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Medical documents can be submitted in a few different ways:
• Your healthcare provider can submit your medical document by secure fax to 1-866-220-2627
• You may drop your medical document off at your local Shoppers pharmacy for it to be submitted by secure fax to us at 1-866-220-2627
• Mail the original medical document to:
Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Inc.
6941 Kennedy Rd, Unit 100
Mississauga, ON L5T 2R6
Unfortunately, due to the patient-sensitive information included on medical documents, these may not be submitted by e-mail.
To renew your medical document, please contact your original healthcare provider (i.e. doctor or nurse practitioner) to book a new appointment. Unfortunately, for legal reasons we are not able to contact your prescriber on your behalf to request a new medical document. For more information on renewing your registration with us and obtaining a new medical document, please visit our website, or connect with our Shoppers Cannabis Care Team via web chat or call us at xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx.
HelloMD is just a click away—please log in to your account at and request a new appointment for a consultation. The team will assist you in obtaining a new medical document from one of their healthcare practitioners.
Once your medical document is received, it is placed in a queue to be processed. After your document is approved, we will notify you by email and then you will be able to place an order. Processing usually takes anywhere from 3 to 5 business days depending on our current volume. We receive and process many medical documents daily, so we’re unable to notify patients when a document is received, but we will ensure you receive an email when the approval process is complete.
Yes, we are pleased to offer a compassionate pricing program which includes a discount of 20% off all cannabis products and accessories. This discount is available to you if your individual annual gross income is below $30,000. To apply for compassionate pricing, please complete the Compassionate Pricing application form and submit this with your proof of eligibility.

Proof of eligibility includes a copy of your Notice of Assessment from the previous tax year (line 15000 of Notice of Assessment from CRA), or a letter/monthly stub from a federal or provincial government assistance program.

Please submit your completed form and proof of eligibility via fax (1-866-220-2627), e-mail (

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