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Easy Recipe for Cannabis Infused Coconut Oil


  1. Anonymous

    I use it for skin disease, HSV 1&11.Also, an incurable STD. I insert it vaginally. It does not get me high but it is healing. I just watch the healing. I still take the antiviral prescribed. I may lose my doctor because of the pain management contracts I have to sign that says no alcohol or cannabis. Even w/ the mmj license. I still need the pain pills for pain other pains like the chronic TIA’s, spinal pain (I have the spine of an 99yr old man per doc), I have other multiple pain. I do well w/ coupling both treatments but the law won’t allow it and I can’t see why I should be denied this healing. I hope their is God speed on treating patients that its working for health wise. So if you have herpes ,it has been the best treatment so far for me. I’ve tried every thing I can find to try. even food grade hydro peroxide which I plan on adding to the mmj tx. I haven’t found a strain that covers all my pain yet. It is actually too expensive for me to treat as well I need to be treated. that is why I would like for mmj get into the medical field so that insurances will pay for it and I can get it at the pharmacy w/ all my other meds. and be healed and happy to be me.

  2. Anonymous

    How would you use the infused coconut oil topically? I mean, you’d rub it on your skin, obviously. But for what purpose? Would it get you high, or would it relieve pain where you apply it, or what? I’ve just honestly never heard of marijuana being used topically before!

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