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The Icarus Predicament: What to Do When You Are Too High


  1. Anonymous

    I need something that will knock me out !! Can you please help me? I’ve had chronic sciatic pain for over 20 years. I had to leave work as the pain was unbearable. I tried 100 mg of thc with 30mg of cbd — it did nothing. I’m on CPP right now so I have limited income.
    I think I a combination of 400mg thc and 100 mg of cbd ( Indica). I can’t sleep because the pain wakes me up. I need help please- I’m trying to stop fentanyl.

  2. Anonymous

    being to high sucks, i ate a lovely chocolate, i laughed for about 45 mins, hystericly, i literally thought i was going to die laughing, not a bad way to go i guess, anyway i remembered the antidote lol, i ate a cbd chocolate and went to sleep. i don’t think i,m cut out for thc.

  3. Anonymous

    I thought orange juice…ie vitamin C was good to help alliviat being to high…or is it an old wives tail?!? I tend to meditate or sleep…but I was the preverbial Obilix that fell into the magic pot when I was a baby! ;p one love ols 🙂

  4. Breathing and working out in general, whether going for a jog or lifting weights or yoga is perfect when you get way, way too high. Not only does it focus your mind away from the paranoia and tunnel vision thoughts but it also feels just fucking awesome for your body.

    Nice article btw!

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