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How Cannabis Can Save Us From Opioid Abuse


  1. Anonymous

    Madison Cole, thank you for your blog post.Really thank you! Awesome.

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Anonymous

    I am an ex opioid addict and a daily consumer of marijuana. I recently suffered from a painful back issue. During the duration of my pain my family doctor refused any prescribed opioids but encouraged marijuana’s use. Great? I’m here to tell you no. Marijuana did not even touch the pain I was experiencing and there was no relief from use….. However my spoiled appetite from the extreme pain was much healthier with marijuana use.
    Going through opioid withdrawals is hell on earth and when I could actually pull myself together to smoke something I would feel better for ten minutes or so but that’s it….. don’t get me wrong, I love marijuana and I’m all for it’s legalization and medicinal use however I think a lot of the talk is a bunch of crap and people are trying to put way too much stock in the actual abilities when it comes to pain relief if anything at most I agree that getting “stoned” is enough of a temporary distraction for the user to ignore their pain for a short time but long term intense pain…. come on guys it’s time to be reasonable and truthful…. marijuana hasn’t got anything close to the pain relief posibilities of opioids nor can it ever completely replace them. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve ever left a comment about anything online but it’s about time someone told the actual truth!

  4. garry.

    I agree whole heartedly. I am recovering from opioid addiction and I can honestly say that marijuana has helped me as much as methadone has. There is a very serious trend in Canada where doctors prescribe opioids for minor injuries and in some cases where no injury is present at all and these patients are taking the pills and selling them on the black market. The onus has to be on the governing body to stifle this flow of pills from pharmacies to drug dealers. Much harsher regulations need to be implemented where doctors come under more scrutiny for prescribing these life taking drugs. Fraudulent pills only represent a fraction of the pills on the street. It is unacceptable for capitalism to trump the welfare of our communities. To hell with the profit margins of these huge pharmaceutical companies.

  5. Anonymous

    I find it very interesting that we a gripped in the midst of a still growing opioid disaster, yet in Ontario opioids are covered by drug plans and/or OHIP, while cannabis, which has been shown to be a much safer alternative, is not covered by drug plans or OHIP. The only coverage available is for our veterans.

    Other than our government protecting pharmaceutical companies, I see no logical reason why drug coverage policy should not be reversed. Cover the cost of prescribed cannabis and drop coverage of opioids. If the government was truly intent on saving lives, that would already have been done.

    I live on disability benefits (ODSP), which leaves very little disposable income. I suffer from chronic, debilitating pain. Cannabis is quite expensive and there are times that I cannot afford it. Yet opioids are covered by OHIP. Because of that, I am forced to use opioids (which have been proved to be dangerous and addictive) for pain relief, while I have to often forgo cannabis (which is safe and non-addictive).

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