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Herbal Dispatch is Joining the Legal Marketplace


  1. Anonymous

    HD has been my favorite site to order from and I have 13 ppl referred in last year and a half. Thats 14 customers lost and no more referrals. Thats too bad, good luck. Donate my accumulated points to a homeless shelter or something.

  2. Why would I need a license, when marijuana will be legal for recreational use? That makes no sense. Why now? You should’ve done this years ago or not at all. It will be YEARS before concentrates and edibles are legal. This is literally the only thing I buy from your site. Your herb is overpriced and underwhelming, quality wise. This is so disappointing. I expect this to be the end of your business.

  3. So you are ditching all your wonderful high quality craft cannabis growers and selling the low quality LP irradiated green that nobody who smokes now will want? Sounds like somebody hasn’t thought this move through. HD used to be an advocates haven and now it’s just another federal legalization joke. Hope you don’t get eaten alive by the big guys.

  4. Anonymous

    I’m sure you”vet thought it through and HD had the shoe in the door for recreational now you’ve dumped that market. Expect to be lost in the sea of medical dispensaries out there. Good luck!

  5. Anonymous

    if recreational marijuana will be legalized this October why would I get a license ACMPR when its legalized I can’t understand why herbal dispatch is doing this there should be a two types of membership one with the license and the other one without makes sense. because a lot of your members will go somewhere else where you could purchase a recreational marijuana without the license. I am so disappointed with this plan of yours.

  6. Anonymous

    Wow so many replies, covering all of the questions I have. In particular what will happen to my favs, concentrates and oils? Will I be able to purchase these items with my “licence”. Bet you are going to have a lot of customers stocking up. Should be a banner month for HD. You have a loyal customer. Looking forward to more information.

  7. Anonymous

    This is a big mistake HD, makes no sense to me. If it’s legal why need a prescription?? Too bad.

  8. Anonymous

    I predited that Canadians’ access would go down after “legalization.” Sorry to hear that Herbal Dispatch will play a role in that.

  9. Anonymous

    I do have a medical marijuana license.. I just hope that once legal that benefits will start paying the marijuana as a prescription… Marijuana can be quite costly!!

  10. So dissapointed… and so many questions.. legalisation is being implemented so poorly..

  11. Anonymous

    Please leave me the walktrough if possible, thanks!

  12. Anonymous

    I’m very disappointed that you will require a medical prescription for purchases on the legal market. If it really is legal for recreational use, why is this required? You’re my favorite supplier and I won’t be able to order from you anymore. I don’t think this is a very good choice for you. You’re going to lose a lot of clients that do not have access to medical licensing.

  13. Anonymous

    Hope this process is easy/affordable to get ACMPR or you maybe loosing a customer which i hate because i love your site/service. Good luck to you all.

  14. Anonymous

    Will the full menu of edibles & tinctures be available after Oct 17 ?

  15. Anonymous

    I’m just curious as to why we need proof of a medical need if cannabis will be legal recreationally.

  16. Anonymous

    Once the new legislation is in effect on October 17th, will you still be able to ship to other provinces who all have their own rules? Ie. Ontario?

  17. Anonymous

    I am so glad of the new purchasing options that will be available, Interac was a real pain for me, as it never worked from order to order for me. Will the ACMPR process be a long one or an over the computer one time thing that we will need to go thru. Also I am very glad that i shall keep my points as i have quite a sum collected already. I am anxious to the re-opening of HerbalDispatch on OCT17 and I will be in contact with you at that time. Until then I know you all at the business will be very busy so i shall not bother you until the re-opening date…Tim

  18. Anonymous

    Will you be accepting Pay Pal for payment?
    Thank you.
    Mike D

  19. Anonymous

    Well it’s been nice doing business with you for the last 18 months or so, but since I am not ACPMR certified I will need to find another supplier. If the process to become certified is completely through HD, then I may reconsider. If I need a doctor, that is just not going to happen in my area. Also with the downtime I will need to locate a new supplier anyway so I will likely continue with them.

    Disappointed with the news, but it is understandable that you would take this route.

  20. Anonymous

    My past experiences with LP’s has been nothing short of abysmal, which is why I came to Herbal Dispatch. Like every one else I hope nothing changes, but I have concerns. Will you now be charging the full tax for example? I have a current licence but it expires on Sept 21st, someone else mentioned what can we do to start the process now so there are no lags. HD is my preferred vendor, hope I’m not worrying over nothing.

  21. Anonymous

    I am a news subscriber to Herbal Dispatch, I have my medical marijuana license. Was wondering if I can purchase from your site or do I have to wait for whatever reason? If so please explain. Thanks , Have a nice day.

  22. Anonymous

    If you are going to be following a legal system can I assume there will be no more edibles or concentrates? Why is it customers now have to register through ACMPR a month before it becomes recreational? Not sure how this is beneficial to your customer base as I won’t be able to order any of the products I typically do. Many of the strains grown by licensed producers are capped at 14% THC. meaning the availability of strains for customers and their medical conditions are not going to be met. This is very unfortunate news for your customers.

  23. The legislation has me very confused as to medical dispensaries vs retail dispensaries. I’ve read a lot about the retail side…just about nothing about the medical side. I assume there will still be 2 levels—medical dispensaries and retail stores, but I’m unsure about even that. Medical dispensaries are currently allowed to sell oils, caps, etc., but from what I understand, the legislation controlling retail stores does not allow for the sale of oils, edibles, etc., for about a year after the legislation first comes into effect on October 17th. Will medical dispensaries be allowed to continue selling oils, or will that form be barred for a year, the same as with retail stores?

    Dosist (which I am REALLY looking forward to being sold in Canada) has indicated that their products will not be available in Canada until the legislation changes to allow the sale of oils. As things currently stand (before the legislation comes into effect) medical dispensaries could sell the Dosist. But when the legislation comes into effect, if neither medical dispensaries nor retail outlets are allowed to sell oils, it could be a whole year before Dosist reaches our market.

    So confused…

  24. Anonymous

    ACMPR question – why is this necessary? Is it mandatory for anyone and everyone who wants to buy marijuana?

  25. Anonymous

    Does this ‘legalization’ mean we can deduct off our tax returns, as you can with federally approved producers? Thanks

  26. Anonymous

    I am just wondering if the products you currently have available on your website will continue to be available after September 21? I am wondering specifically about edibles, topicals and the concentrates.

  27. Anonymous

    I dont understand why we need to buy an ACMPR when Recreational Cannabis will be legal at that time. I am not buying a license to smoke pot. Sad to think of all our favourites that will be lost, or has everyone forgotten all the Shatter, Edibles, Topicals, Vapes etc that we love are NOT legal under the new Liberal Fake Legalization. I have a real issue with government LP product as well which the Free Market has always stood above. Taxes, signature on delivery, boring packaging….. For me, a sad day to learn I will lose one of my premier dispensaries….

  28. Anonymous

    What is ACMPR & how am I aware if I already have this qualification? Will I need a prescription from a doctor?
    I am on total disability & have bee helped by the use of the tincture that I have received. What must I do to continue receiving my orders?
    Thank you, Elaine

  29. I already commented for the walkthrough. What I don’t understand is now that it will be legal…why make it harder to order online from your company…very disappointed

  30. Anonymous

    I guess that edibles and concentrates will be taken off the market ? If so that’s a bummer. I have really been getting into the Erba vapour system.
    Its a great medical delivery system for quick relief and impact.

  31. Anonymous

    How does this make sense? Private entities will not be legally allowed to sell cannabis online. And how would Herbal Dispatch be able to re-sell LP product?

  32. I will need the walkthrough please and thank you

  33. You blew it big time
    Are you joking?
    Getting an APMR to order from you

  34. Anonymous

    I am somewhat confused about after cannabis is legal for recreational use, we who use it for medical reasons require a licence to purchase from you. Doesn’t seem fair that if I want to get stupid high, that will be legal and to control my pain, I will need a licence. A friend of mine got his licence here in Ontario and shortly thereafter he was contacted by Ministry of Transportation telling him that he could no longer maintain a AZ truck driver licence. I thought Dr. patient info was confidential but apparently not. I guess purchasing from behind the counter may be the safest way to make a purchase. What surprises me is that this licence problem does not affect those on oxy or other prescription drugs, yet users of cbd or thc are earmarked as soon as they get a licence.

  35. Anonymous

    Will you be carrying your current line of products after re launch or will it be only LP products for now ???? Thanks

  36. Anonymous

    What the fuck!!! They are closing and banning every owner of the illegal dispensaries….. But because your illegal online, you bypass the laws? This is the problem in the cannavis industry right now… All you illegal players should be banned and jailed!!! There are lots of law abiding growers who have waited and obeyed the law to be legal come October 17 and its people like you who muddy the waters for everyone!! Sick of you illegal players finding a loophole to take advantage of the medical program… I wish cops were more competent sometimes…. Wake up people all these illegal players care about is the money in your wallet!!!!!

  37. Anonymous

    I hope it all works out for herbal dispatch not sure I will partake though as Health Canada has cap THC levels to 15 percent and that just doesn’t cut it for me.

  38. Anonymous

    Seems a little backwards…. now that it’s recreationally legal I have to be ACMPR????

    What gives?

  39. Anonymous

    Hi there, just wondering if I can get the actual px thru herbal dispatch or will I be required to provide one to you and that’s “ACMPR certified”? Any info would be great! Thanks Bree-Anne

  40. Anonymous

    Yes, I need “The Walkthrough”. Otherwise I love the service and quality of products and I hope to see a more varied selection as I continue to enjoy the fruits of herbal dispatches labour. Thank you. 🙂

  41. Anonymous

    I just wanted to say that I am very happy to hear that you will be continuing your service and with credit card purchases! 🙂
    Do current customers have to wait until after the 21st to fill out the ACMPR form that is mentioned? If not may I get the ball rolling?
    A very satisfied customer,

  42. Anonymous

    Hi if I allready a ACMPR patient will I have to resend my info

  43. Anonymous

    This is great news for Herbal Dispatch. It remains to be seen though if the new licensed entity will truly be an improvement to (credit cards aside) it’s current customer base. I hope I’m wrong.

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