, restless leg syndrome, nerve pain In his feet and muscle tension in his legs! Nothing the doctors have prescribed had worked! I ordered this HDC cream and it’s a God send. All his symptoms are gone! Thank HDC and Herbal Dispatch for supplying this amazing product!

  4. Bought for my mother with diabetic nerve pain, she loved it!!

  5. Bought for a family member with ongoing chronic pain and it works really well! no harsh scent and it does not leave the skin oily. Abit small for the price but when used in moderation can last awhile!

  6. Excellent product. I had carpal tunnel surgery recently and applied the cream 2″ above and below my incision. At first the area was really cold and tingly. Then the little twitches of nerve pain grew in intensity and frequency over a few minutes, then subsided. I realized the nerve tingles were stimulating, as opposed to painful. Not sure what is going on but it feels better. I will always have this on hand for wound care and aches and pains. Very nice light scent and absorbs into the skin leaving a little non-greasy residue. Lid is easy to remove to help with arthritic joints.

  7. This is an excellent product for aches and pains. I noticed it brought down swelling after 1 use and helps releive discomfort of muscle and joint pain. Will definitely be keeping one of these balms on hand all the time.

  8. Used it for my sciatic nerve pain that was extremely bad one day. It hurt every time I moved. After I put this on my pain decreased at least by 50% or more right away. Is non greasy and doesn’t smell bad at all. Smells kind of refreshing. Would like to be able to have an option to purchase a larger amount. Works well. Knew horatio’s stuff wouldn’t disappoint! Thanks!

  9. Anonymous

    Way too small for the price, and not so much effective imo. Took away about 30% of my neck pain, same for my girlfriend and didn’t change a thing for my lower back problems. Didn’t feel any effect on my skin, but + side, nice smell and smooth on the skin, not greasy or anything like that. Overall not a bad product, but way overprice according to us. If the price was around 20-25$, I’d give it 4 stars probably.

  10. Anonymous

    I love this product. It has a very light scent and is not greasy at all. I have massaged this on my wrists for carpal tunnel and it has so far soothed the shooting nerve tingles I have been getting. I also massaged some into the sole of each foot and it really has helped relax the knots. I often roll my feet on a lacrosse ball to loosen up and it often is “uncomfortably good”. This balm right after helped loosen the tightness. I did not feel the tingling sensation others reported but it did help diminish the discomfort. I can see how a very little can go a long way so do not shy away from the price if you can afford it for the relief.

  11. definitely works, price is up there but you know its working when you feel the tingles…not much more to say then it took alot of my pain away

  12. really wasn’t sold on the price, still good stuff but I feel like there should have been a bit more of the product for the price. considering buying this again. still great stuff. 3/5

  13. Very effective balm. Best balm money can buy if you as this guy.

  14. I hope hd gets more so i can order some soon! The balm worked wonders. I applied it once on my back to relieve everyday pain from work. This product works and lasts long.

  15. Anonymous

    Amazing product! I have enlarged lymph nodes from an ear infection. This stuff completely gets rid of the pain and after a few uses seems to be reducing the swelling as well. Excellent for headaches too!

  16. Great product! Excellent pain releif. Highly recomend for people with any pain or injuries!

  17. Anonymous

    After a long day of worj and being on my feet all day my feet and legs killed! I rubbed some of this Balm and pum! Gone! Amazing stuff! 100% recommend it!!! 😀

  18. Anonymous

    I have elbow dolor once in a while, rubbed it with this wonderful cream for 30sec-1min, the really the pain goes away almost instantly. Price is high but its quality stuff. Would be 6 stars to me if it was a little cheaper

  19. I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the topical cream. I just finished the container and am really surprised. This is the longest lasting topical I have ever used! It stays on the skin for hours after applying it and the pain relief is undeniable. I primarily used it when the weather was bad and pain was spiking. Within minutes of application I found my pain levels decreasing. This is a product that has immediate and noticeable medical benefits. Thank you for allowing me to try it!!

  20. I use this product to relieve my migraines. Just a bit on my temples or back of my neck, and within 3 minutes my migraine is either very manageable or completely gone.

    This product is literally a life saver, as my migraines reduce me to a vomiting, crying mess. It allows me to work!!! I’ve always had to be sent home as I could not function. I cried with joy when I first used this, thank you so much for bringing this product in. I coulsn’t live life without this.

  21. I literally haven’t felt pain in my spine for days now since getting this. I didn’t do major damage but every day from my early 20’s I’ve had back pain and tightness. I can do some more moderate and heavy exercises with this and I don’t have to do my back stretches every few hours and spend days in pain to recover and then try more exercises. I feel light on my feet again and that is a great feeling.

  22. Anonymous

    This product is quite amazing. After repeated use, a severe chronic pain issue which has caused swelling and some days diabilatating pain, had pain relief along with more mobility quickly. I have mixed feelings about putting a review in for it as it Is already a product very quickly that sells out. By putting in a review more people will want this product( and you should if you have chronic pain or inflammation) and I will have a more difficult time getting it. I am after all struggling trying to live with the suicide disease. Really all, this is an amazing product!!!

  23. Ive tried the pain mj balm and the healing salve but they don’t compare to this product.
    Just Wow! I have recurrent kidney pains, pains in my back and pre-menstrual pains and as soon as I put this on, I get a warm tingly feeling at the site and the pain just disappears.
    It is crazy expensive for the amount but because of how well it works and the nice feeling that takes the place of the pain, I’ll buy it over and over again.
    Completely worth the price. Amazing.

  24. Relieves my joint pain in fingers almost instantly. Worked well for post surgery healing/inflammation and pain associated with. Effects last at least 2 hours per application, with a nice smell. I am very light skinned and it does not stain like some lower quality cannabis topical would. My only issue is the amount you get for the price.

  25. I’ve tried a few balms here at HD , this one provided instant results

  26. Anonymous

    This cream is a game-changer. I am an aging soccer player, who also has Lyme disease. This means that not only do I ache, but I ache much easier and more painfully than I used to before Lyme, and before arthritis. After soccer, I usually hobble for 3 days. I put this on right after a game and my knees felt like I hadn’t even played – and the next day, I went for a hike (that never happens).

    I have read comments here of many saying it is incredible, and then the occasional person saying it is useless. I have since tested this on a number of friends who have various ailments. 5 out of 6 of them had the same results as me, whereas one had absolutely no effect. I believe if you have right cannabinoid receptors, this a magic; and if you don’t, it does nothing.

    Congratulations on making this product. It shows that you are a very committed perfectionist. Thank you. Please do not stop making this.

  27. Great Product, amazed at results, rubbed on groin after tweaking it and the pain relief and mobility was back in a few minutes, effective medicine, wish it were cheaper.

  28. Anonymous

    Great stuff for sore and stiff joints! Incredibly quick in feeling the results ?

  29. Anonymous

    I have been suffering with lower back and sciatic nerve pain for over two years with little to no relief. This product has been incredibly helpful with my nerve pain in my leg and anyone who suffers from this knows how hard it is to find any comfort when you have nerve pain. Amazing relief from both acute and chronic pain! I have used it on my elbow, shoulder and even my jaw and there is nothing that it hasn’t helped with! I cannot tell you how much this has changed my day to day life. A thousand thanks you are in order to both Horatio and herbal dispatch!

  30. Anonymous

    Well its about time ….lol….a solid relief from elbow and joint pain associated with vibrating equipment or repedative movement. As a landscaper working with weedie machines this is the best I have found so far. A few minutes after application and I m good to go back to work again. I feel like I m in my 20’s again. Who knew a little dab could take 25 years off worth of arthritic and the likes of pain.

  31. I think anyone who endures back pain would be forever grateful for something that aleviates this condition.That is what this product provides.To be able to join with my grandchildren for back yard fun is a blessing I will always be grateful to Horatio for.You can not put a price on health and well being.Life is too short, this product helps provide me with the ability to enjoy it.

  32. Anonymous

    It helped relieve so much pain. Thank you for making this product available. I wish I could afford to by a tub full..

  33. Anonymous

    After many perscriptions….A product that relieves arthritis pain,, finally!

  34. Anonymous

    I have to say I am quite impressed with this product. I bought it originally for a rash that magically appeared all over my body. But considering the size there’s no way I could use it in that way. But for pain…Wow…it works!!! I have a lot of muscle and tendon and nerve pain all over. Where ever I put it I get a cool tingly feeling and the pain dissappears in that location. My wrists hurt especially when i’m texting or emailing on my phone or at the computer. This cream takes away that pain in minutes. I find you don’t have to use a lot but you do have to message it in for a minute for best relief. For my muscles that are always clenching my spine I use after a nice soak in a bath and it feels like tingles instead of pain. Thank you Horatio again for an amazing pain relieving product. For anybody who doesn’t like to smoke ( can’t imagine anyone like that on this site. Lol) this should be the goods for you. I personally love Horatio’s LHO and his tasty live resins. He makes the best medicine and I am so happy I found his products. It’s a tad pricy but we’ll worth it.

  35. Anonymous

    I never fail to be amazed at this product. Everything I want without any side effects, and no obnoxious order!! 5-20 minutes for pain relief. Seconds to apply!

  36. Worked well thank you.

  37. Anonymous

    I purchased this for my mom after she had her knee replaced. She had great relief from this product, as she was trying to wean off pain killers. I now use what is left for my migraines and TMJ flare ups. Great product.

  38. Anonymous

    Buccal application works as well. Direct to site relief if using on the skin.

  39. Happy with it!

  40. This product is amazing. I use it for severe chronic pain in my right upper extremity and this gel has provided the most pain relief out of any creams/topical products I have tried (and there have been many!).
    The sensation is unlike anything I can describe and the effects last for at least a half hour.

    I use it sparingly since it is such a small amount for the price, but in all fairness a little goes a long way.

  41. AMAZING!!!! I had severely swollen lymph nodes for over 2 months. The worst was being assumed and tests were about to get very serious! I still had a fair portion of this product left and figured what have I got to lose!! Applied 3 x a day for 3 days now. All I can say is, what swollen lymph nodes??????? F$&king amazing! Horatio, I might owe you a hell of a lot more than A thank-you!!

  42. Quality product, easy to apply also

  43. This is much better than the MJ pain cream and well worth the price. It’s great on its own for dermal applications but what I find best about is that the oil when applied with heat makes the skin have a nice texture to use massage techniques and trigger points on.

  44. Anonymous

    This is quite simply the most fantastic cannibis cream that I have had. I have chronic neck problem, and I have found to rub a glob into my skin adjacent to my facet joints. The immediate result is a pain reduction but I also felt anti-inflammatory properties. This was often enough to skip a painkiller, which is the best measure of LHO that I can provide. And it goes without saying that this outperforms other topicals like voltaren or pennsaid

  45. Anonymous

    Truly amazing balm. Developed an abscessed tooth on a Friday, used TD Balm on my skin, under eye and then decided to apply directly to gums. The effect was almost like a dental visit, and the swelling was down by Sunday morning. The lemon makes the taste much better and different from the other CBD-THC medicinal oils I use daily. did I say Truly amazing?

  46. Works great and feels great too. Wish it came in bigger sizes.

  47. Ineffective. Works less than “free transdermals”. Steer clear, annoying waste. All other hd products worked and were genuine. Cat

  48. 5 $tars!!!

  49. Very Nice! Will be buying again. It would be nice if this was available in a larger container. It seems to reduce redness on my weird skin and scars quite nicely for a couple of days after 1 application. Unfortunately the container is so small i can only get 3 applications out of one container.

  50. Fast acting best cream out there literally works immediately. Wow another home run for H. D. C.

  51. Awsome product! Worth every cent!

  52. Superb balm. Also effective in treating skin conditions and ailments. Wish product was available in a 1 oz. size. Have to order more.

  53. Expensive like all other LHO products but high quality and pretty much works immediately.

  54. The best…works almost right away

  55. This is THE cream that you need, work fast and last long. Thanks Horatio.

  56. I would give this 6 stars if possible. Was in a pretty bad auto wreck the other week. Was in a fair amount of pain. This stuff works wonders. Took a few hours but this stuff works better than the pills the doc have me.

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