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Edibles for Novices and Adepts Alike


  1. Anonymous

    no offense… but these recipes are lazy and suck….

    maybe teach people how to make GREAT BUTTER PROPERLY, and then give 3 recipes to use that butter in…
    here is MY better butter method

    its simple.. 1 ounce dry herb, 1 lb unsalted butter..

    ~use a double boiler setup, or if you dont have one, Improvise… put a corning or cassarole dish (with a lid) in a water bath
    (put dish in a pot of water…use a bowl in the bottom of the pot as a stand to make sure lip of dish is sitting above water line..)
    ~set pot on stove, turn stove to 3 or 4..
    ~Melt Butter and Add Dry Ground Up Herb
    ~gently boil water for 4 hours..STIR OFTEN
    (use IR Thermometer to ensure mixture doesnt get hotter than 230°F and make sure to keep water topped up)
    ~If desired, Strain Mixture with cheese cloth
    (i personally dont…i use butter right away and dont waste herb… why bother straining if im making BROWNIES?! )

    ok, i freely admit this is where i get lazy af.. two boxes brownie mix.. 4 eggs.. and the butte i just made… mix well with electric mixer..

    two pans… oven pre heated to 350… bake till done….

    now that’d be an article worth reading…. “firecrackers” made me shake my head

  2. Anonymous

    How much herb do you use per 125ml of coconut oil?

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