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Hemp CBD vs Cannabis CBD — What’s The Difference?


  1. Anonymous

    You guys should be ashamed of publishing factually incorrect info. Hemp is not male cannabis. This is very basic stuff.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m seeking a CBD oil for my dog who suffers severely from hip pain. What’s my best route ?

  3. Anonymous

    Also looking for a good cbd…not sure if the patches work better….however, I was told that the Co. producing it, is not
    very reliable when it comes to product problems…

  4. Anonymous

    I was recommended by a client and wish to try a sample package of indica! What is the procedure please?

  5. Anonymous

    There is a pretty glaring piece of misinformation in this article.

    The author states that hemp is the male version of the plant. This is completely incorrect. One of the most useful crops harvested from a hemp field is the seed. The seed is produced by a female plant which has been pollinated by a male plant. If all hemp plants were male, which the author is implying, then there would be no seed to harvest.

  6. Anonymous

    I am looking for CBD with a low THC tincture
    It is for severe pain. Can you help me?

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